Enemy Agents: The Ramadan Brothers

Despite overwhelming evidence of involvement  and supporting terrorism, the Ramadan Jihad Family is more active than ever in the quest to ‘revert’ Europe into Eurabia. For those interested to learn more about the activities of these enemy agents I am posting these links:

While the smooth talking Taqiyya master Tariq is still barred from entering the US because of terrorist connections, the BLair government has elevated him to a position of ‘adviser’ – unclear is, what his kind of advice will be. Something like ‘lay down and die’ or more like ‘we will conquer your countries with the bellies of our women’…


More later, but before I go, here’s one more:


Al Guardian Promotes the Mohammedan Perspective:

The usual drivel and a lecture in morality from the same people who never object to suicide bombers and head-choppers:

“These shameful events have humiliated the Arab world”

Saddam’s trial and mob execution reeked of western double standards. Yet Iraq’s neighbouring states failed to speak out

Ghada Karmi
Tuesday January 2, 2007
The Guardian

The spectacle of Saddam Hussein’s execution, shown in pornographic detail to the whole world, was deeply shocking to those of us who respect propriety and human dignity. The vengeful Shia mob that was allowed to taunt the man’s last moments, and the vicious executioners who released the trapdoor while he was saying his prayers, turned this scene of so-called Iraqi justice into a public lynching. One does not have to be any kind of Saddam sympathiser to be horrified that he should have been executed – and, so obscenely, on the dawn of Islam’s holy feast of Eid al-Adha, which flagrantly defies religious practice and was an affront to the Islamic world.

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From Timbuktu to Londonistan:

The Ummah is seething, blames ‘Amerikie’ for the failed Somali- jihad against Ethiopia. Which exposes once again the tunnel-vision of the Islamists that ‘Islam Will and must Dominate’ and resistance against ‘Allah’s will’ is something that should be, must be, internationally condemned.

Any setback against Muhammedan expansionism is evil, defense against the global jihad is contemptible. And the lefty loony press shills for the Jihadists and sharia law:

There is Salim Lone, an ex UN official, singing the praises of the Islamic courts:


and Germany’s Spiegel sings along:


A lesson we should draw from this conflict is that the sons of Allah run for their lives as soon as there is a reasonably organized resistance.

But lets take a real close look:


Only 400 Cars Torched in France for New Year’s

They normally torch around thousand….
Does that mean all’s quiet on the western front? Hardly:

Mainstream media is almost completely ignoring it, but “youths” burned four hundred cars in France to ring in the New Year, intifada-style: Hundreds of cars torched overnight.

VANDALS set fire to about 400 cars overnight and police said they arrested more than 250 people, as violence marred France’s New Year celebrations.

However, a police spokesman said there were fewer problems than in 2005, when youths attacked trains in the Paris region and southeast of the country.

Not a word about ‘Muslims’ shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’- not a word about jihad against France, its all just matter of fact…

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Thai-Jihad: ‘Moderate Muslims’ Stand By and Watch

while the not so moderate Muslims keep killing and burning the bodies of their victims…

“My husband has been helping them and educating their children for the past decade, and the differences in our religious beliefs was never an obstacle. But this shows that our good deeds were not reciprocated,” Kawin said.

“My father and his school helped raised money for the construction of the local mosque, so the children could have a place to pray. He even used his own money,” said the couple’s daughter Monthida, a senior at Kasetsart University.

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Australia in Crosshairs of Pali-Terror

Astounding revelations about 30-year old Palestinian terrorism plans in Australia, from newly released government documents: Hawke on assassination list.

THIRTY years ago, Bob Hawke, then Labor Party and ACTU president, faced assassination at the hands of Palestinian militants for his strong pro-Israel views.

He wasn’t alone. The Australian Security intelligence Organisation (ASIO) also believed prominent pro-Jewish figures, Isi Liebler and Sam Lipski, were on the hitlist.

Cabinet documents for 1976 – released by the National Archives of Australia under the 30-year rule – reveal security authorities and the government were deeply concerned about the rising tide of Palestinian terrorism.

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