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The Red Cross Ambulance Incident

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Palestinian Authority TV stages bloody scene demonizing Israel

But deep down, they really, really want peace! “Demonization of Israel in staged bloody scene on PA TV,” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik for Palestinian Media Watch, November 16:

A PA TV documentary about Palestinian paramedics, intended to show a medic’s typical experiences, includes a scene staged with actors that shows a Palestinian being intentionally targeted by unseen Israeli soldiers, then being shot in the forehead. (Hebrew speech is heard in the background.)The video indicates the Israeli soldiers’ “intentional” targeting of the young man with a red circle marking his forehead. When he is “hit,” a thick stream of “blood” shoots out from a hole in his head as it would from a water hose or a faucet….

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  1. Now, that’s a real guy fighting the very real meance of islam. Keeping and practising the religion and yet pretending to be on our side like so many “moderate” muslims we know about and who make their rounds on TV shows, don’t fool anybody but the gullible amongst us.

  2. To call this programme Science and Islam I think was mnaiesdlig.There were people living under Islamic law who were Muslims and those who were not. Naming this Islam and science implies that Islam was a contributing factor to these scientific discoveries.I would concede that after lots of war having an ultimate victor then brought peace, and from that peace came the ability for intelligent people to spend more time pondering their curiosities; but this peace could have come in many forms such as overall Jewish control, Christian control, Roman control, or just peace for the sake of peace. It was peace that helped bring about the environment to discover and not Islam itself.For example, your account of al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham describes someone who pondered the nature of light whilst being imprisoned for 10 years. It was his inquisitive mind, his intelligence, and his ability spend time thinking which lead him to his conclusions.I protest simply because people use programmes like this in order to convince others they have proof that their religion is the right way for humanity to live and that we as a species make so much progress when we follow their religious doctrine; when the reality is that religion stifles any scientific progress which could possibly endanger its teachings such as the Heliocentric solar system, and even today people of creationist religions being taught that the scientific theory of the evolution of species through natural selection is false.Criticism of the title over, I did thoroughly enjoy this programme. I also enjoyed your programmes on Chemistry and Chaos. I think you put across the subject material very well and choose fascinating subjects too.I hope there will be many more!

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