Daniel Pipes: ‘Eurabian Nights’ or ‘Europe’s Stark Options?’

THE MOST critical issue facing Europe is the long-term relationship between the continent’s natives and its burgeoning Muslim minority. There are but three outcomes—Islamic takeover, Muslim expulsion or harmonious integration—and the end result has profound implications not only for Europe but for humanity as a whole.

Muslim Rule

The buoyant faith of Muslims, with its attendant jihadi sensibility and Islamic supremacism, could not differ more from that of lapsed European Christians. This contrast leads many Muslims to see Europe as a continent ripe for conversion and domination. Outrageous supremacist claims result, such as the statement of Omar Bakri Mohammed, “I want Britain to become an Islamic state. I want to see the flag of Islam raised in 10 Downing Street.” Or the prediction of a Belgium-based imam: “Soon we will take power in this country. Those who criticize us now, will regret it. They will have to serve us. Prepare, for the hour is near.”[1]


Ready for the Islamic takeover?


Melanie Phillips: Do not appease hatred

Britain and the West remain in a state of galloping cultural surrender to the Islamists:

From the Australian

LONDONISTAN is a term of abuse coined by the French for a Britain that has allowed itself to become the European hub of al-Qa’ida. To me, it’s also a state of mind, when people not only seek to appease but come to believe and absorb the ideas and assumptions of the enemy that intends to destroy them.
It’s a state of mind that applies not just to Britain but throughout the West, where people refuse to face up to the reality of the jihad because they can’t bring themselves to accept what must follow.
It’s so much easier to take refuge in alternative explanations, particularly ones that blame themselves for their own victimisation. And just as they embrace their enemies, so they turn against their allies.

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EU will ‘never’ abandon Palestinians: Ferrero-Waldner

* Of course not! Not paying the jiziyah would mean a sharp increase of terror in Europe. Trains and buses and airports are soft targets, churches and synagogues can be firebombed and perhaps a few school-attacks along the lines of Beslan… The horror!
Tribute must be paid to the terrorists who call themselves ‘Palestinians’ who ‘must not be abandoned’- platitudes all the way. Unfortunately you’ll never find a Western politician who tells these murderous bastards that they should get stuffed.

Instead of them threatening us what they will do if we don’t pay, we should cut all connections with anything ‘Palestinian’ and go straight into defense mode. But that will never happen as long as Dhimmies like Ferrero-Waldner are engaged in submissive shuttle diplomacy and underhand jiziyah- payments which are disguised as ‘aid’…


AMMAN (AFP) – The European Union will never halt aid to the Palestinian people even if a new Hamas-led unity government Hamas fails to meet international conditions, its external relations commissioner said Thursday.

“A (Palestinian) national unity government will have to respond to the Quartet’s principles,” Benita Ferrero-Waldner told reporters in Amman, a day after talks with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

“We have never abandoned the Palestinian people … and even if the (unity) government did not meet these requirements we will not abandon the Palestinian people,” she said.

Abbas’s Fatah party and the Islamist movement Hamas struck a deal last month to form a unity government aimed at ending a crippling Western aid boycott, imposed on the former Hamas government.

The Quartet — European Union, Russia, United Nations and United States — is demanding that Hamas recognise Israel, renounce violence and honour previous interim peace deals. It is awaiting the formation of the new government before deciding whether to lift the sanctions.

Ferrero-Waldner was on Wednesday in the West Bank town of Ramallah, where she visited a bank disbursing EU social allowances to individual Palestinians set up last year by the European Commission, at the request of the European Council and the Quartet.

“We are reaching out to one-quarter of the Palestinian population,” she said in Amman of social allowances handed out to Palestinian people who have suffered loss of income as a result of the international sanctions.

“They absolutely need it in this very difficult moment … and we are trying to help them in this very difficult situation,” she added.



Ahmadinejad in Sudan: ‘Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan’

Ahmadinejad in Sudan: ‘Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan’

By DPA and Haaretz Service

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Sudan late Wednesday that “Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan,” state-run IRNA news agency reported.

“The Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan,” Ahmadinejad said during the state visit, speaking to a meeting of Sudanese Islamic scholars in the capital Khartoum.

Both Sudan and Iran are accused internationally of supporting radical Islamic movements.

“Many Western governments that claim to be pioneers of democracy and standard bearers of human rights close their eyes over crimes committed by the Zionists and by remaining silent support the Zionists due to their hedonistic and materialistic tendencies,” the Iranian leader said.

Both countries do not recognize Israel, and Israeli citizens are barred from entering Sudan.

Ahmadinejad told IRNA before leaving Iran that his meetings with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir would play an important role in promoting mutual relations and cooperation in political, economic and cultural fields.

Ahmadinejad has made a habit of making virulently anti-Israel comments, calling for the Jewish state to be “wiped off the map,” among other verbal attacks.

He also has called the Holocaust a myth and held a conference of revisionist historians on the credibility that six million Jews were killed by Nazis during World War


Picture above & this little gem published with thanks to Shiva from Illustrated P.I.G

It is very interesting to note that moslims are saying they are scared they are goimg to be treated in the same fashion as Nazis treated the Jews,yet at the same time deny that the holocaust happened

Clitorectomy or No Clitorectomy?

With thanks to ATLAS SHRUGS:

A couple of Religion of Peace “scholars” sitting around shooting the breeze discussing the legitimacy of cutting clitoris’ (the horror.)
Where is the show with Wafa and Ayaan discussing cutting the dicks off of Muslim men? Just askin……..

Al-Azhar University Scholars Argue over the Legitimacy of Female Circumcision Practiced in Egypt on Al-Arabiya TV

The following are excerpts from a TV debate between Egyptian Al-Azhar University scholars Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mussayar [1] and Sheikh Mahmoud Ashur, who is a member of Al-Azhar’s Islamic ResearchAcademy (or Islamic Research Council) on the issue of female circumcision. The debate aired on Al-Arabiya TV on February 12, 2007.




Mahmoud Ashur: “Female circumcision is a traditional custom, and not a religious act. All the hadiths dealing with female circumcision are unreliable. Moreover, the hadith cited by those who support circumcision calls to refrain from it more than it calls to perform it.


Muhammad Al-Mussayar: “All the jurisprudents, since the advent of Islam and for 14 centuries or more, are in consensus that female circumcision is permitted by Islam. But they were divided with regard to its status in shari’a. Some said that female circumcision is required by shari’a, just like male circumcision. Some said this is the mainstream practice, while others said it is a noble act. But throughout the history of Islam, nobody has ever said that performing female circumcision is a crime. There has been a religious ruling on this for 14 centuries.”

Mahmoud Ashur: “In the days of Jahiliya [i.e. the pre-Islamic period] and in the early days of Islam, a man whose mother carried out this custom was scorned by people who called him ‘you son of a clitoris cutter.’


Muhammad Al-Mussayar: “First of all, allow me… Regarding the claim that the instruments are not sterile – this is the reality and is not part of religious law. If there are dentists who do not sterilize their instruments, should we abolish medical faculties and dental clinics, or should we demand that they rectify the situation? Flawed reality cannot serve as a religious argument. The claim that female circumcision leads to barrenness is not true. The Muslim woman bears more children than any other woman. It is the Western woman who is barren, even though she is not circumcised. Moreover, when talking about nervous breakdowns… This is considered a day of celebration for the family.”

Interviewer: “A day of celebration for the family?! Let me begin with the psychological effects. According to some studies, when there is a celebration, and sweets are given to the girl, and then an act is performed in which the girl’s flesh is cut off…


Here’s an update:

Israel kills Islamic Jihad commanders in W.Bank

By Wael al-Ahmed Wed Feb 28,
JENIN, West Bank (Reuters) – Israeli forces killed two Islamic Jihad leaders and their driver in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, drawing vows of revenge for the ambush in Jenin.


Keeping pressure on militants elsewhere in the West Bank, Israeli soldiers moved back into Nablus and clamped a curfew on thousands of people, a day after residents said the army had ended a raid — the biggest in months — that began on Saturday.

Near Jenin’s refugee camp, an Israeli undercover unit ambushed a car in which Ashraf al-Saadi, described by Islamic Jihad as a commander in its armed wing in the West Bank, was traveling.

Witnesses said Saadi was wounded by Israeli gunfire and two other men in the vehicle, Mohammed Abu Naaseh and driver Ala al-Breiky, were killed outright. Saadi fled on foot and fired a pistol, but was shot dead by the plainclothed unit after falling to the ground, the witnesses told Reuters.

“Israeli forces came to arrest the wanted men. Saadi spotted the unit, took out a pistol and fired at it, wounding a (paramilitary) border policeman. The force fired back, killing the three men,” an Israeli military spokesman said.

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Not a word about Islam here: Italy arrests ‘man’ for locking up “lively” wife

From Al Reuters:


ROME, Feb 28 (Reuters Life!) – Italian police arrested a jealous husband in the north of the country who forced his young wife to stay at home for two years because she was “too lively” to be let outside.

“She was too lively. She absolutely had to be locked up otherwise who knows what she might have done,” Egyptian immigrant Emad Zied, 31, was quoted as saying in Corriere della Sera daily newspaper on Wednesday.

His 20-year-old bride, Rasha, was rescued by local police and firemen who forced open the door of their apartment in the Italian city of Crema after a tip off from Rasha’s family.

The report said that Rasha rarely ever saw the light of day, but was “escorted” outside by her husband on occasion. Zied is being held in jail on suspicion of kidnapping.

No, Al Reuters would never tell you that this kind of behavior had anything to do with Islam. But it does…

Germany Again: Ex-Muslim Spokeswoman: “Islam is Inherently Radical”

With thanks to Sugiero:

And here’s the link from LGF:

A new group is formed in Germany: “The National Council of Ex-Muslims”. Their goal is to help women and men to leave the religion of peace without being stoned to death. Or anything similar. And, of course, they’ve already received death threats from RoP-worshippers…

Islam is inherently radical:
Arzu Toker, deputy chairwoman, used a news conference to announce her separation from Islam: ‘I herewith resign from Islam. That’s it.’

Toker, a journalist who was born in 1952 in Turkey’s eastern Anatolia region, is radical in her criticism of Islam. She does not accept its Sharia system of rules at all, saying they contradict both human rights and the values of the German constitution.

She added that Islam was anti-woman.

‘It humiliates women and turns them into servants of the men,’ she said, adding the Islam was anti-man as well.

‘It reduces men to breeding animals controlled by their urges,’ said Toker. She quoted the 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: ‘He said, God is dead. One can live fine by taking one’s own responsibility.’

She said she did not distinguish between Islam and fundamentalism.

‘Islam is inherently radical,’ she said.

Ahadi described her life to reporters and said, ‘Political Islam has afflicted my life.’ Born in Iran in 1956, her support for human rights had rapidly put her in opposition to the Islamic Revolution. She refused to wear a headscarf and was expelled from university.

Later her husband was executed. She had lived in Germany since 1996.

‘I know all about political Islam,’ she said. ‘It ends up with us being stoned to death, even here in Germany.’

Jihad in Germany: German TV Shows Reality Instead of PeeCee

Update on an old Jihadi with a long, worldwide history: This guy participated in the global jihad from Bosnia to Bali.

German TV made a TV show about it which aired last week. Reda Seyam under terror suspicion lives in Berlin. Authorities claim to be powerless.

With thanks to Jihad Watch Germany:


Reda Seyam and a child by the name of ‘Jihad’- the mother -Doris Glück-, is in a witness protection program.


The creep lives in Berlin on welfare with his second wife and 6 children. The government wants to force a name-change for the child.


Ein breites und zufriedenes Lächeln zieht sich zeitweilig über das Gesicht des “Gotteskriegers” Reda Seyam, als er seinen kleinen Sohn auf den Arm nimmt und in die Kamera hält. Der Name des Kindes: “Dschihad”. (Foto: WDR)


Es war eine aufrüttelnde Dokumentation, die die ARD am Montagabend sendete: “Der Gotteskrieger und seine Frau” lautete der Titel. WDR-Autor Gert Monheim begleitet in seiner Reportage eine Frau, die mit einem Moslem verheiratet war. Sie bemerkte erst spät, dass ihr Mann offenbar ein Drahtzieher des Terrors ist. Heute fürchtet sie um ihr Leben, weil sie gegen ihren früheren Ehemann und dessen Glaubensbrüder ausgesagt hat.

Von Egmond Prill

Here’s the link in German:
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As an old ‘customer’ he is already famous on Jihad Watch:


And here’s is a recent link in English from Free Republic:

What Would Mohammed Do?

If this true-to-life image of Muhammad, the self-proclaimed prophet of Islam, offends you more than the murder of thousands of innocent people explicitly in the name of Islam and Allah each year, then it means that you are definitely a Muslim (or at least a well-known type) and this page is for you.

As a Muslim, you know that life is full of tough choices.  Do you behead or not behead?  Have adult relations with your buddy’s 9-year-old child…?  Take a female sex slave… ?

For followers of the Religion of Peace, it all comes down to knowing what Muhammad did when faced with the same decisions (based on reliable Muslim sources, of course).  In fact, the more you know about the founder of Islam the better, even if you aren’t Muslim.

Forget all those shifty-eyed apologists, trying to make Muhammad out to be some sort of “Jesus clone” based on a few obscure anecdotes.  The prophet of Islam definitely wasn’t one to turn the other cheek.

You want the truth?  Think you can handle it?  Well, here you are then:

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