From Australia to Norway, the Lies of the Political Class are Identical

African refugees, particularly Sudanese, have serious trouble settling in Australia. (I dare say they weren’t meant to be here in the first place…)

Why did Christine Nixon tell us the opposite of the facts?  (Andrew Bolt)

(Anyone surprised that Nixon is a Har-fart graduate?)

Today, an admission:

SUDANESE and Somali-born Victorians are about five times more likely to commit crimes than the wider community, a trend that must be addressed to prevent Cronulla-style social unrest, police warn.

Sometimes a gun comes in handy:

Young men of Somali ancestry beat up and robbed random people in Lillestrøm [a city northeast of Oslo] on Friday night.–Read more »  (GOV)

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You don't need to be black to be "black". You just gotta be left.

The White Aborigines of the Post-Racial Left

Daniel Greenfield

If you thought that political correctness was insane in the United States, take a long plane trip over to Melbourne, Australia, where Andrew Bolt, a columnist at the Herald Sun,  has been sanctioned by a judge of the Federal Court of Australia for “insulting, humiliating and offending” that group known as “fair-skinned Aboriginal people”.

Who might you wonder are these “fair-skinned Aboriginal people”? They are said to come from the Hiberian isle, the plains of Alba, the cities of Albion, the Teutonic forests and even the Hebraic tribes. They boast many fascinating arts and crafts, such as writing dissertations on the structural thematics of metaphor in aboriginal music and receiving aboriginal scholarships to compensate for all the suffering inflicted upon them by the European settlers.

The Federal Court decision creates a new protected class of people, “fair-skinned aboriginals”, which is to say white people pretending to be black people are now protected by anti-discrimination laws from pesky newspaper columnists pointing out that they happen to have blond hair, German last names and no amount of kitschy native clothing and beads will change that.                                                                                                                                                                   Sultan_Oct_26

As the decision put it: “The members of the group referred to are fair skinned Aboriginal persons who, by a combination of descent, self-identification and communal recognition are, and are recognised as, Aboriginal persons.” Which is a complex way of saying, “aim for the stars, push all the limits and if you want to be an Aborigine, there’s nothing stopping you so long as you can claim a great-grandsire or dam who might have been aboriginal or just really tan.”

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Racism Downunder: exploiting race for gains?

Unexpected:  The Age comes out in defense of free speech. How strange is that?

PC = the end of free speech

The right to freedom of speech is being threatened in the courtroom.

ANDREW Bolt is getting sued. Don’t applaud yet. There’s been a lot of outrage about the federal government’s proposed internet filter. But lawsuits like the one now faced by the prominent conservative Herald Sun columnist are as much a restriction on freedom of speech as anything Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has come up with. (Chris Berg has the story, here)

A columnist’s right to express offensive opinions

Silenced in court

The right to freedom of speech is being threatened in the courtroom.

HERALD-SUN journalist Andrew Bolt is facing court action over opinion pieces in which he argued that there was ”a whole new fashion in academia, the arts and professional activism to identify as Aboriginal”. This quote appeared in a piece entitled ”White is the new black” in which Bolt went on to describe artists, writers, academics and activists who identified as Aboriginal but who also had European heritage. ”The choice to be Aboriginal can seem almost arbitrary and intensely political, given how many of their ancestors are in fact Caucasian,” wrote Bolt, although later in the same piece he conceded: ”I’m not saying any of those I’ve named chose to be Aboriginal for anything but the most heartfelt and honest of reasons. I certainly don’t accuse them of opportunism.”

Up to nine people say Bolt has breached the Racial Discrimination Act and are suing him for causing hurt and humiliation in this piece and in others in which he put similar arguments. The claimants want an apology, legal costs and a gag on republishing the articles – or anything else with substantially similar content. (Read it all)

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Anything to shut you up….

That’s how it works: you set up a commission to deal with crimes of thought and stack it with lefties. You hand them the power to go after anyone for any reason. As a “safeguard”, you require the commission to prosecute its case through the courts. You then stack the courts with the same left-wing activists you appointed to the commission.

Plenty of precedent in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Kampuchea, Saddam’s Iraq, China, Myanmar, East Germany, Romania, Cuba …

And this is what’s cookin’ in Australia right now:

PC police  hire Mohammedan blood hounds to stop criticism of Islam

Andrew Bolt:

Discrimination police get yet more power

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Melbourne Terror Raids, Updates

Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, August 04, 09

Paki-land, Jihad- land: Every Kuffar is a Target, Any Infidel Will Do…

* Pakistan: Christian minorities nervous over encroaching sharia

* QUETTA: A suicide bomber killed five and injured 12 people at a girls’ religious school in Pishin district of Balochistan on Monday.

Cricketers shot

Personally, I don’t give a hoot for cricket, its not my culture. But that’s irrelevant here.

Whether Muslims attack the Israeli wrestling team at the Munich Olympics or if they bar the Israeli tennis team from Dubai,if the Iranian judo champion refuses to compete against his Israeli opponent in the 2004 Olympic games, or if Swedish Dhimmies say they  “can’t guarantee the safety of the Israeli team in Sweden”, which results in Israeli’s having to play away from fans and spectators, its all about one thing: the Islamic, genocidal mandate to wipe out the Jews, which you will find wherever the followers of the prophet have been allowed to spread their tentacles. As we can see here in Pakistan, if there are no Jews available, if they can’t get hold of Americans or other foreigners, any infidel will do…


Andrew Bolt 

This changes plenty in world cricket – and probably not just there:

UP to six players in the Sri Lankan national cricket team have been hurt in a shooting in Lahore. They were while being driven to the Lahore cricket stadium in Pakistan, Sports Minister Gamini Lokuge said…

The shooting took place near the Gaddafi stadium gate when the team was heading for the third day’s play in the second Test against Pakistan… Lokuge said two players, Tharanga Paranavitana and Thilan Samaraweera, had been taken to hospital in the city. Sri Lankan skipper Mahela Jayawardena was slightly wounded in the foot, his father told a local television station after speaking with him by telephone.

Pakistan is being lost. Pray that its nuclear weapons will be ferried into safety if it goes.

Sheik wonders:

What do you mean by “Pakistan being lost?”

Pakistan was never “won” in the first place. Pakistan is build on Islam and nothing but Islam, it never had an economy of scale, it doesn’t have a language or culture of its own, it seceeded from India and is dependent on the jiziyah, the tribute from Western, infidel countries that have sustained it till now.

Its the same in Bangladesh.

Pakistan is another failed state. Because of Islam.

But hey, call me ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’- like I care!

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A perfectly good thread derailed…

* A lot of confusion mixed with goodwill,  misperceptions and ignorance regarding Islam. Proudly displayed today on Andrew Bolts blog:

                   Just 150 million hardliners to worry about

Daniel Pipes checks the figures:

I suggested just three days after 9/11 that about 10 per cent to 15 per cent of Muslims are determined Islamists. Subsequent evidence generally confirmed that estimate and suggested, if anything, that the actual numbers might be higher.

Negatively, 10 per cent to 15 per cent suggests that Islamists number about 150 million out of a billion-plus Muslims, more than all the fascists and communists who ever lived.

Pipes insists there’s a silver lining:

Positively, it implies that most Muslims can be swayed against Islamist totalitarianism.

They need to be swayed? Can’t more rise up on their own and do that job? If

* Read the comments: full of lefty loons & Islamic shills under false flag. If this is any indication at all of what we’re up against we are roasted. And yes, the Bolt blog is considered ‘right wing’- for good measure.