A call for a hanging

Welsh BNP official’s ugly threats to Labour peeress Harry’s Place

There’s a difference between saying and doing.

In this case, the one who will hang is the guy from the BNP, because he is a real threat to “community cohesion” and the Islamo-Socialist swamp-rats who have such a good time feasting on the cadaver of this once great nation.

Now, the deserving party on the other hand, who just escaped conviction for fraud and embezzlement and who has done a lot to further Islamic causes, is not in any danger to be hanged anytime soon.

Surely “Justice” will prevail.

Question is: will he be tried under sharia?

How the British Establishment and Al BeBeeCeera Failed to Demonize Nick Griffin & the BNP


Ever since Griffins BBC appearance the far left slime bombers go apeshit. Quite obviously, its them who fail in the marketplace of ideas. Its his critics who fail to debate.  Even more so, these smear merchants fail to see that vilifying Griffin and the BNP  is a discredit to themselves.

B409737D-03F4-B5D0-565DA453BAE7F092 Nick Griffin

Andrew Bolt:

It’s the Hanson phenomenon, only far more serious, and shows the danger of attempts to ban the BNP leader from speaking on the BBC:

One statistic above all stands out from the YouGov opinion poll commissioned by the Telegraph. And it’s not that 22 per cent of respondents would consider voting for the BNP, amazing though that is. It’s that a majority of voters, while they may despise the BNP, think it “has a point”:

More than half of those questioned said they agreed with the BNP, or thought that it “had a point” in wishing to “speak up for the interests of the indigenous, white British people … which successive governments have done far too little to protect.” This included 43 per cent who said that, while they shared some of its concerns, they had “no sympathy for the party itself”.

I have some sympathy with the “but would you give a platform to Adolf Hitler” argument. But the BNP politicians, although unpleasant, are not the Nazis, and if half the voters think that at least this one party raises an important issue, then banning it from debates can only entrench doubt in democracy, or at least cyncism towards the existing political and media establishment.

If the BNP are as dumb and wicked as claimed, then open debates will eventually destroy it. Using violence, abuse, censorship and even the law to instead bully it into silence will only make more people determined to defend it – if only to defend their own right to be heard. That was the lesson of Hansonism.

Here’s how BNP leader Nick Griffin actually went on the BBC: Video here

Matthew Engel complains that the gang-up was exactly not what was needed. I agree, especially given what these polls say. Argument, not abuse, is the most effective antidote. I’m with Rod Liddle: don’t panic or rage, just talk.

Sheik Yer’mami noticed that “Baroness Warsi” managed to slime Griffin with some imaginary Nazi associations. But truth was never part of the Mohammedan agenda… Traditionally, the Mohammedans sided with the Nazis then and glorify Hitler even now. Its a pity that Griffin himself took the bait of “racism” instead of attacking Mohammedanism as such.

BNP's Griffin on Question Time: "We are the aborigines here"

england-fans_1507084cA young fan supports England

Watch the far left loons become increasingly unhinged as Nick Griffin reduces them to stumps:

Video here

Jack Straw turned ashen-faced when Nick responded to his ‘Nazi’ smear by pointing out that “my father served in the RAF during the Second World War – yours spent it in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler.” Time and time again Nick gave as good as he got.

Here’s an account from  one who was there:

Fellow British Patriot

“The man’s got guts!” “At last, someone saying exactly what we all feel”. “The hand-picked audience in the studio hated what Nick had to say, but we loved it”. “I’ve never seen such political bullying on TV in my life.” “When he pointed out how all the others are racist against the English, we were all cheering”.

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The Coke heads from Al BeBeeCeera

A former BBC employee has blown the whistle on cocaine use among the corporation’s TV and radio producers and star performers.

* Not that I I ever spotted a “star performer” among those tarts….


Cocaine use ‘rife in the media’- Broadcast

Funniest links of the day:

Tolerance Alert:

Protesters storm BBC as Nick Griffin show airs


  • 500 protesters lay siege to BBC
  • Controversial politician to appear on show
  • He wants “the big time”, BBC won’t censor

Who are the fascists now?

HUNDREDS of “anti-fascist” protesters have stormed the BBC’s television headquarters in west London amid outrage at a far right-wing politician’s appearance on a political chat show.

A group of 25 people broke through a front gate and entered the BBC’s Television Centre shortly before British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s arrival at the studios.

While they were swiftly ejected, more protesters carrying placards emblazoned with the messages, Stop Fascist BNP, and BNP is a Nazi Party, jostled with police outside the main entrance. More>>

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Eurabian Nightmares

“Adopt a Muzz”  backfires:

A TV crew in France is facing prosecution after carrying out a stunt offering Calais residents British-bound immigrants to keep as ‘domestic pets’. Read more: Daily Mail

calais-mosqueMuslims at an illegal ‘migration camp’ in Calais beg Allah for entry into kafir Britain.  Perhaps they should be asking why Islam is incapable of producing Muslim countries in which Muslims themselves want to live.

The Rise of the BNP gives ruling Socialists the Jitters:

Later this month, British National Party leader Nick Griffin will be on the panel of the BBC’s Question Time programme. It is a totemic achievement for his political movement and the far-Right in Britain, granting Griffin and the BNP all the dignity of the political mainstream.

The ensuing hysterics and denunciations remind us yet again that most British politicians, and the chattering class as a whole, have not the least idea how to combat the BNP. Nor do they have any understanding of how it now manages to boast quite a few local councillors and, since early June, two British seats in the European Parliament. Daily Mail

Hijab Resistance in Austria:


Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that Muslim girls and women  have massive problems in Austria. Few days ago a muslim schoolgirl was attacked by two schoolmates, which tried to set her hijab on fire with a lighter. The two girls who wanted to set their Muslim classmate on fire were expelled from school. They refused to apologize. More from Austria News

Assbomb creates nightmares for security experts world wide

The advent of “body cavity bombs” marks a frightening development which can, quite literally, cause a complete halt to air traffic and public events while new methods of detection are developed.

ass-bomberWe can’t push in more, he has to swallow the rest…”

The “body cavity bomb” technique was used for the first time last month when a bomber blew himself up in a failed assassination attack on Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism operations inside the Royal Saudi palace.

Security experts have warned of a “total shutdown” in air traffic and other public events if counter measures are not quickly developed. Currently, the only way to detect such devices would be to x-ray a person or subject them to a physical body cavity search. BNP

Islam Has Waged War on the West since Its Inception

Muslim Colonisers Attack Police in Luton

BNP/thanks to Davey

Luton-Muslim-riotIn an unprovoked attack which signals yet another upsurge in Islamist aggression, Muslim colonists attacked police in Luton who were sent to the area to protect them from alleged ‘right-wingers’ who were never there.

According to police, at least 200 Muslims attacked officers “for no reason at all” while they were patrolling the Bury Park area looking for signs of the ‘right-wingers,’ identified as the organisations called March for England, UK Casuals United, United People of Luton and the English Defence League.

Despite much media hype over these supposed groups, they were nowhere to be seen. This did not deter the Muslim mobs, and police had to send in an extra 50 officers and six police horses as the unprovoked violence escalated. Two of the mob were arrested for public order offences as the Muslims threw assorted objects and fireworks at the police.

Chief Superintendent Andy Frost, from the Bedfordshire Police was quoted in the local media as saying that he was “extremely disappointed that some members of the Asian community have used today as an opportunity to commit disorder.

“There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park,” he said.

Within hours of the violence ending, Muslims had posted videos of their attacks on the police on the Internet. In the videos, Muslims can be heard shouting “Where’s da BNP” along with various epithets.

If the BNP is the only political party in Britain today that promises to reverse Islamic immigration, what  choice do the natives have but to vote for them?


Islam, far from being a “religion of peace,” has encouraged its followers to wage violent war to spread its message ever since its creation in the eighth century AD, the monthly meeting of the British National Party in Tameside was told last night.

“Most people do not realise that the Middle East was not originally Muslim,” guest speaker Arthur Kemp, BNP website content editor, told the nearly 50 people who packed into the venue.

“In fact, even the city of Mecca, which is today Islam’s most holy city, was attacked by Mohammed and his supporters from the neighbouring city of Medina and forcefully converted to Islam,” he said.

“From there, Islam expanded by force into what was one of the first original Christian countries, Egypt, where the Christian Coptic population was suppressed and the rest of the population coerced into Islam,” Mr Kemp said.

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UK: Islamists pushing the burka, niqab, freedom sack… Bunglawussi applauds…

Defending the indefensible:

Its a stoopid thing to do, but the believers are eager to do it…


Fatima Burkatulla/Times

Fatima Burkatulla clears up “misconceptions” about the niqab.

1.The niqab is a symbol of female subjugation.

None of the niqab-wearing women who I know, wear it because they have been forced to. They see it as an act of devotion to their Creator: the culmination of a spiritual journey. In fact most of them are women who were born and brought up in the UK; many are White or Afro-Caribbean Muslim converts to Islam who have chosen to observe it. The hijab, niqab and abaya are outer garments and are worn only when outdoors or in the presence of men who are not close relatives and so, contrary to popular belief, underneath their robes, in family and female-only settings Muslim women are often very fashion conscious and outgoing. They dress in everyday clothing; they get their hair done, go on holiday and even buy lingerie!

2. Women who wear the niqab cannot possibly contribute to society

People are surprised to hear that niqab-wearers come from varied vocational backgrounds. They include doctors, teachers, dentists, authors, social workers, university graduates, lecturers and more. They usually prefer to work in a female environment and so would not wear the face-veil all the time. Other women say that wearing the niqab actually makes them feel more comfortable when they are working with men. It is ironic that the very women who are the subject of debate are far from being a burden on society: they don’t get drunk and disorderly, don’t smoke and are likely to be very good citizens. Many of them are full-time mothers who take pride in raising well-educated children who will be an asset to British society.

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UK: Real Racism vs Imagined Racism ("Islamophobia")

Tan Parsons/ editorial@hamhigh.co.uk

Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) – A non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam.

Hampstead leaders bite back over BNP leader’s slur

COMMUNITY leaders have lashed out against British National Party leader Nick Griffin after he suggested putting immigrants in Hampstead to see how the “liberal elite” liked it. Scroll down for full article…

* These “community leaders” seem to be quite delusional, as we can see here:

Christian teacher sacked after complaining about racist slurs by Muslim kids against him.

 “Don’t touch me, you’re a Christian”


But not only that: ‘In late November and December 2006, many various unacceptable and openly racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian remarks were being made by many and various children in Year 4,’ he said. ‘These included, “We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up”, “the Twin Towers bombers are heroes and martyrs”, “we hate the Jews” and “we hate the Christians”.’

Nicholas Kafouris Bigland Green Primary school     

Nicholas Kafouris says he was forced out after highlighting the rise in racism among pupils at Bigland Green Primary school in East London

A teacher claims he has been sacked for reprimanding pupils who made racist remarks about his being a Christian. Nicholas Kafouris said he lost his £30,000-a-year post because he would not tolerate the ‘openly racist’ behaviour of pupils as young as eight. He said the predominantly Muslim youngsters openly praised Islamic extremists in class, and hailed the September 11 terrorists as ‘heroes and martyrs’. Daily Mail, Read more>>

Continued from Hampstead leaders:

The comments were made in an interview on the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday when the BBC One show host asked him what should be done about people who want to come to Britain.

Mr Griffin said: “If we’re going to allow them to come, for a start, I’d say, ‘Well, let’s start sticking them in Hampstead in the places where the liberal elite live instead of poor places like Barking and Barnsley and Manchester and see how you people like it.”

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UK: Fascist Labour Shills Go Ballistic Over BNP Win

“Supporting the BNP – a fascist, racist organization, is ten times worse”   than ….what? Labour?
H/T Counter Jihad

European Union laws guaranteeing freedom of movement and personal data will prevent a £1.2 billion Government plan to institute anti-terror security measures on routes into this country from the Continent, it has been revealed.  The shocking news, contained in an announcement from the Eurostar train service, means that all the tax money already spent on putting the much vaunted ‘e-Border’ scheme, due to take effect at the end of next year, has been wasted. BNP 

Labour calls BNP ‘racist and extremist’

The Telegraph — Bruno Waterfield

Baroness Kinnock, the newly appointed Europe minister, said that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader and an MEP since the last election, had not been invited to the occasion. “We do not associate in any way with what are clearly racist and extremist individuals,” she said. “It was not my decision, as some people think, but I fully support it. It is long-standing Government policy not to have such dealings with racist extremists such as the BNP.”

Mr Griffin also accused mainstream British politicians supporting Unite Against Fascism, which he called “an organisation of far-Left criminals which routinely deploys intimidation and violence against nationalist dissidents in Britain”.

Limitless immigration to Britain will not keep Home Secretary awake at night…

Muslims burning union jack 
The Daily Mail – Tim Shipman

Home Secretary Alan Johnson last night refused point blank to cap the number of immigrants coming to Britain. And he said he does not ‘lie awake at night’ worrying about the population hitting 70million.

Official figures show at the current rate of increase the British population will hit the milestone within 20 years, with a further seven million immigrants placing a burden on public services.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has pledged that the Government will not allow the population to grow to that level. But last night he was apparently undermined by his boss.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Johnson said he would not bring in a cap because it would harm the economy, claiming the argument that immigration had made a contribution to the economy was ‘irrefutable’.

‘I do not lie awake at night worrying about a population of 70million,’ he told the cross-party group of MPs.

‘I’m happy to live in a multi-cultural society. I’m happy to live in a society where we not only welcome those coming to live and work in this country, but also where we can go and live and work in other countries.’

UK’s schools suck due to foreigners

Happy foreign students in UK 
The Telegraph — Graeme Paton 

Extra pressure on reception classes in September is a “direct result of mass immigration” into the United Kingdom, it was claimed.

In the last eight years, the number of births to foreign mothers has increased by 64 per cent, figures show.

But in the same period, birthrates among UK families rose by six per cent.

The Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration said ministers were “misleading” the public by failing to acknowledge the problem. 


UK: Fascist Miliband Brigades Vow to Keep Elected BNP Officials "Isolated and at Arms Length"

* Not for nothing  do we call  David Miliband “Britains dumbest Jew”...The “powers failures that be” don’t like competition…what happened to democracy in the UK?

Newsflash:  massive series of explosions in Southern Lebanon, more…

6a0111685b4b71970c011571e67374970b-800wiStrangely, Labour and the conservatives have no such reservations when it comes to suck up to the Islamofascist killer “Lord Ahmed”, who recently bragged about how he kept Geert Wilders out of Britain by threatening to make 10 000 Islamic rage-boys run amok in the streets of Londonistan….

The British National Party has taken up its two seats in the European Parliament as the first far-Right MEPs ever elected in Britain.

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons took their seats as BNP MEPs in Strasbourg          

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons took their seats as BNP MEPs in Strasbourg Photo: GETTY

Nick Griffin, the BNP’s leader, elected in the North West of England, and his colleague Andrew Brons, representing Yorkshire and Humber, made a low key arrival in Strasbourg to avoid the press.

The BNP MEPs have been placed in seats numbered 781 and 782 for the next five years, close, just one row in front, of the new Conservative and Reformist Group founded by the British Tories.

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