Austria: Coptic community under protection after authorities find "hit list" of 150 Copts targeted for attack

From “let us protect your churches”  to “we know where you live” was just a tiny little step. But not to worry: we all know its just a tiny minority of excremists; what could go wrong?

And the threats on Muslim websites keep coming. These guys must be a bunch of Islamophobes, to be associating Islam with violence like that. Or, they’re a very busy gaggle of Zionist conspirators. It couldn’t possibly be anything else, could it?

More on this story. “Egypt: Flurry of threats against Copts posted on Islamic sites,” from AdnKronos International via JW, January 5:

Cairo, 5 Jan. (AKI) – Numerous threats to Egypt’s Copts have been posted on fundamentalist Muslim websites ahead of the Coptic Christian Church’s Christmas and in the wake of the New Year’s Eve attack in Alexandria, which killed 23 people.


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"Far-right" support surges in Vienna

Associated (with terrorists) Press

“Mohammedaner raus” is a winner, also in Austria

The times they are a’changing: The FPO is clearly on a winner here…. more to come!

VIENNA (AP) – The far-right resurged in local elections Sunday in Vienna, the Austrian capital, securing the biggest gains in votes and mandates following a campaign laced with anti-Islamic rhetoric.

With only absentee ballots left to be counted, the anti-immigration Freedom Party won 27 percent and 28 seats in the regional parliament—up from 13. That’s a significant boost from the 14.8 percent they garnered during 2005 elections, and near their record high of 27.9 percent, achieved in 1996, when the late Joerg Haider was at the party’s helm.

“With a hand on my heart, I am deeply grateful for the confidence the Viennese have given me and I know what that responsibility means,” Freedom Partychief Heinz-Christian Strache said.

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Beautiful: Austria Celebrates Diversity! 98.5% Foreigners, Only 3 in 200 Children Are Catholic….

Multicultural Education in Austria

Gates of Vienna

Our Austrian correspondent AMT drew our attention to the following article from Kurier, which features an interview with the director of a multicultural school in Vienna, almost all of whose students are now foreigners.

The future of Austria?

You’ll notice that the director — despite the fact that 98.5% of the children under her care do not speak German as their native language — still issues the standard Multicultural party line. She takes every opportunity during the interview to celebrate the diversity of her school, as if she were totally unaware of the devastating long-term consequences of eroding the native culture of her city.

Many thanks to JLH for translating it from the German. AMT’s commentary appears at the end of translation:

Multicultural School: “Bring All the Children Into the Boat”

98.5% Foreigners, Only 3 in 200 Children Are Catholic. Now, Straight Talk from the Director of this School in a Kurier Interview

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Austria: Giant Turkish Mosque Causes No-Go Zone in Small Town

No assimilation here:

New Turkish Government Controlled Mosque Rattles Small Austrian Town [Video]

CBN News/via Islamization Watch

Erdogan the Turkish PM has recently repeated his call to Turks living in the EU not to assimilate and has added that EU Turkish officials and community leaders should work to promote the interests of the Turkish government. Now the area where this Austrian mosque has been built is showing the same signs of developing into the aggressive no-go areas that are popping up across Europe ~ where significant numbers of Muslims live.

Muslim immigration is clearly changing the face of Europe in places like London, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Austria is no exception.  It’s largest city, Vienna, has seen a large influx of Turkish Muslims in recent years. But this growing influence isn’t limited to big cities.

CBN News recently traveled to one small town in Austria where residents are up in arms over the newest local attraction: a multi-million dollar Islamic center.

Not to worry: as long as the Austrian inquisition persecutes people like Susanne  Winter for telling the truth nothing will stop the Islamic juggernaut…

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EUrabia: Sentence Against Susanne Winter Legally Binding

In Austria, the Truth is NO Defense

Susanne Winter (photo) has lost in the Court of Appeals (Articles about Winter’s case here) and was sentenced to a three-month probation term and a fine of 24,000 Euros. During the 2008 voting campaign, she stated that Muhammad would be considered a child molester by modern legal standards. Such a statement is considered as incitement. It wasn’t made known how the judges would classify a man that takes advantage of a nine-year-old… Susanne Winter/Politcally Incorrect

Mohammedansim ueber alles!

Ransom Demand for German Hostages

Archive photo of airhead Jill Carroll (replacement for another picture from a bunch of wankers who call themselves “diggers realm”- )

Yemen Kidnappers Want Release of Terror Suspects and $2 Million

The German government has been presented with a new challenge in Yemen. Kidnappers holding a German family are allegedly demanding $2 million in ransom and the release of several suspected Islamist terrorists being held by the Yemeni government. The demands are being met with skepticism. more…

Cry me a river:

The Pain of Listening

Using Music as a Weapon at Guantanamo

For years, US interrogators at Guantanamo used painfully loud music on prisoners at Camp Delta. Rock musicians like Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and civil rights organization are demanding an investigation into the practice. By Tobias Rapp more…

More Than Half of Turks in Austria Want Sharia…

More than half of the approx. 220,000 Turkish immigrants – 2.65% of the 8.3 million people in Austria – want Islamic law introduced into the Austrian legal system.  Asked whether some parts of Islamic law (e.g. marriage, family and inheritance laws) should be incorporated into Austrian law, 50% agreed, 16% said it depended on which elements were incorporated and 22% were against it.  Responses varied by education level and German language skills, but religion was the most decisive factor.  Close to 62% of religious-political Muslims agreed Sharia should be incorporated, compared to 41% of secular Muslims.  In both groups, an additional 16% said it depends on what elements were to be incorporated.

72% says that following religious commandments is more important than democratic ones.  For 57% of the Turks, the laws and regulations of Islam are more important than that of Austria.  And almost half of the Turkish immigrants say that crime in Austria is caused by democracy… Islam in Europe>>

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Austria's Frère Tariq

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

Shaker Assem,  your ayatollah in a suit:

Shaker Assem, like his coreligionists Tariq Ramadan or Azzam Tamimi, wears suits and ties and works towards the Caliphate. Shaker, like so many Mohammedans who have had a Western education, is an enemy agent and an Islamic agit prop. Unlike the masses of poor, primitive Mohammedans who pose no imminent threat to our way of life, it is the educated types like Shaker, frere Tariq and Azzam who know much more about us than we know about them.

We cannot coexist:

Our Austrian correspondent AMT sends the following translation of an interview with Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Shaker Assem. The translator includes this note:

This interview is part of a booklet containing interviews with more or less famous people from all walks of life in Austria. It was published by Die Presse sometime in early 2009 and was never available online.

In the excerpt below, Shaker Assem is interviewed by Peter Babutzky:

Shaker AssemShaker Assem, 44, was born in Cairo to a Muslim Egyptian father and a Catholic Austrian mother. Following his father’s death he moved to Austria at the age of 16. He finished high school and studied engineering at the University of Vienna, after which he taught at a technical high school. “This was my most enjoyable job,” he says of his time as a teacher. Still, he decided to move to Germany where he became a media spokesperson for Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

Every religion is in opposition to democracy

Shaker Assem is the media spokesperson for the Islamic liberation party Hizb-ut-Tahrir. This radical party of Islamists boasts 20,000 members worldwide. In this interview Assem speaks about “legitimate” suicide attacks, homosexuality being a crime, and why a woman cannot be the leader of a state.

In one of your speeches you said the the incest tragedy of Amstetten [where a father held his daughter captive in a dungeon and fathered seven children with her] would not be possible in a truly Islamic state. Why?

Extramarital sexual relations are considered a heavy crime. The rape of a family member is mind-blowing to a devout Muslim. All of this starts with the fear of God. If humans are convinced that God is constantly watching them and will be held accountable, then this is already a deterrence. Of course there are also crimes in an Islamic state, but that is why we have laws.

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Atlas Shrugs:

Hard on the heels of “man made disasters” and  “overseas contingency operations”-

“Justifiable Indignation”

Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff translated this pathetic and insane news story from today’s newspaper- Die Kronenzeitung, January 7, 2010, page 12.

Don’t choke on your laughter, America is going this same way.

“Justifiable indignation”:

File photo

Thief allowed to destroy police car

What happens to a presumed thief, carrying a wallet that does not belong to him, who is held by police? Correct. He is allowed to keep the money and smash the police car, as happened at the Praterstern (Vienna). Why was there no arrest?

Reason: The “indignation” was justified.

The story seems complicated, yet it is simply absurd. A Tunisian man (22) is unable to pay his bill at a kebap stand. Police search him and find a wallet not belonging to him with 60 euros and credit cards not issued to the suspect, who says, “I found the wallet.” Adding:” But the 60 euros are mine!”

Now the story gets bizarre: Because the policemen do not want to return the bills, the man goes berserk, demolishes the police car, slashes the seat covers ans smashes the windows. Surprising reaction from the public prosecutor’s office: “Justifiable indignation.” The 60 euros are returned to the Tunisian, and he is a free man.

Reaction from David Lasar, FPÖ security spokesman: “The Tunisian man destroyed the police car, smashed the windows, slashed the seats. And then he is let go – with the money! As long as the prosecutor’s office makes these kinds of decisions, the hard work of the police force resembles that of Sisyphus.”

Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was featured here on several occasions:

10 Commandments in the Koran? Where?

The Gates of Vienna has an interesting interview with Heinz Christian Strache, the leader of the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria), and Carla Amina Baghajati of the Islamic Religious Society. The two discuss Islam, sharia, minarets, and new mosques in Austria.

Needless to mention, Amina Baghajati counts on the ignorance of infidels. She knows that the kuffars are too intellectually lazy to read the Koran. She lies her ass off in this interview. Amina does her da’awa and masterfully dodges the questions. No, Baghajati won’t tell you what Islam has in store for us.

Like the PVV in the Netherlands and Vlaams Belang in Belgium, the FPÖ says what others think but dare not speak, and is demonized for it.


Here’s the link to the Gates of Vienna. We also featured the whole article below the fold:

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EUro Jihad News

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5f631d3970c-800wiIs EUrabia the future of Europe?

Filip Dewinter “causes” Muslim riots in Antwerp:


Say Islam is a religion of peace or we smash the place:

The Vlaams Belang leader had the audacity to refer to the imam Nordin Taouil as a “pimp of Allah”, and this flagrant disrespect for Islam has already caused “youths” in Antwerp to begin rioting. Read further…

Flemish Muslims go apeshit over headscarf ban

A decision in one school in Antwerp rapidly led to a general ban on headscarves in public schools in the Flemish region of Belgium this month. Some in the Moroccan community now want to found their own schools.

ENG-headscarf_251176eMuslim women protest against the headscarf ban outside the Royal Atheneum in Antwerp / More from Handelsblad

The Glory of Gouda

“Persons of Dutch background” in Gouda have had finally had enough.

The pervasive violence and lawlessness in the culturally enriched areas of their city induced them to walk the mean streets in protest last week, despite the personal risk involved.

Some sixty people walked the streets to show that they are not afraid. Perhaps fewer than expected, and despite the support of many people.

The Gouda Mayor Wim M. Cornelis (PvdA, Socialist, more later) had in advance forbidden the citizens group to walk through the Gouda district Oosterwei (60% immigrants). According to the Mayor, he and the police “could not guarantee the safety of the Dutch in that district past eight in the evening.” Organizer Peter Visser of the citizens group Gouda’s Glorie responded that this only emphasizes the necessity for the walk. “This walk is a protest and also a call for attention to the growing insecurity in the streets and street terror by youngsters. We do not want our girlfriends, wives and daughters to be called whores.”

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The FPÖ Wins Big in Vorarlberg

Earlier this week regional elections were held in western Austria, and the results confirmed that the anti-immigrant right is continuing to increase in popularity, despite the thick cloud of media smog trying to transform the FPÖ into Nazis.Read further…

Counter Jihad News:

Innocent British Muslim terrorist linked to al-Qaeda

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5f65f2e970c-800wiSundayMercury — Ben Goldby

MI6 officers have uncovered a new terror training camp which may have been run by “dead” Brummie Al Qaida terror suspect Rashid Rauf.

New evidence recently emerged that the alleged mastermind behind a British-based plot to blow up transatlantic airliners was alive, despite US claims that he was killed in a predator drone bombing last year.


Tariq Ramabam: Criticizing Islam is not freedom of expression

I won’t give this duplicious asshole a soapbox here. If you want to read it, go to Today’sZaman

In this latest overture the pseudo-intellectual grandson of Hassan al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, compares Muslims with handicapped people and wants to muzzle you from speaking against the Islamization of Europe…

Scotland’s police pro-islamist

Scotland’s largest police force has promised to “oppose” a demonstration by anti-Muslim extremists if the event is intent on stirring up racial hatred. HeraldScotland — Paul Hutcheon / well, I guess they just don’t want to get beaten up by ‘Allahu akbar’ screaming lunatics…