Muslim cleric misunderstands his religion, wants to conquer Italy, Europe, America

Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futuh: We Will Conquer Italy and the Rest of Europe, as Well as North and South America; The West Will Convert to Islam


The world belongs to Allah! Move over, filthy  kaffirs, submit or pay the jiziya……….

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Salem Abu Al-Futuh, which aired on Al-Nas TV on August 18, 2010:

Salem Abu Al-Futuh: The nation of Islam will return – despite our current crisis and despite the arrogance of the West. The West is bound to be destroyed. Just like Allah destroyed the Byzantine and Persian empires, He will destroy the West at the hands of the Muslims. This is an unequivocal promise. These countries will convert to Islam. Islam will reach these countries.


Let us examine the divine sequence: First, the Caliphate will return. Then, the Muslims will live in tremendous prosperity. The economy of the Muslims will be the strongest of all. You are probably thinking that I’m not well today if I say such things. By God, there’s nothing wrong with me. I am speaking words of truth.


Great conquests will ensue. We will conquer Italy.


By Allah, we will conquer Italy. By Allah, we will conquer Italy and move into [the rest] of Europe. Islam will enter that entire region. Even America, you ask? Yes, even America. North or south America? Both North and South America. We will enter all these countries, and people there will be joining Islam in droves.

Indonesia: Islamic Cleric Groomed Boys for Jihad

“Respected and well-liked preacher, known for his excellent command of Koranic verses,” recruited boys for violent jihad

Why wasn’t he stopped short in this recruitment by the Koran’s true peaceful teachings, in the existence of which we are all bound to believe on pain of being charged with “Islamophobia”?

Robert Spencer: Get the answer in my forthcoming book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.

August 12, 2009

THE Muslim preacher who recruited two suicide bombers for the July 17 Jakarta terror attacks groomed at least four other teenage boys in the small housing complex where he was a respected leader.

An uncle of one of the teenagers said Syaefuddin Jaelani, 32, believed to be the main recruiter for fugitive terrorist Noordin Mohammad Top’s deadly Indonesian network, had taken his nephew on a week-long camping and fishing trip to see if he was prepared to wage violent jihad.

The man, who refused to be identified yesterday, confirmed that his nephew was among a group of five teenagers — including eventual JW Marriott hotel bomber Dani Dwi Permana — taken on the retreat near the hill city of Bandung, southeast of Jakarta, early this year.

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Indonesia: Not Totally Islamic Yet, But Getting There…

Daily Telegraph

* Famed Gang-Rape Victim Accepts ‘Second Wife’ Offer…

Muslim cleric arrested over child bride

   * A pedophile is still a pedophile…

A WEALTHY Indonesian Muslim cleric who married a 12-year-old girl faces up to 15 years in jail after being arrested for obscenity, local media reports.


Pujiono Cayho Widiyanto, a 43-year-old businessman and cleric, was arrested by police in the Central Java city of Semarang yesterday, The Jakarta Globe English-language daily said.

Mr Widiyanto sparked nationwide outrage by taking a poor village girl, Lutfiana Ulfa, as his second wife in August last year.

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Aussie Rape Cleric Abu Hamza's website publishes article saying "the media had no right to question his marital teachings"

* * Sure not. How dare the filthy kuffars question the good teachings of the Koran, sira & hadith!

* Update: a case for the Federal Police to investigate:

* Abu Hamza: Fundraiser for Hamas? In the comments section of IISNA one of his supporters (Fish lips, comment no 4) points out:  “How quick everyone forgets the good Abu Hamza has done for the community in the past 10 years. How quik ppl forgot how he single handedly raised over $300,000 on saturday night for gaza.”-  Hamas is a designated terrorist organization. Why is Abu Hamza not arrested and brought to trial?


* update: been raped by your hubby? Just laugh it off honey!

An update on this story. “Cleric Abu Hamza under fire again,” by Mark Dunn for the Herald Sun, January 24 (thanks to DW):

 “It’s not rape, it’s just a “pushy husband”

EMBATTLED cleric Abu Hamza came under fire again yesterday for his radical views on rape, with his website claiming Muslim wives could “laugh off” unwanted sex and that rape could be confused with having a “pushy husband”.In response to the sex-on-demand and wife-smacking controversy sparked by Mr Hamza’s lectures, his Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia website published an article saying the media had no right to question his marital teachings.

* Daily Telegraph

* But Abu Hamza is teaching mainstream Islam, as we can see here…

* Tim Blair has more…

 “Better to blow your money on a good time, than blow yourself and others up.”

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Intimidation works: Immigration Fraudster Imam Qatanani can stay in U.S.

* Winds of Jihad featured Qantanani  on several occasions,  and how his supporters beleagered the courthouse for weeks and months to excert pressure on the judiciary. It seems to have had the desired effect: the creep got his residence permit.

* AP shills for Mohammad Qatanani

* Bleeding Hearts For Jihad

* Fitzgerald: The respected cleric’s deportation trial

* New Jersey Imam is member of Hamas

Update: Terror claims against NJ Muslim leader rejected

Popular Passaic County cleric can stay in U.S.

by Amy Ellis Nutt/The Star-Ledger

Thursday September 04, 2008, 1:13 PM


Mohammad Qatanani, left , the imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County is kissed on the forehead by a member of his mosque after it was learned the imam can stay in the United States.

A U.S. immigration judge has granted permanent residency to a prominent Passaic County Muslim leader accused of ties to Palestinian militants.

“I believe in the justice system,” Mohammad Qatanani said after learning the decision.

(Of course he does. That’s why he wants to replace it with sharia…/ed)

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