Bucktooth Bashir an Al Qaeda chief? Who would have thought?

Terror suspect Baasyr refuses to speak, claiming police questions are haram, prohibited

(Asia News, Mathias Hariyadi, thanks to the RoP)

After a lifetime of hate preaching, terror plotting and head-banging, the old geezer is finally in the dock. But don’t you dare ask him about his motives, that will anger  his imaginary ‘Allah’.

Abu Bakar Baasyr accuses investigators of complicity with the United States and Israel. Police claims it has evidence of the cleric’s guilt. In his hometown of Solo, Muslim demonstrators clamour his arrest will “draw God’s (Allah’s) wrath”.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Abu Bakar Baasyr (pictured), an extremist Muslim cleric accused of terrorism, is refusing to answer police questions because in his view they are “haram”, i.e. prohibited under Islamic law. Arrested on 9 August in Banjar Patroman, West Java, he has accused investigators of being accomplices of the United States and Israel.
The authorities suspect Baasyr of being the head of Al-Qaidah, a terrorist cell based in Aceh, and al-Qaeda’s top man in Southeast Asia. He has also been charged with funding a training camp for terrorists in Aceh to the tune of a million dollars.

Despite Baasyr’s refusal to answer questions, police spokesman Inspector General Edward Aritonang said that the authorities had evidence against the preacher, including video footage and records of financial transactions.

“Our information points to him as Al-Qaidah chief,” Aritonang explained. “This group of terrorists is new and includes various extremists, with members from Jemaah Islamiyah, Indonesian Islamic State, Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) and Kompak”.

Baasyr’s lawyer, Achmad Midan, did confirm that the cleric, who heads JAT, funded paramilitary training for the al-Qaidah group, but denied that it was for terrorist purposes. Instead, he claimed it was designed to prepare men to fight in the Gaza Strip, should Israelis attack Muslims.

In Baasyr’s hometown of Solo, Central Java, Muslims took to the streets waving banners to protest against police and the Densus-88 anti-terror squad. One read, “This arrest will cause natural disaster and draw God’s wrath”.

At the same time in Malaysia, the authorities detained Mustawan Ahbab on charges of helping Baasyr raise funds to sponsor terrorist actions.

Rifqa Bari is 18! But is she off the hook?

Rifqa Bary is 18! (JW)

JAWA REPORT: Court Docs – Rifqa Bary’s father, Mohamed Bary, threatened Rifqa’s counselor, who in fear refused to testify on her behalf; Prosecutor Ron O’Brien refuses to file charges because “it will negatively impact the Muslim community”

The one who got away:

Israeli held in Libya returns home after release (Rantburg)

Rafael Rafram Chaddad, an Israeli-Tunisian dual national, disappeared in March in Libya, where he was photographing Jewish heritage sites on behalf of an organization that documents the history of Libya’s vanished Jewish community.

Once upon a time the Arabs believed in peaceful co-existence, then these horrible Zionists came along and spoilt the party:

Der Spiegel notices Hamas infighting. Then it calls some of them “peaceful.”

Der Spiegel (German only) has an interesting article about Hamas infighting. It starts off with some interesting facts, but then turns into a joke.

“We Seek Every Opportunity for Martyrdom”- Al-Quds Brigades

WTF stops us from exporting them to the virgins? Can’t we just  get on with it and help them along?   (Asharq Alawsat)

State Department: Taliban not a terrorist organization (JW)

Future Facebook Friends:

It is, of course, a jihad and Islamic supremacist organization — but no worries on that score either, as the State Department thinks jihad, i.e., interior spiritual struggle, is just fine. Capitulation: “State Department: Taliban is not a terrorist organization,” by Amanda Carey in The Daily Caller, August 10 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

Why is Islamic supremacist Ground Zero mosque imam traveling to Muslim countries on taxpayer money?

The New York Post asks pointed and necessary questions about this story. “An odd envoy,” from the New York Post, via JW

Bucktooth Bashir Might Face Death Penalty

“Al-Qaeda in Aceh”- AFP

JAKARTA — Indonesian police said Tuesday top radical Islamist preacher Abu Bakar Bashir could face the death penalty over his alleged role in terror plots with Al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Make no mistake: Ol’Bucktooth is preaching the real Islam, not the diluted version of the misunderstanders.

Bashir, who was arrested on Monday, is accused of funding and training extremists who were planning a wave of attacks in Jakarta.

“Our investigators found evidence that Abu Bakar Bashir had been actively involved in terror plots and activities including the training,” National police spokesman Edward Aritonang said.

Police have arrested 102 terror suspects, of whom 66 were detained, in a series of raids nationwide since discovering the training facility in Aceh, northern Sumatra island.

Aritonang said they found that several Islamic groups from regional terror network Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) to Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) had also chosen Bashir as the leader for a new terror cell dubbed “Al-Qaeda in Aceh”.

The cell had planned a series of attacks, including using car bombs, on at least two embassies, several international hotels and the police headquarters in the capital.

The police discovered “Al-Qaeda in Aceh” in February and killed its leader Dulmatin, a JI militant, in March.

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Abu Bakar Bashir: "the terror will never end…"

Of course not. The believers have a mandate to strike terror in the hearts of the infidels and to wage war until Islam is the only religion in the world. If Bashir doesn’t know what he’s talking about, who does?

But didn’t they just tell us that the  Hotel Bombing Has “Nothing to do With Islam..”and that “Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that…”?? ah, I forgot: at least Yudhoyono told the truth: “I know they will never stop!” and just a while ago we were advised by Fareed Zakaria, the darling Islamo-agit-prop at CNN, that Islamic terror won’t hurt a bit, if we just bend over and “learn to live with it…”


Now, (and again) Bucktooth Bashir blames the victims: 

“If They Held Thoughts against Islam, They Deserved to Die”…

Yesterday, Bashir attacked the Australian, US and Indonesian governments. “The main cause of this disaster (the bombings) is the Indonesian government, which undermines the supremacy of Islamic law.

“This (terror) will not end until the government follows the right path.”

ABU Bakar Bashir has endorsed the deadly work of Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorist, Noordin Top, saying Allah would protect him in his fight for Islam.

Paul Toohey, Solo / The Australian

The fanatical Muslim cleric, who is the spiritual adviser to the al-Mukmin Islamic school for children on the outskirts of Solo, in central Java, said if the victims of the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton suicide bombings had ever held any thoughts against Islam, they deserved to die.

Bashir refused to condemn the suicide bombings, saying the use of terror was justified in the war against infidels, or non-Muslims.

Damn! And I thought he “moderated” his views! 

Just a few days ago Muslim cleric Abubakar Ba’asyir “who was once described as a hardliner,” said the perpetrators of the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotel bombings in Jakarta were “enemies of Islam”….

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Bashir was convicted and jailed for inciting terrorism in relation to the 2002 Bali bombings and has not since moderated his views.

He is seen as the spiritual head of Jemaah Islamiah, and while he is deeply unpopular in Indonesia, he carries dangerous influence that marks him as more than a mere ranting eccentric. The 1000 boys and 1000 girls who board at the al-Mukmin school he co-founded are taught predominantly in Arabic, and are indoctrinated to his views from kindergarten through to their leaving certificate.

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"Bali bombers execution will cause jihad"

Bomber shirts for sale as Indonesia awaits executions

* Bucktooth Bashir is stirring the pot, as usual…

Bomber shirts for sale as Indonesia awaits executions
AFP – Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir (left) speaks about the execution of convicted Bali bombers Amrozi, …

TENGGULUN, Indonesia (AFP) – T-shirts praising the Islamistsbehind the Bali attacks went on sale in the village of bombers Amroziand Mukhlas on Saturday, as the wait for their executions took a macabre twist.

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