Denmark: Judge rebukes Westergaard for calling his would-be jihad murderer a "terrorist"

There are no heroes in this story. The egregiously short-sighted Westergaard won a 100,000-Danish-kroner judgment against Anders Gravers of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) for the implied use of his Muhammad cartoon during a protest, and threatened to sue Geert Wilders for his use of the Motoon in the film Fitna. The Danish judge, meanwhile, appears to be woefully clueless and politically correct. “Judge censures cartoonist over court outburst against ‘terrorist attacker,'” by Roger Boyes in The Times (via The Australian), January 21 (thanks to JW):

A Danish judge has had to call the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard to order after an outburst against the man who is accused of trying to kill him.“He’s just a cowardly liar, a terrorist!” exclaimed the 75-year-old, who has drawn the wrath of the Muslim world for his caricature of the Prophet Mohammed wearing a turban that resembled a bomb.

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The idea is to instill in young minds that living under Sharia won't be so bad.

Hussein Obama’s Cartoon Offensive Promotes Mohammedanism in the U.S.

Yet there are people who still pretend that America’s magic negro is not a Muslim.

Moonbattery presents:

More Muslim Superheroes

President Obama praised (financed)  the work of the comic’s creator, Kuwaiti psychologist Naif al-Mustawa. At an April meeting with Arab entrepreneurs, Obama said, “His superheroes embody the teachings of the tolerance of Islam.” (More)

How can a secular nation endorse a children’s show aimed at pushing one religion?

The enlightened progressives from CBS  hasten to assure us that there is nothing to worry about:

The rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in America has brought with it a wave of largely-unsubstantiated suggestions from conservative media commentators and politicians that America is at risk of falling under the sway of Sharia  law.

Reality check: the Muslim POTUS Obama surrounded himself with hardcore Mohammedans and Marxists to support the spread of Islam and sharia.

Fears of Sharia Law in America Grow Among Conservatives

The Case of Molly Norris simply proves that Islam is a criminal organization

  1. Molly Norris apologized for “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” and clerics calls for her death anyway (Yakima Conservative Examiner)Death sentences for cartoonists? Good golly, Ms. Molly
  2. Death Threats for Molly Norris (Reality bites, appeasement doesn’t work, WaPo)

Cartoonist Molly Norris Lets the Terrorists Win Again (Eric Lurio, Puff Ho)

Molly Norris is neither brave nor heroic. She eventually apologized to the extremists, who had sent her a few death threats, and renounced the movement she started as it snowball into something huge. And what’s worse, Norris pretty much said the terrorists were right. To quote her website:

I did not ‘declare’ an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”

I made a cartoon of a satirical poster with a fake group behind it (Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor). It was solely a concept about Comedy Central’s over reaction to a threat from, and their consequent decision to censor the television show South Park.

My cartoon was taken seriously & hijacked by people who used it to make facebook pages.

What Molly Norris initially did was the right way to address the problem: fight terrorism with humor, intelligence, and panache. The response was threats of murder. She backed down and apologized to her oppressors. I guess she didn’t want to end up like Gandhi.

Terrorism works.

It works because we allow it to work. It works because we have allowed millions of Muslims to settle behind what they perceive to be enemy lines. It works because the people who are sworn to protect us have deceived us.  Dereliction of duty, on a grand scale.  It works because  of political correctness which stifles any debate.  Because most of us fear being  shouted down as ‘racist, bigot Islamophobes’.  And so the criminal cult of Islam, a murderous, genocidal organization, is allowed to continue to  threaten, to blackmail, to terrorize, to bully and to assassinate those who oppose the spread of this dreadful belief system.


A US artist whose satirical cartoon inspired an internet campaign inviting people to draw images of the Prophet Muhammad has disappeared into hiding, her newspaper has said.

Molly Norris, who disavowed the movement that provoked outrage in the Islamic world, has moved and changed her name, the Seattle Weekly said.

She fled after FBI agents warned she was in danger, the newspaper wrote.

Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are forbidden in Islam. (Perhaps. But we are not Islamic. Not yet. Cartoons are not forbidden in America, and its high time that we fight Islamic  efforts to stifle freedom of speech.)

The Seattle Weekly wrote that Ms Norris was “moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity”.

Muhammad row cartoonist ‘sorry’

“She is, in effect, being put into a witness-protection programme,” it said, but without government aid.

“She likens the situation to cancer,” the paper wrote. “It might basically be nothing, it might be urgent and serious, it might go away and never return, or it might pop up again when she least expects it.”

Told by agents to keep an eye out when in public, the paper said Ms Norris responded: “Well, at least it’ll keep me from being so self-involved.”

In her cartoon, Ms Norris satirically proposed 20 May as an “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”.

The idea inspired a separate Everybody Draw Muhammad Day group on Facebook which rapidly grew in popularity.

The page contained drawings and cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad row cartoonist ‘sorry’

Mecca gone, Molly gone….

Not all Muslims force Seattle cartoonist into hiding

Back in April, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris proposed and then withdrew the idea of an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. As Norris said at the time: “I said that I wanted to counter fear and then I got afraid.” She’s since become a lot more afraid, as the Seattle Weekly reports:

You may have noticed that Molly Norris’ comic is not in the paper this week. That’s because there is no more Molly.

Excellent advice: hide in your own country. Kind of reminds you of our government’s conception of border security:

Tim Blair has more: FEAR ITSELF

Who would kill for this?

Not all Muslims are at war with Spain:

Spain: Nightclub changes its name from Mecca after Islamic supremacists threaten “a great war between Spain and the people of Islam” over name

As long as Westerners keep bowing to violent intimidation, Islamic supremacists will keep engaging in it. “Nightclub forced to change its name from Mecca after threats from Muslim extremists,” by Tom Worden in the Daily Mail, September 16 (thanks to JW)

‘Calling a place for dancing and drinking by that name shows disregard to the feelings of Muslims.’…

And of course Muslims are always so sensitive to the feelings of non-Muslims. Just look at Feisal Abdul Rauf.

The war continues. Against “Mohammed Brand Condoms” and in the UK, Mecca bingo hall outrages Muslims. In Indiana there’s a town called ‘Mecca’, and its almost entirely occupied by happy kuffars……

Gratuitous stupidity from TIME:

An obscure church in Florida won global attention when it declared its intent to mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by burning copies of the Koran. It has now backed down, but not before inflaming airwaves the world over. TIME takes a look at groups and people who went to extreme lengths to get their often incendiary, occasionally crazy points across

Top 10 Gratuitously Provocative Acts

TIME  does another hit job on Molly Norris: she deserved it, because she didn’t learn the lesson from Kurt Westergaard, who is still in hiding after drawing Muhammad cartoons…… Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

South Africa: apologies not enough; Islamic cleric calls for free speech restrictions over Motoons

Gates of Vienna:

South African paper caves, grovels, bends over:

“We have learnt an enormous amount since the publication of the cartoon about the depth of reverence in which Muslims hold the Prophet.”

“Muslim outrage is often simplistically misconstrued as a lack of humour and over- sensitivity….”

What the Mufti is saying is that even if you are not a Muslim you must adhere to the teachings of Islam.

South Africa: Islamic cleric calls for free speech restrictions over Motoons

Mufti: “Let Us Draw The Line For You Infidels!”

“Zapiro: Drawing the Line: Zubair Bayat,” from Dispatch Online, May 29:

[…] Two things are wrong with Zapiro’s cartoon. Firstly, any attempt to depict him in illustration is an attempt to depict the sacrosanct, which is not allowed. Secondly, the nature of cartoons is to satirise and trivialise. This is clearly not acceptable in the case of a personality who is held in the highest esteem by over a billion people globally.In this particular cartoon, the insinuation is that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is in need of psychiatric help, an idea which prejudiced and hostile Orientalists have always attempted to project in their works. This dimension of the cartoon adds insult to injury and serves to rub the proverbial salt deeper into the wound. Read it all on Jihad Watch

Real Bravery From the  Courageous Left:

The Social Democratic Youth make the Pope into a pedophile.


Thanks to KGS from the Tundra Tabloids

Here is the reasoning why these Finnish Swedes, and socialists in general, treat Muslims one way, and the rest of us in another way. It’s all about demographics and nothing to do with wrong or right, or even equality for that matter. The socialists here in Europe have institutionalized the systematic treatment of its citizens and residents in an unequal way.

Oh just wait until this minority reaches critical mass you bunch of bozos, then you’ll witness the paradigm in reversal, with Islam maintaining its self perceived right to be protected against  any kind of criticism, all thanks to their socialist enablers. That’s their legacy (the socialists and pseudo conservatives) to future generations.   Swedish Democratic Youth (SDP) mock the Pope

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Everybody Draw Muhammad, May 20

A day late and a dollar short:

Rahm Emmanuel in damage control: The Obama Administration has “screwed up the messaging” about its support for Israel.

White House organizes meetings with a carefully selected slate of 15 rabbis from across the US representing the Orthodox, reform and Conservative streams. J’Post

Dumber than dirt:

Kkkillgore: “Mohammad Atta Killed Himself For Secularism” /only on Chuckles  LGF

Can’t say it, just can’t say it:

Lazy Susan Rice can’t say anything bad about Libya

Can’t connect the dots. Just like Holder.  Allahu akbar!/Mark Steyn

President Obumbler’s UN ambassador, Lazy Susan Rice, had nothing bad to say about the 14 new members who were elected to the UN ‘Human Rights Council’ on Thursday.

And the officialdom of American Jewry? Still sending bouquets to Obama for nominating a Jew to the Supreme Court.

I guess we can’t expect Obama and Rice to be more Jewish than the ‘Jewish leaders,’ can we?  Read it all

Arab Media Praises Obama For De-linking Muslims From Terror

“Our Boy Obama”

The Arab media praised Obama this week for not using words like “Muslim terrorist” when discussing radical Islam. Last week US Attorney General was the latest Obama official to refuse to use the term “radical Islam” when discussing the motives behind the Times Square bomber.  Israel National News reported/Gateway

Motoonist in hiding after arson attack on his home

Here we have yet another test case. The Swedish government ought to be offering round-the-clock protection to Lars Vilks and issuing a strong defense of the freedom of speech. Appeasing this thuggery is the road to dhimmitude. An update on this story. “Muhammad cartoonist in hiding after arson attack,” by Malin Rising for AP, May 16/via JIhad Watch

Update: Two (Musel-)men arrested over fire at Vilks’ house

Two men, aged 19 and 21, have been arrested in connection with an arson attack at the home in southern Sweden of artist Lars Vilks. “He is of Swedish nationality but originally from Kosovo … He was unknown to the police so far,” Scania district police spokesman Calle Pärsson told AFP.

Strange,is it not? A “moderate” Kosovo Muslim who wants to kill a cartoonist? Who would have thought?

STOCKHOLM (AP) – A Swedish artist whose drawing of the Prophet Muhammad with a dogs body angered Muslims said Sunday he doesn’t feel safe in his home at night, after a week of attacks against him.

Note yet again the AP’s “We’re all Muslims now” reference to “the Prophet Muhammad.”

Lars Vilks told The Associated Press he has started sleeping elsewhere since an attempted arson attack Friday against his home in Nyhamnslage, southern Sweden.Earlier in the week, Vilks was attacked by a man as he gave a lecture at a university in central Sweden, and the following day his Web site appeared to have been targeted by hackers….

Analyzing Cartoon o'phobia

Vilks: “I’m ready to go up again. This must be carried through. You cannot allow it to be stopped.”

As a matter of principle, Uppsala University should give him the opportunity to finish his lecture, unedited. Otherwise, it is precisely the case that “what you get is a mob deciding what can be discussed at the university.”

An update on this story. “Muhammad cartoonist defiant after attack,” by Karl Ritter for the Associated Press, May 12/via Jihad Watch>>>

But officials at Uppsala University said they doubted they would invite Lars Vilks again after police used pepper spray and batons to help him escape a furious crowd Tuesday.

Confirmed by Hot Air:

Officials said they would “not likely” invite Vilks again because of the incident. In some quarters, the university’s reponse is adding to concerns that violence and threats from some members of the Muslim community are effectively muzzling free speech.

If you think this couldn’t happen at an American university, bad news: It already has

Here’s Vilk’s interviewed about his many death threats and a burqa clad “Swedish” woman openly calling for his assasination.

Those Damned Pictures and the Freedom to Cartoon

Sultan Knish

On the one hand it’s odd that the debate between Freedom and Islam has become centered over cartoons. The Danish cartoons of Mohammed and South Park’s more recent attempts to depict a cartoon image of Mohammed. Unlike novels, plays and other more high minded stuff, the few scrawled lines of a cartoon seem like an unlikely last stand for free speech in what used to be the free world.

But on the other hand, cartoons are an obvious Fort Apache for free speech because they represent a traditional outpost of parody and satire. Tolerance for the jester and the satirist speaks volumes about the general tolerance for freedom of speech. And so cartoons serve as the canary in the coal mine. When cartoons are being banned, it’s safe to say that the toxic fumes of tyranny are cutting off the breath of freedom on a much larger scale as well.

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Hitchens: A nasty attempt to coerce Danish newspapers into apologizing for the cartoons of Muhammad

Yamani or Your Life

F*kc the profits descendants and the camels they rode in on….

By Christopher Hitchens/Slate

I have just finished reading one of the most astoundingly stupid and nasty documents ever to have landed on my desk. It consists of a letter from a law firm in Saudi Arabia, run by a man named Ahmed Zaki Yamani, to a group of newspapers in Scandinavia. I quote directly from its main paragraphs:

Over the past months my law firm has been contacted by several thousand descendants of the Prophet, who have learned about your newspaper’s republication of the drawing, depicting their esteemed ancestor as a terrorist suicide bomber with a bomb in his turban.

As descendants of the Prophet, these individuals feel personally insulted, emotionally distressed and defamed by your newspaper’s re-publication of the drawing. They have therefore retained my law firm and instructed me to approach you …

So that’s the stupid part—the idea that people who claim descent from a seventh-century warlord and preacher have standing to sue for hurt feelings. The nasty bit comes a few paragraphs later:

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No Free Speech in the Land of the Free

Minn. Man Cited For Posting Anti-Muslim Cartoons

The owner of a store that caters to Somalis on East St. Germain Street found graphic, sexually-explicit cartoons posted on a utility pole in front of her business in early December.

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) A Minnesota man who admits posting anti-Muslim cartoons in several St. Cloud locations has been cited with violating a city ordinance.

Forty-one-year-old Sidney Allen Elyea of Waite Park was assessed two civil charges Friday of posting materials on fixtures. Each carries a maximum fine of $250.

Elyea says he posted the cartoons to educate others about Islam.

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Choked by Fear

After Attack on Danish Cartoonist

The West Is Choked by Fear

An Editorial by Henryk M. Broder/Der Spiegel

A Somalian man broke into the home of Kurt Westergaard on Friday armed with an ax and a knife. He is accused of the attempted murder of the Danish cartoonist.

A Somalian man broke into the home of Kurt Westergaard on Friday armed with an ax and a knife. He is accused of the attempted murder of the Danish cartoonist.

Terrorism works:

The attack on illustrator Kurt Westergaard wasn’t the first attempt to carry out a deadly fatwa. When Muslims tried to murder Salman Rushdie 20 years ago, the protests among intellectuals were loud. Today, though, Western writers and thinkers would rather take cover than defend basic rights.

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