Caroline Glick on Israel

Convenient moral blindness

Pamela Geller: The Rise of the Jewicides

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” Dante Alighieri

The long march of leftist anti-semites and stealth jihadists into our universities and schools has cast its poisonous spell over the young and the stupid. It is, of course, evidence of the freedoms afforded Jewish people — even the freedom not to think. You never see such dissent or vocal criticism of Islam and sharia among Muslims. One or two maybe, but it’s always couched in taqiya — they wouldn’t want a fatwa, would they?

Caroline Glick

Moral blindness in the face of evil is depravity. But in the upside-down moral universe of our world today, moral blindness has become a badge of honor. If you refuse to call evil by its name, then you are a moderate. And if you stand up to evil, you are yourself an extremist.

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Phyllis Chesler:   Jews Not Wanted on Campus If They Support Israel – Not Even at Brandeis

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Caroline Glick: Intelligence and the anti-Israel lobby

* Ex-Berkeley Tree-sitter fights Israeli army, gets hurt…

* Islamic Jihad not radical enough: Hamas arrests 10

Demographic Jihad:

According to grassroots Zionist activism group Im Tirtzu, “between 1993 and 2003, 130,000 Palestinians who had lived in enemy Arab countries and in Judea and Samaria received Israeli citizenship through marriage with Israeli Arabs. By making use of the Israeli law which had allowed the granting of citizenship to Arabs who marry Israeli citizens, the Palestinians succeeded in meaningfully changing the demographic balance within Israel and to begin implementing their demand for the return of refugees into Israel.”  Israel Matzav

The problem with the US’s intelligence analysis

Caroline Glick’s post-mortem of the Chas Freeman appointment shows that there is a lot more wrong with how the United States parses intelligence than the attempt to appointment someone who is anti-Israel as the head of National Intelligence Council:


              CAROLINE GLICK

 Intelligence and the anti-Israel lobby

Ill winds are blowing out of Washington these days. On Thursday, The Washington Post headline blared, “Intelligence Pick Blames ‘Israel Lobby’ for Withdrawal.”

The article, by Walter Pincus, described how former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles “Chas” Freeman is blaming Israel’s Jewish American supporters for his resignation Tuesday from his post as chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

In a diatribe published on Foreign Policy‘s Web site on Wednesday, Freeman accused the alleged “Israel Lobby” of torpedoing his appointment. In his words, “The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency… The aim of this Lobby is control of the policy process through the exercise of a veto over the appointment of people who dispute the wisdom of its views… and the exclusion of any and all options for decision by Americans and our government other than those that it favors.”

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Britain and Italy threaten to drop out of Durban II


*  Britain and Italy could join Canada and Israel in refusing to attend the Durban II Review Conference in April unless they receive cast-iron guarantees that it will not turn into an antisemitic, anti-Israel arena of hate. (Which, as we all know, it will be…/ed)

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* PLO says it will cancel negotiations with a right-wing Israeli government

* The Arab League Starts Legal Procedures for Pursuing Israeli War Criminals


Obama’s second act of open hostility against Israel

Over the weekend, I read Caroline Glick’s Friday JPost column in which she rips the Hussein Obama administration for its attendance at this week’s preparatory conference for ‘Durban II’ in Geneva. Glick regards American attendance at the preparatory conference as the Hopenchange administration’s first overtly hostile act towards Israel.

Caroline Glick: Defending freedom's defenders


* The pernicious politically motivated investigation of “war crimes” by uninvolved countries is in the news again: Spain may try Israel for its actions in Gaza. Presumably Bush and Cheney will be next. More from the Gates of Vienna


Last week, the IDF issued an unprecedented directive. All Israeli media outlets must obscure the faces of soldiers and commanders who fought in Operation Cast Lead. Henceforth, the identities of all IDF soldiers and officers who participated in the operation against the Hamas terror regime in Gaza are classified information.

* Mayor Bloomberg Supports Wilders

* Israel: Defence Minister Slams Spain War Crimes Probe

The IDF acted as it did in an effort to protect Israeli soldiers and officers from possible prosecutions for alleged war crimes in Europe. The  army’s chief concern is England. In England, private citizens are allowed to file complaints against foreigners whom they claim committed war crimes.

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