Gaddafi Circus Comes to Italy: Grievance Theater & Compo-Demands Follow Instantly…

Richard Owen in Rome/Times/Links thanks to Gates of Vienna

Gaddafi, who has a women-only corps of bodyguards, held a similar meeting on a visit to Paris in 2007 with 1,000 selected women guests, who were told he wanted to “save European women.” More>>

Colonel Gaddafi has arrived in Rome at the start of an historic visit to Libya’s former colonial masters with an archive photograph provocatively pinned to his chest showing the arrest of an anti-Italy guerrilla fighter dubbed “The Lion of the Desert”.

The photograph shows the arrest in 1931 by colonial Italian troops of the Libyan guerrilla leader Omar al Mukhtar. Al Mukhtar’s frail elderly son, who descended the aircraft steps with difficulty just behind Gaddafi in traditional white Arab robes, is part of the 300-strong delegation accompanying the Libyan leader. A Libyan financed 1980s feature film on the anti colonial struggle, The Lion of the Desert, was recently broadcast on Italian television for the first time.

Officials from both Libya and Italy insist that despite the anti-colonial gesture, the colonel’s three day trip – his first since gaining power in a coup 40 years ago – is a “visit of reconciliation”. Wearing full colonel’s uniform with gold epaulettes, numerous medals, sunglasses and straggly long black hair beneath a military cap, the Libyan leader said “a page of the past has been turned, thanks to the courage of Italy”, as he embraced Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister.

Irrelevant Crazy Arab Dictator Compares US to al Qaeda



Jawa Report:

Wait, you mean Ghadaffi’s still alive?

“What difference is there between the American attack on our homes in 1986 and bin Laden’s terrorist actions?” he asked. “If bin Laden has no state and is an outlaw, America is a state with international rules.”

Bombing Ghadaffi for supporting terror and using innocent civilians as a missile to kill other innocent civilians are really six of one and a half a dozen of the other, right?

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UK: Another Victory for the MCB

* Amazing stuff: now they’re suing the networks after the guests who speak out…similar to attacking bloggers over the comments. Litigation Jihad accelerates the Islamization of once great Britain:

BRITAIN TERRORISMBunglawussi jubilant:

BBC apologises to MCB over Charles Moore’s slurs

The BBC has offered £30,000 and an apology to the Muslim Council of Britain after airing accusations that it encouraged the killing of British troops.

The corporation offered the settlement after a Question Time panellist accused the council of failing to condemn attacks on British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Charles Moore, a former editor of The Daily Telegraph, made the comments on the programme in March during a debate about Islamic protests at a soldiers’ homecoming parade in Luton. He claimed that the council thought it was a “good thing, even an Islamic thing” to kill troops.

* Of course they do. THEY can say that. But the kuffar must not say that; what’s the world coming to, you Islamophobe, you!

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Big Compo For Bus-driving Headbanger

* Will Jacqui Smith ban this Islamic hate-monger? 

Sun pays £30,000 damages to Muslim bus driver accused of fanaticism

A London bus driver today accepted £30,000 in damages from the Sun over a claim that he ordered passengers off his vehicle so that he could pray.

The story in March last year caused Arunas Raulynaitis considerable distress and embarrassment, his solicitor, Stephen Loughrey, told Mr Justice Eady at the high court in London.

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UK: Muselmanic Medicine Man Sexually Abuses Patients, gets £5,263 Compo Because his Yuman Rites Were Violated…

Mirror UK/By Euan Stretch

One of his victims committed suicide. But a judge ruled his ‘yuman rites’  were breached during his trial because he could not cross-examine his victim…


                              Call me Dr Pitiful:  Dr Imad Al-Khawaja

A decision to pay £5,263 in compensation to a medic jailed for sexually assaulting patients was yesterday branded “absurd”.

It was ruled that the human rights of Dr Imad Al-Khawaja, 52, were breached during his trial because he could not cross-examine one victim – who had committed suicide.

Reacting to the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights, another victim said it was “a slap in the face for anyone whose trust was breached by this sick, vile individual”.

Hypnotherapist Al-Khawaja got 27 months in 2004 for indecently assaulting two women, one 20 and the other 47, at Brighton General Hospital.

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Muslimah hits the jackpot

Lawyer Shyster wins record £600,000 race claim payout from CPS

An Asian lawyer who was suspended after telling a court security guard she was a “friend of Bin Laden’s” has received a record £600,000 payout from the Crown Prosecution Service after seven years of legal battle over a race claim.


Halima Aziz, 43, made the remark a fortnight after the September 11 attacks, and was suspended by the CPS following a complaint from the court. She was accused of inciting a riot, expressing anti-American sentiments and associating herself with Bin Laden.

She won a race and sex discrimination case against them in 2004 on grounds that if she had been a white man she would not have been treated that way.

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Bus Company Issues Apology After Driver Rejects Burka-wearing Ghosts

Predictable Dhimmitude after burka-wearing Muslimas refused on bus

Published Date: 18 July 2008
A BUS company has apologised after a muslim family of nine was stopped from boarding a bus to Leeds.
The Alhajeri family were refused entry onto the Transdev Harrogate and District No 36 bus from Harewood to Leeds on Monday evening, because the mother and eldest daughters were wearing burkhas. 
They had been on a family day out visiting the house and gardens on holiday from their home country of Kuwait. 
They had travelled by bus from Leeds in the morning, and had a valid return ticket to get back that evening.     

The driver told the family they were not allowed to board as the CCTV cameras would not be able to see the faces of the women, who were wearing a full veil.