UK: "Powerless"

Disgraceful. Astounding. A complete and total declaration of civil and moral bankruptcy.

They have the power to arrest 172 EDL members “ to prevent a breach of the peace.”  But they cannot get  rid of a thieving, corrupt Muslim peer in the House of Lords?

Corrupt Muslim Peer to Return to House of Lords

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The disgraced peer Baroness Uddin will be allowed to return to her seat in the House of Lords even though she has not paid back a penny of the £125,000 she was fined for cheating on her expenses.

The leaders of the Lords have accepted that they do not have the power to bar Uddin, whose 18-month suspension ends in April.

The decision comes in spite of a demand this month by an influential Lords subcommittee chaired by Baroness Manningham-Buller, the former head of MI5, that Uddin should not be allowed to return until she has paid the fine.

Uddin says she cannot repay the money, even though she and her husband have three properties, including the £155,000 Kent flat on which she falsely claimed the £125,000.

The Lords authorities, however, say that to make her return conditional on repayment would be illegal.

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Isn’t thieving & cheating  illegal?   Me thinks the Lords authorities have lost their bearings.

Is it any wonder that even  the preposterous Muslim “Baroness” Warsi declares that Muslims who go to parliament “don’t have any morals or principles”???

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A call for a hanging

Welsh BNP official’s ugly threats to Labour peeress Harry’s Place

There’s a difference between saying and doing.

In this case, the one who will hang is the guy from the BNP, because he is a real threat to “community cohesion” and the Islamo-Socialist swamp-rats who have such a good time feasting on the cadaver of this once great nation.

Now, the deserving party on the other hand, who just escaped conviction for fraud and embezzlement and who has done a lot to further Islamic causes, is not in any danger to be hanged anytime soon.

Surely “Justice” will prevail.

Question is: will he be tried under sharia?

UK's dumbest Jew shills for Islamic Turkey in the EU


milibandg270906_228x3022Needless to mention that the imbecile Milliband is a JINO, (Jewish in name only…)

* UK Rape Watch: UK Muslim Gets Only 3 Years for Raping 15-Year-Old Near Mosque    

* Hate Cleric Slims Down for Summer of Sex…


ANKARA: Britain reaffirmed its support for Turkey’s bid to join the EU, despite opposition from leaders in France and Germany who say the Muslim country is too poor and too culturally different to fit into the bloc. 

Foreign Secretary David Miliband told Reuters, Ankara’s full European Union membership would bring economic dynamism into the bloc, help solve its energy security problems and build closer ties between the West and the Muslim world. “Britain is more convinced than it has ever been that the strategic decision to support Turkey’s accession to the European Union is the right one,” Miliband said late on Tuesday. “It is good for Europe as well as for Turkey.” 

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UK: How a Muslim "Community Activist" Kills Free Speech

Whatever did we do to deserve Baroness Uddin?

James Delingpole/Telegraph UK

Here is a video of Baroness Uddin in action.

Until this weekend’s story broke about her expenses irregularities you’d probably never heard of Britain’s first Muslim peer Baroness Uddin. I had, though, because a couple of years ago, I remember being particularly incensed while driving along listening to a Radio 4 programme about the disasters of multiculturalism.

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Who would you kick out of Britain?

* Update: Labour Muslim- Peer ‘claims £100,000 on vacant flat she said was her home/scroll down for more

As Jacqui Smith publishes a Home Office list of ‘least wanted’ people, Judith Woods nominates the celebrities we’d really like to kick out or keep out

gurkhas140_1393398g* All a matter of priorities, I guess.  Once great Britain  cannot find enough money to support Gurkha heroes who remain in Britain. The Gurkhas,  loyal soldiers who  would have gladly given their lives defending the kingdom, are devastated. Curiously, Nullabor seems to have no problems finding money to support hundreds of thousands of subversive, polygamous, fast breeding Muslims, who have no intention of ever contributing to anyones welfare but their own, but plot and plan terror and the takeover of the country…

By Judith Woods/Telegraph UK

Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith
Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith (from the dumber than dirt department)

1 The Cabinet

As it’s fast becoming clear that we wouldn’t trust this lot to mind the school hamster much less oversee the economy, national security, the NHS or the education system, we may as well get shot of the shower with a one-way ticket to oblivion. Unfortunately, they’d probably fiddle their travel expenses.

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