Geert Wilders supports the Freedom Party in Berlin

Thanks and thanks again to  Henrik R. Clausen for filing this excellent report from Die Freiheit Parteitag in Berlin. Henrik is a great friend  and a warrior of the counter jihad whom I met previously in Stuttgart.

Geert Wilders supports Freedom in Berlin

EuropeNews 4 September 2011
By Henrik R. Clausen

On September 3rd 2011, Geert Wilders was back in Berlin, backing his friend René Stadtkewitz and his new party DIE FREIHEIT in the September 18th elections to the local parliament. Also present was Oskar Freysinger of the Swiss Peoples’ Party, Kent Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats, Marc Doll and other prominent FREIHEIT members, as well as many prominent critics of political Islam.

The threat from political extremists
The event was hosted in Stauffenbergstrasse, in memory of Graf von Stauffenberg, the most prominent opponent of the German National Socialist regime during World War II. Due to acute threats from violent anti-democratic forces, which remain powerful in Berlin, the exact location was kept secret until a day before it took place.

Leftwing extremist held under control by the police

Indeed, when approaching the conference place, one couldn’t help noticing a noisy crow of perhaps 40 people shouting about ‘Racism’, ‘Fascism’ and ‘National Socialism’, as well as a stop to ”Right-wing populism”. They threatened the press and others deemed against their cause, (whatever it is), and shouted thinly veiled death threats against named individuals. The Antifa flag was the signature of the left-wing extremist movement in Germany. Fortunately, the police had no problems keeping the rowdy crowd under control, and there were no real problem getting to the conference place.

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Qur'an (8:39) "and fight them until there is no more persecution…"

Context: TheReligionofPeace – Islam: Verses of Violence

“Allah has commanded us to kill those who leave Islam”

Arrest Warrant Sought for Egyptian Muslim Cleric

(AINA) — A Christian Coptic human rights group is seeking to initiate an international arrest warrant in the United Kingdom against the leading Muslim fundamentalist cleric Sheikh Yousef al-Badri for inciting Muslims to kill apostates from Islam in Egypt. Al-Badri, who is a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and is associated with the primary Islamic institute of al Azhar University, is reported to have stated “God has commanded us to kill those who leave Islam.”

Although Christianity in Egypt is not illegal, it is under a common interpretation of Islamic law that conversion to another religion from Islam is punishable by death. Muslims, mainly fundamentalists, see no difference between apostasy and subversion; they fear that allowing conversion will ultimately undermine Islam. (AINA has more)

HuffPo Columnist Celebrates ‘Slow, Whining Death’ of Christianity

British columnist Johann Hari called Christianity, “superstition,” “weak,” “cruel,” and based on “intimidation.” He predicted that, “As their dusty Churches crumble because nobody wants to go there” and predicted that “the few remaining Christians in Britain will only become more angry and uncomprehending.” (News Busters)

Religion of Peace:

Americans Coming to Grips with Sharia

If there’s any good to come out of the Ground Zero mosque debate, it’s that it throws more daylight on a topic that CAIR would rather Americans not find out about.  (

Berlin’s No Go Zones

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Copenhagen: ” brothers, you will destroy all the police cars who come close to Ishøj. It is our city.”

Islam in Europe

Copenhagen: Incitement against the police

The Copenhagen District West Police decide to increase security for ambulances, firetrucks and the police’s own patrol cars in the Ishøj suburb of Copenhagen. From now on police cars will accompany emergency vehicles (DA) when they go to certain housing estates, especially around Ishøj Center.

The windows of several police cars were smashed recently and a new Facebook group, Ishøj Ghetto, was set up to incite to vandalism against police cars.  Continue reading

Germany: Shrouded Burials for Integration?

Islam in EUrope

Once again, Mohammedanism gets its way, for nothing in return:

Do Shroud Burials Help Integration?

Berlin: Proposal to allow shroud burial

In the future, deceased Muslims in Berlin could possibly  be buried in a shroud, without a coffin. The Senate will deal with the issue for the first time on Tuesday. The proposal is part of the new integration act and says that for religious reasons it would be possible to bury a body in a shroud, without a coffin.

Denmark: DPP want to know cost of non-Western immigration

These people must be reading Winds of Jihad. We have been calling for a cost vs liability study from day one. So does Geert Wilders.

The Danish People’s Party wants a government committee to calculate every year how much non-Western immigrants are costing Danish society. This new demand is a central requirement from the government, reports Berlingske Tidende. This way people will know how much the New Danes are costing the ethnic Danes.Continue reading

France: Sarkozy huffs & puffs, vows to crack down on foreign-born criminals

Denmark: Holiday welfare-fraud

Many welfare recipients go on vacation via Germany to avoid their trip abroad being registered in Denmark. This allows the welfare recipients to go on vacation without fear of losing their benefits, though it’s illegal and is considered benefit fraud.

Berlin's Undead Traditions

Flashback to 1933: Anti-semitism in Berlin

Today many mosques look like this….

from the Grunard

Fast Forward to 2010:

Berlin Jews Alarmed By Spate Of Anti – Semitic Attacks

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s Jewish community on Monday warned of an “alarming” rise in anti-Semitic violence by Arab and Turkish immigrants after Berlin police reported two unrelated attacks against Jews at the weekend.

“There’s an urgent need to fight the roots of anti-Semitism, especially coming from young Turks and Arabs, and to effectively counter it,” the Jewish Community in Berlin said in a statement.

Oh well, perhaps we should ask the imam. I’m sure he feels “great sympathy for the Jewish community” and knows what it’s going through because “the Muslim community, too, is exposed to Islamophobia.”…

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Islam elevates women

TRoP Links:

(US) Women Continue Battle against Restricted Access to Mosque/ Gender-Segregation…


Mother Forced to Leave Her Children in Saudi Arabia…

Don’t marry with Arabs. Don’t convert to Islam, ladies…..

Hindu Girl Strangled to Death in Public Toilet by Muselmanic’Lover’…

Dead baby found at UK mosque

Some reports say the baby was still alive ~ and had spent hours outside in the cold ~ then was rushed to hospital. Police, reports say, assumed the baby was dead because of the note. +

Read more…/Islamization Watch

Islam in Europe:

Berlin: Arabs almost half of serial-offenders

The typical serial offender is male, of Arab origin, and remains a criminal as an adult, this according to an interim report on the status of the implementation of the Berlin serial offenders concept, as reported by the Senator for Justice Gisela von der Aue (SPD) in parliament on Wednesday. Arabs almost half of serial-offenders

France/Belgium: Women’s organizations want burka ban

In Paris, sixty activists of Ni Putes ni Soumises made an early start on International Women’s Day by marching with liberty caps in the place de la République, and then symbolically covering the statue there with a giant burka (picture here), later removed by the police. They were protesting what they see as a delay in enacting the law against wearing the burka in public places. Sihem Habchi, president of the organization, told AFP that they do not want the anti-burka law to be buried

The telephone has not stopped ringing at the offices of “Insoumise et devoilée” (Defiant and unveiled),” located in Verviers, in southern Belgium. “In the past two weeks, sixteen young women have reached out to us,” says Karima, who is visibly overwhelmed by her work. When in 2008 she founded the organisation, named after a book she published the same year, Karima never imagined things would evolve so quickly. “It’s proof my story is not an isolated case, as some politicians suggested,” she jokes. More:  Women’s organizations want burka ban

Police Officer Arrested for attacks on police at Berlin's May Day Riot

Infiltration Watch, Integration failure:

* Winds of Jihad just received information that the arrested policeman adheres to the Muhammedan faith.  Something the far left SPIEGEL conveniently omits:

During the May Day protests last week, Berlin police clashed with nearly every kind of demonstrator imaginable — including one of their own. An off-duty police officer from Frankfurt has been arrested for stone-throwing during riots which left over 450 of his colleagues injured.

86296823SG035_MAY_DAY_DEMONMore Photo’s here

This year’s May Day riots proved to be a serious headache for the roughly 6,000 police officers on duty in Berlin last Friday. Over 450 of them — four times as many as last year — reported injuries, with 19 requiring out-patient hospital care, Berlin police chief Dieter Glietsch reported.

Adding insult to injury is the news that one of the 289 protestors police arrested during the violence was actually one of their own — a fellow officer with the German Federal Police.

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Hindsight: German police apologize for ripping down Israeli flag

*  Berlin: a 35-year-old man who identified himself as Palestinian attacked a guard outside a synagogue in Berlin with an iron bar.

          Arab attacks synagogue guard in Germany

How many dead Jews are “proportionate?”   Apparently not even 
six million, as spineless German police pander to a Muslim mob
 by breaking into a private apartment to 
tear down an Israeli flag. 

Rolf Cebin, head of the police department in Duisburg, in western Germany, said, “the removal of the flags was — in hindsight — the wrong decision.”

“Given what I know today, I would have solved the problem in a different way, in order to avoid an escalation,” Cebin added.  (what ‘other way’ is he talking about?)

Berlin — A German police chief issued a formal apology on Tuesday after his officers tore down two Israeli flags during a recent protest against Israel’s incursion into Gaza.

Rolf Cebin, head of the police department in Duisburg, in western Germany, said, “the removal of the flags was — in hindsight — the wrong decision.” Officers entered the unoccupied apartment to remove the flags after demonstrators began pelting them.

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