Religion of Rape & Murder

The Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children

Pakistani children mourn relatives who were massacred in their church. (Photo: Reuters)The West sighed in relief when Rimsha Masih, the 14-year-old Christian girl arrested in Pakistan on August 16 for allegedly burning pages of the Quran, was finally released.  Yet the West remains clueless concerning the graphic abuses—including rape and murder—Christian children in Pakistan routinely suffer, simply for being Christian.  Consider two stories alone, both of which occurred at the same time Rimsha’s blasphemy ordeal was making headlines around the world.


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Kidnappers threaten American abducted in Pakistan

*  Quick, call Sherifa Zuhur! Let her explain to the Taliban who hold him in captivity that their activity is totally un-Islamic! Devout Muslims they all are, are they not? Why not go on behalf of Islam and straighten them out, Sherifa? What could be more convincing?

Fox guarding chicken-coop alert: the scandal of employing enemy agent Sherifa Zuhur to teach at U.S. Army War College

We got mail from… Sherifa Zuhur!

Hamas Supporter Sherifa Zuhur Plays Grievance Theater at the Army War College

By ABDUL SATTAR, Associated Press


                           Upcoming beheading:  John Solecki

QUETTA, Pakistan – Kidnappers threatened on Friday to kill an American employee of the United Nations within 72 hours and issued a grainy video of the blindfolded captive saying he was “sick and in trouble.” A letter accompanying the video delivered to a Pakistani news agency said the hostage, John Solecki, would be killed unless authorities released 141 women it said were being held in Pakistan.

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The Kidnapping and Rape of Infidel Women

* Correction: girls, not women. In this case the girls were 10 and 13!

*  Muhammedans have 1400 years of tradition in kidnapping and rape and are unlikely to abandon the practice anytime soon. Besides, the rape of infidel women is sanctioned in the Koran and the sunnah, the meshugga ‘prophet’ practised it and encouraged his murdering, marauding compagnons to do the same. Since Muhmmad ( uswa hasana, al insan al kamil….) was the perfect man who has given the ummah ‘a beautiful pattern of conduct’, we will see more of this. 

Pakistan:  Muslim “judge” rules kidnapped Christian girls “converted to Islam and cannot return home”

Update about the adolescent girls who were kidnapped and forced into conversion. Seems they did so “voluntarily.” “Kidnapped Christian girls, judge ratifies marriage and conversion,” by Qaiser Felix, for Asian News, July 16:

The district of Muzaffargarh rules in favour of the Muslims, rejecting the request from the family that wants to bring home the two sisters – 13 and 10 years old – kidnapped last June 26. Christian associations charge that they could end up as prostitutes.

* Almost half of Egyptian women harassed daily: poll


Islamabad (AsiaNews) – District judge Mian Muhammad Naeem, of the section of Muzaffargarh, has ruled that the two Christian sisters “have converted in a legitimate manner to Islam”, and for this reason they cannot be “restored to their family of origin”. Setting aside the request from their father to regain custody of his daughters, the judge also admitted the “validity” of the marriage of the girls to two Muslims.

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