Is "Backlash" worse than Jihad?

Ever noticed how concerned  and how quick  our far left media is to aid and abet the global jihad by assisting the Muslims in our midst in their  propaganda that they are poor little victims of our misguided efforts to keep our society safe?

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Spencer: “Backlash” after Dallas Jihad Terror Plot?

Here is my column in FrontPage this morning, discussing the denial and obfuscation coming from Muslims in Dallas in the wake of Hosam Smadi’s jihad plot:

Late in September, a Muslim named Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, was arrested after placing an inert car bomb at a 60-story office tower in downtown Dallas. In March 2009, according to his indictment in U.S. District Court, Smadi declared his intention to wage war in the name of Islam. Yet characteristically, if dispiritingly, Muslims in the Dallas area are now expressing fears of a “backlash,” rather than taking the hard steps necessary to make sure there are no more jihad plotters who are inspired by Islamic teachings, as was Hosam Smadi.

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Smadi was very clear about the Islamic motivation for his plot: “I truly say it that [sic] my dream is to be among God’s soldiers, first for the support of Islam and my beloved Sheik Usama, may God give him long life.” He decried the “world plan to destroy Islam, Muslims, and to seize their lands for the benefit of the Jews and for the love of infidelity.” He swore: “In the name of God, the Gracious and Merciful, this is my vow to you, my brother, that I am ready. And if you were a lover of Jihad as I am, then, by God, I am ready for the Jihadi life.” And he affirmed: “The reign is only for the living and powerful God.”

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"Backlash", Muslims Fear "Backlash!"

And since Muslims are so fearful and afraid of this mythical ‘backlash’ there are literally thousands of useful idiots  who will write anything to portray Muslims as victims.  SELWYN CRAWFORD  from the The Dallas Morning News is only too happy to oblige:

Dallas area  Muslims fear backlash over arrests tied to terror plot

Update:  After jihad terror arrest, Dallas Muslims pledge new cooperation with FBI, anti-terror programs in mosques — no, wait…

3 cases of willful blindness:


“Teenager”  Hosam “Sam” Smadi

North Texans were both angry and relieved last month when federal agents arrested a Jordanian teenager in a failed plot to blow up a Dallas skyscraper.

But for area Muslims, the arrest of 19-year-old Hosam “Sam” Smadievoked yet another emotion – fear.

“Being a Muslim in America today is not easy,”

said Hadi Jawad, a longtime Dallas business owner and a volunteer at the Dallas Peace Center. “We feel under siege. There is open season on our faith. Muslims are painted with a broad brush.”

You can write  SELWYN CRAWFORD  from the The Dallas Morning News  here: if you think this kind of reporting sux.

Here, the enlightened progressives from “Harry’s Place” on Wilders UK visit:


One would be forgiven for thinking Wilders paid this rent-a-crowd of nuts to stand there appearing to prove his point in front of assembled MPs, journalists and the world’s TV cameras? He may as well have!

It must be repeated though that these ‘Islam4UK’ types are not representative of the average British Muslim. They are the mirror image of the far-right. So their provocative act was not an own goal at all. They are not trying to improve relations between Muslims and wider society. They are not trying to address anti-Muslim bigotry. In fact, they’re trying to exacerbate it. They also see a “clash of civilisations” and are anxious for the war to begin. They are also fascists.

You see, the enlightened progressives just know that these  ‘Islam4UK’ types are not representative  of the ‘average British Muslim’. They just know. One of the posters on Harry’s goes even further:This is a cover to try and recruit some of the 99.99999999% of British Muslims who entirely reject al-Muhajiroun’s message of hate.” You really wonder who does the research for them….

Some go even further, as we can see in the third article from Andrew Bolt’s blog:

So-called terrorists and so-called useful idiots

Gerard Henderson on the excuse-makers:

Last week the ABC 702 radio presenter Deborah Cameron referred to the ”so-called terror trial in Parramatta”. On Friday, after deliberating for over a month, a jury at the Supreme Court returned guilty verdicts against five men on terrorism charges. The jurors were unaware that four other men, charged following the same police investigation, had already pleaded guilty and had been sentenced.


Clearly the jury was convinced, beyond reasonable doubt, that the five men acted in the preparation of a terrorist act. Certainly the evidence, albeit circumstantial, was overwhelming. There were numerous intercepted conversations and telephone buggings and some of the men had collected large quantities of weapons and ammunition, along with chemicals that could be used in constructing explosive devices.

What was a “so-called terror trial” to an ABC presenter in Ultimo was the real thing to the men and women of the jury in Parramatta.

In her initial report of the jury’s decision on The World Today on Friday, Philippa McDonald, even after the guilty findings, was still referring to what had been “alleged” against the men. She editorialised the case was “hugely circumstantial” and maintained it “had to be said that, for a lot of the Crown case, the defence came back with something else”.

There is considerable evidence that members of what is best termed the civil liberties lobby – including some journalists, lawyers and academics – do not want to accept that a few men in Western societies want to engage in violent jihad.

Henderson goes on to name Phillip Adams and some person of even less consequence.

Stop Importing Trouble!

Hugh Fitzgerald’s Prayer:

Stop, for god’s sake stop, importing trouble—and Muslim immigrants, as a whole, necessarily mean trouble, in all lands where the political and legal institutions, and social arrangements, are flatly contradicted by the Shari’a.

Muslims are obligated to change or tear down those institutions, in order to remove all “obstacles to Islam.” It is not special or individual malice that prompts that attitude. That is their duty, a central duty. Why not come to fully and soberly understand that duty, and out of a minimal sense of self-preservation, cease to import those into our lands (America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and every other place that has so generously admitted, under a twisted definitiion of “refugees,” people who do not, and can not, wish our ways or institutions or constitutions well.


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Here we go again: Australian Muslims Whine About "Backlash"

“They’re picking on us poor Muslims” –  “You made us do it..!”

The usual song and dance after each terrorist attack. Now they’re circling the wagons over yesterdays foiled terrorist plot and tell us about “our responsibilities”-  because Muslims have none:

Berhan Ahmed in the Age: The media also have a responsibility to treat these events with care.  We must beware of overreaction to the problem here in Australia. Terrorism thrives when it is able to provoke authorities and communities to overreact and behave unjustly. The media have a particular duty to behave responsibly. African-Australians fear reprisals, just as they reject extremism and terrorism and fully support yesterday’s raids.

These young people are living with us and we have to ask the question as to why they are not satisfied with our systems. No we don’t. “it’s now time not for non-Muslims to reassure Muslims that they mean no harm” – No we don’t.

And so on and so on. Well Ahmed, let me call you a lying POS and the  f*kcwits from the AGE who print your garbage are no better. Those who are “not satisfied with our systems” can get the f*kc out and back to Somalia or Sudan. We don’t want them here. Shape up or ship out!

Andrew Bolt picks  up on it:

Importing trouble

Questions for the Department of Immigration: Please explain why we take in as refugees people who actually feel safe enough to return to Somalia, allegedly for weapons training and to collect fatwas for a jihad? Explain why we take in people who have so little respect for our institutions that they refuse to stand for a magistrate in court?

Sally Neighbour suggests that simply screening Muslim refugees more carefully is not the answer:

Studies worldwide have shown that second and third generation members of migrant diasporas, uprooted from their homelands and native cultures, are ripe for recruitment.

Australia: McClelland threatens "backlash"

Terror attack will bring backlash: govt

Sydney Moonbat Herald

Yep. I’m sure that will make the Muslims of Australia stop getting involved in jihad terrorism and undermining the democratic institutions of the country, in order to replace them with sharia. It helps to know that  McClelland is the same guy who is having a  guidebook  prepared to instruct Australians on how to avoid mentioning Islam when discussing Islamic terrorism. 

ittehad2Tim Blair has more

Any terrorist attack in Australia would lead to a backlash against the Muslim community with vigilante action and ongoing retribution, Attorney-General Robert McClelland has warned.

Mr McClelland said Muslim leaders in Sydney were very well aware that their communities would suffer greatly in the aftermath of a terror attack.

He said any terror attack in Australia would cause loss of life, economic harm and real damage to the nation’s social fabric.

“I regret to say I think there would be very likely to be vigilante action and I regret to say there would very likely be ongoing retribution in terms of employment opportunities and social interaction,” he said.

“We at all costs must do what we can to avoid a terrorist attack for those multiplicity of reasons.”

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"Backlash" in Greece…

Greece: Muslim anger ignites violent new response

“Unrest in Greece’s community of Muslim immigrants is something new, analysts say. ‘For so many years, they’ve been scared and defensive,’ said Takis Geros, a lecturer of anthropology of the Middle East at Panteion University. ‘To suddenly come out in broad daylight with their faces exposed and trash 75 cars indicates a massive change in attitude.'” More on this story.

“Muslim anger ignites violent new response,” by Iason Athanasiadis for the Washington Times, May 25:

Far-right-wing vigilantes burned a makeshift mosque in Athens over the weekend after Muslim immigrants in Athens attacked police with rocks and bottles over an incident in which a policeman reportedly defaced a Koran. 

Although Greece has a history of political violence from radical leftists and anarchists, sectarian bloodletting represents an entirely modern phenomenon.

The latest incident began with a policeman who made an identification spot check on an immigrant from Iraq. When word spread that the policeman had ripped and stomped on the suspect’s Koran, things got ugly.

* Towards a Reasonable Discussion on Immigration

Chanting “God is great” and waving leather-bound copies of Islam’s holy book, about 1,000 Muslim immigrants demonstrated with a march on Parliament Friday.

When the crowd dwindled to about 300, remaining protesters began throwing rocks and bottles at police and smashing windows at a luxury hotel in central Syntagma Square, according to an account by the Associated Press.

Far-right-wing vigilantes replied over the weekend by setting fire to a Muslim prayer hall. Taken together, the incidents represent some of the worst sectarian violence witnessed in modern Greece.

A spokesman for the Greek police claimed that the policeman did not rip up a Koran, but a folded and glued sheet of paper containing unidentifiable writing in Arabic.

“The isolated and under-inquiry incident does not excuse rioting by individuals committed to damaging citizens property and seriously disturbing the citys social and economic life,” said Christos Markogiannakis, the deputy interior minister. “The state will not permit such radical behavior.”

Unrest in Greece’s community of Muslim immigrants is something new, analysts say.

“For so many years, they’ve been scared and defensive,” said Takis Geros, a lecturer of anthropology of the Middle East at Panteion University. “To suddenly come out in broad daylight with their faces exposed and trash 75 cars indicates a massive change in attitude.”

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Muslim Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia cross into Greece illegally every year from neighboring Turkey or by sea…

* Hmm, and why would that be…?

Malta tells Muzz to get stuffed, Muzz threatens "backlash"

Times of Malta

  • Cursing the infidels and praying for their demise: Muslim prayer demo in Malta

20090502-085632-loc_12About 50 Muslim men took their prayer rugs to the Sliema front yesterday after the planning authority sealed off their place of worship. The Muslims said the Malta Environment and Planning Authority had locked them out of their flat in Sliema where they used to pray, so they decided to take their cause outside.

“We are not here to protest or threaten violence but to express our fundamental human right to gather in prayer,” Bader Zina, one of the leaders, said. According to Mepa, a number of complaints had been received by neighbours and the flat did not have a licence to be used as a place of worship.

The Muslims, many of whom Maltese, were dressed in traditional clothing. They had a permit and police protection and said this might become a regular appointment until their flat was reopened.

This behaviour did not go down well with a group of Maltese onlookers who warned that if this happened again “there will be trouble”.

“Malta is a Catholic country. They have no right to come here and pray in front of us. I don’t care what they do in the privacy of their own home but not here,” one Maltese woman said.

“We’ve had enough. If you were to do the same in their country they would stone you. I can’t understand how they could have been given a permit for this, including police presence and all!” her husband added, visibly disturbed by what he saw.

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Erdogan's Temper Tantrum in Davos Might Backfire

Sobering up? Crash-landing with Hurriyet Daily News:

* Newsflash: another Rice, anyone?

1. The Jewish lobby in the U.S. might withdraw its years-long efforts to prevent the U.S. President to use the word “genocide” in his message regarding the 1915 “incidents”- (calling the annihilation of 1.5 million Armenians “incidents” is adding insult to injury, but don’t forget: this is from a Turkish Newspaper)

2. A possible attempt in the U.S. Congress to recognize the 1915 incidents as “Armenian genocide” will pass easily as the Jewish lobby withdraws its support to Turkey’s arguments.

3. Israel could raise its voice in the argument that compares its struggle with Hamas to Turkey’s fight against the terror organization PKK. The Jewish lobby might withdraw its support to Turkey in its struggle with PKK in Europe as well as the U.S.

4. This incident might have a negative impact on Turkey-Armenia relations. The Armenian diaspora could garner the support of the Jewish lobby.

5. This might end Turkey’s “mediation” efforts in the world especially in the Middle East.

6. The Davos crisis might harm Turkey’s image of a “neutral country” in the UN Security Council.