The "Arab Street": Insane hatred and blood libel against Jews…

Vlad Tepes Presents:

Islamic TV personality responds to MEMRI’s expose of Muslim savagery

There is no end to this:  Mohammedanism is worse than AIDS; the Arab madness is incurable

Syrian Author Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani on Iranian TV: In Many Countries, the Jews Kill People and Mix Their Blood with the Matza of Zion…. MEMRI

A Great Week For Yuman Rites (Under Islam) in the UN

UN Human Rights Council condemns “Islamophobia”

Oddly enough, the Council said not a word about non-Muslims denied religious freedom in Saudi Arabia. “UN rights body passes Islamophobia resolution,” from Middle East Online, via JW


UN site posts organ harvesting claim thanks to the Tundra Tabloids

If UN Watch can’t use the word “regime” when talking about Iran, then one would think that a “blood libel” would be unacceptable, Neuer said.

Cyrus the Great on “freedom for all,” quoted at the UN in Geneva: “Your speaking time is over” — President, Human Rights Council

Comments by David G. Littman, NGO Representative to the United Nations, Geneva Association for World Education (AWE) and World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ)

“People are free to live in all regions and take up a job provided
that they never violate other’s rights. No one should be penalized for his or
her relatives’ faults. I prevent slavery and my governors and subordinates
are obliged to prohibit exchanging men and women as slaves within their
own ruling domains.”
Cyrus the Great

[The words of Cyrus the Great should be heard today by all here, especially those From his former empire (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and “in four directions”) in the hope that they will influence their leaders “to develop accountable governance and the rule of law” under International Covenants they have signed and ratified.] JW

Pali Blood Libel: Jews Accused of Drinking Blood

New Antisemitic Animated Film on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV Vilifies Palestinian Authority: PA Security Forces Help Stereotypical Blood-Drinking Jews


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Israelis won't go to Turkey no mo

This should come as no great surprise. Not only do Israelis not want to go to Turkey: They don’t even want to change planes there. More from Carl

It’s time to stop fooling ourselves that Turkey is a western ally or an Israeli ally. Those days are gone.

erdoganIslamist Erdogan

Turkey’s turnabout

By BENNY AVNI/New York Post

Turkey this week broke sig nificantly with Israel and the West — a strong sign that President Obama‘s outreach to the Muslim world is achieving nothing.

On Monday, NATO scrapped “Anatolian Eagle,” a regularly scheduled military exercise with various allies along the Turkish border — drills meant to assure coordination in case of war in the region. At the last minute, Turkey had announced its refusal to let the Israeli Defense Force participate. Standing by its ally, America dropped out as well — killing the whole thing.

A day later, Turkish and Syrian officials disclosed that their armies had just concluded their own joint military exercise. The same day, the two countries went even further, signing a strategic cooperation pact.

Armenian Genocide belittled as “Relocation”

“Our relations with the Armenians, ruined 100 years ago with the relocation, turned into hatred over time…” Mehmet Kamis in Today’s Zaman

A prediction come true: Turkey lost to Islamists

Professor William Jacobson finds himself in the bittersweet position of having a prediction come true.

On January 31, 2009, I wrote that Turkey Looking Like The Next Iran:

My prediction: Turkey is the next Iran, unless Obama stops blaming the U.S. for Islamist aggression and gives support to Turkey’s secular institutions, including the Turkish army. Jimmy Carter tried the blame America first tactic; it didn’t win us any friends and led to 30 years of tyranny and human rights abuses in Iran. Don’t repeat the same mistake in Turkey. More from Carl

War is peace, day is night, Syria supports “human rights”

TV series row erodes Turkey-Israel relations

Turkish sleaze blames “humanitarian tragedy in Gaza” for vilification of Israel and Jews and refuses to pay its debt:

Turkey cheats Jews: Israel’s exports to Turkey down 40%, Turkeys bad debts up 90%

“Allah has dissolved your obligations…”

Israel Credit Insurance Company, which insures payment on some $12 billion per year in Israeli exports, reported on Wednesday that exports to Turkey dropped by 40% during the first nine months of 2009, while debt payments in arrears by Turkish companies rose by 90% in the same period. Carl has more>>

Coincidence? I don’t think so. It sounds to me like the Turks have decided not to pay their debts.

I'm Geert Wilders! for blogBosch Fawstin

Geert Wilders on Turkey:

“Should Turkey as an Islamic country be able to join the European Union? We are the only party in Holland that says, it is an Islamic country, so no, not in 10 years, not in a million years,”


The promised Land:

The United Nations ‘Human Rights Council,’ of which Sudan is a member, spends most of its time lambasting Israel. Undoubtedly, this is why 1,000,000 (yes, you read that number correctly) African refugees – many from Sudan – are trying to reach Israel.

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More from the Islamic Hate Fest in Londonistan

All the usual suspects, including  Georgeous Galloway, Azzam Tamimi and every Islamo-nutcase supported by the useful idoits, the commies and the rabid progressives scream for the destruction of Israel, once again:

“Today we are all Hamas…”

“Allah is greater than America”- Hamas in their own words: video

From Pamela:


London .demonising the Jew 10.1.2k9

“Jew eating dead baby whilst holding dead child”

* Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK Calls Muslims to Jihad

Not to worry: they’re all moderate Muslims, they even advise the government on how to do nothing about jihad…

* U.S.-based Imam Urges Muslims to Join the Gaza Battlefield

“For Muslims who have access to the battlefield, their duty is to join the resistance to defend the oppressed. For those who don’t have access to the battlefield, their duty is to use all possible ways of lending support for the oppressed such as donation, the media, communication and first and foremost du’a’.”

Jew holding dead child and eating baby

“Jew holding dead child and eating baby”

Jew holding dead child and eating baby2

Israel, the Jews, are alone. I hope free men join in the fight because inevitably it is their fight too.

UPDATE: More Jewish blood libels:  Swedish red cross says Israel targeting ambulances?

CNN Video Fraud

The Corruption of the Media


From EU Referendum: remember ‘Green Helmet Man’

Media coverage of the “Qana” incident on 30 July 2006. This incorporates all changes and corrections since first publication on 23 August, including the addition of two new appendices. Please see links below for access to the parts.

An edited version of this report is also available in .pdf format (75 pages). It can be downloaded from here.

Part 1 – Introduction.
Part 2 – The “set”.
Part 3 – Act 1: The dead baby.
Part 4 – Act 2: The Red Cross workers.
Part 5 – Act 3: The camera runs – Scene 1.
Part 6 – Act 3: The camera runs – Scene 2.
Part 7 – Act 4: Caught in the act!
Part 8 – Discussion and conclusions.

Appendix 1 – The “Stretcher Alley” mystery.
Appendix 2 – The “reburying” controversy.

Norwegian Marxist-Hamas Propagandists Mad Maads & Erik Fosse

“All we’re trying to do is kill da Joooozzz…”

Hamas-witch doctors Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse have ended their humanitarian mission in Gaza at the height of a reported medical crisis there to return to Norway. They have not, however, ended their anti-Israel propaganda campaign.

Come on–bring it on, bring it on! We have nothing to hide, reality is bad enough. Bring it on! This is a huge smear campaign and I can tell you we expect more. We expect more from the Israeli people.

Fosse, referring to a UN driver who was shot last Thursday at the Erez crossing, proclaims that the Israelis have shot at UN humanitarian workers and stopped them by force. Of course, the IDF denies having fired on the UN truck and is investigating reports that it was Hamas gunmen who shot at the truck. Fosse makes no mention of this. Nor does he mention the fact that the wounded Palestinians on this truck were evacuated and treated in Ashkelon which itself is the target of Hamas rockets.

Who are the ones deliberately distorting information?

From Snapshots


Asshole of the Month: Roland Jabbour

Roland Jabbour

Roland Jabbour Esq J.P  Chairman Australian Arabic Council

* The height of irony: Jabbour is also on the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s committee on Racism and Discrimination (but in his queer and twisted world racism & discrimination applies to Muslims only, not to Jooozzz…)

Australian Arab leader defends blood libels

How could he not do so? The idea that Allah cursed the Jews and transformed some of them into apes and pigs is thrice repeated in the Qur’an: 2:63-66, 5:59-60, and 7:166.

Also, this is a Tiny Minority of Extremists Update: mainstream Australian Muslim leaders seem to have no problem with broadcasting Hizballah TV (Al Manure) into Australia.

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