'Backlash' in Assam

Eleven Muslims killed in militant attacks in India’s Assam
In 1971 Bangladesh seceded from India. The Muslim army and the mobs committed genocide on the Hindus, Buddhists and Christians and have now, 43 years later, all but succeeded in  executing allah’s will.
In an article posted yesterday we pointed out that Bangladeshi Muslims are now invading India, just like they’re invading Burma, with the determination to replace the natives and to make the world Islamic.
Eleven Muslims killed in militant attacks in India's AssamFile Photo

Candidates in India’s general election, including opposition front runner Narendra Modi, have contributed to anti-Bangladeshi feeling in Assam.

World Bulletin/News Desk

Suspected tribal militants in India shot dead 11 Muslims, including two women, in attacks in the northeastern tea-growing state of Assam where tension is running high during an election, officials said on Friday.

Police said they suspected the militants behind the overnight killings were members of the Bodo tribe.

Bodo people have frequently attacked Muslims they say have illegally entered from neighbouring Bangladesh and encroached on their ancestral lands in the hills.

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