Associated Press laments "provocation" of Muslims in Europe

I used to call them ‘Associated -with terrorists- Press’. Nowadays it seems ‘Arab Press’ is not only more accurate, but a fact: there are around 50 people producing news pictures for the whole world working in Camden at any time, there are a further 50 Arabic speaking staff producing finished stories exclusively for the Arab states of the gulf. This has a tremendous effect on the whole feel of the building as these two teams feed pictures and people back and forth and sit in adjacent work areas. The slant of the stories required by the Gulf States has a definite effect on which footage is used and discarded. This affects both the Gulf newsroom and the main global newsroom.” From the Lizard before he turned on us….

Ridicule, mockery and satire – the best weapons against Islam

If your enemy is temperamental, seek to irritate him.
– Sun Tzu, The Art of War /Trencherbone

The author asks: “Should the immigrants adopt the values of their adoptive land — or, to the contrary, should society change to accommodate the newcomers who now form part of it?”

Liberal democracies depend on the premise that there are unalienable human rights that a government cannot violate and retain a legitimate right to rule. To want to defend that concept is far from the extreme, rabid, reactionary position that it is portrayed as here — even (horrors!) at the risk of being impolite. You don’t defend your values by… not defending them.

“Culture clash: European art provokes Muslims,” by Michael Weissenstein for theAssociated Press, thanks to Jihad Watch:

LONDON – With the West locked in conflicts across the Muslim world, why would anyone throw fuel on the fire?

Yeah, you’ll want to read this one sitting down.

A small group of Europeans have been doing just that — provoking death plots and at least one murder by turning out art that derides the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran in the name of Western values.

Behind the scenes is something bigger: a rising European unease with a rapidly growing Muslim minority, and the spreading sense that the continent has become a front in a clash of civilizations. (This is like someone on the Titanic writing a story about how “there is water rushing in all around,” “some people think that the boat sinking.”/ed)

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Associated (with terrorists) Press honors Al Qaeda stringer

AP’s terror photographer honored in NYC

By David Paulin/American Thinker

* A subversive enemy agent becomes honored Pulitzer price winner. Only in America!

It was during Iraq’s most savage violence that a former shopkeeper named Bilal Hussein  proved an invaluable asset to the Associated Press as one of its hastily trained photographers. His chummy ties to terrorists –“insurgents” as the AP’s stories called them — enabled him to produce remarkable close-up photos of them and their grisly handiwork. In 2005, one of Hussein’s photos  of the Battle of Fallujah helped the AP snag a Pulitzer Prize  for a package of Iraq photos  in breaking-news photography. Like other Iraqi AP photographers , Hussein had the uncanny ability to show up just as an attack occurred.
As Iraq was gripped by unspeakable atrocities and violence that many likened to a civil war, U.S. military authorities detained Hussein, citing his troubling links to terrorists and terror-related activities. They called him a “terrorist media operative“, much to the outrage of AP executives and lawyers.

What ever became of Hussein?

Shocka: Associated (with terrorists) Press discovers "Ultraconservative Islam on the Rise"

“Yes to jihad, just not now.”

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – The Muslim call to prayer fills the halls of a Cairo computer shopping center, followed immediately by the click of locking doors as the young, bearded tech salesmen close shop and line up in rows to pray.


Business grinding to a halt for daily prayers is not unusual in conservative Saudi Arabia, but until recently it was rare in the Egyptian capital, especially in affluent commercial districts like Mohandiseen, where the mall is located.

But nearly the entire three-story mall is made up of computer stores run by Salafis, an ultraconservative Islamic movement that has grown dramatically across the Middle East in recent years.

“We all pray together,” said Yasser Mandi, a salesman at the Nour el-Hoda computer store. “When we know someone who is good and prays, we invite them to open a shop here in this mall.” Even the name of Mandi’s store is religious, meaning “Light of Guidance.”

Critics worry that the rise of Salafists in Egypt, as well as in other Arab countries such as Jordan and Lebanon, will crowd out the more liberal and tolerant version of Islam long practiced there. They also warn that the doctrine is only a few shades away from that of violent groups like al-Qaida—that it effectively preaches “Yes to jihad, just not now.”

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