WTF are we doing in Afghanistan?


We are sacrificing our best and bravest  for an Islamic Narco-Jihad-Sharia fiefdom that will still be the same whether we stay there 10, 2o or a hundred years.

Every time I read this I wonder if the soldier involved held back fire for fear of being court martialed by a pathetic government hell bent on winning votes……

It is the ultimate ultimate perversion to sacrifice the  best of our fighting men to help our implacable enemies in the folly of  “nation building”. We are insane.

Spr Larcombe, who was halfway through his first tour of Afghanistan, is survived by his parents, three younger sisters and girlfriend Rhiannon Penhall, all of whom were being supported by Defence staff. (source)

RIP Jamie…..

A fine and brave South Australian has been lost with the death of Sapper Jamie Ronald Larcombe in Afghanistan, the SA government says.

Sapper Jamie Ronald Larcombe and an Afghan interpreter were shot dead by insurgents while on patrol in the Mirabad Valley on Saturday night (AEDT). (9News)

Just yesterday we had 3 Germans killed and six wounded:

Afghan soldier opens fire on German troops, killing 3 and wounding 6 others…

And for what? For Islamic sharia?

The constitution that the State Department bragged about helping the new Afghan “democracy” draft established Islam as the state religion and installed sharia as a principal source of law. That constitution therefore fully supports the state killing of apostates.

(And child marriage, stoning of women, cutting of hands and limbs, killing of homosexuals, polygamy, and all the rest)

Case closed.

The purpose of real democracy, meaning Western republican democracy, is to promote individual liberty, the engine of human prosperity. No nation that establishes a state religion, installs its totalitarian legal code, and hence denies its citizens freedom of conscience, can ever be a democracy — no matter how many “free” elections it holds. Afghanistan is not a democracy. It is an Islamic sharia state.

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Cleric in Iranian holy city of Qom: "Democracy, freedom, and human rights have no place" in Islam

He said it. And Khomeini would add: no fun. “No place for democracy and human rights in Islam, says Qom theologian,” from AsiaNews, September 8 thanks to JW

Mesbah Yazdi

Tehran (AsiaNews) – As the world mobilises against the stoning of Sakineh, a 43-year-old woman convicted for adultery and killing her husband, Iranian police continue to threaten and arrest journalists and human rights lawyers. Dozens of university professors are fired and pro-reform students are beaten. The reason is simple. “Democracy, freedom, and human rights have no place” in Islam, said Mesbah Yazdi, who heads Shia Taliban, in a speech reprinted in Rooz, an online Iranian news website.

Speaking before members of paramilitary groups, soldiers and his followers, the cleric said that Iran “is not a place to back down for cultural reasons against people who promote corruption.”
In a veiled reference to Sakineh and others, he added, “sexual or moral deviants or promoters of any other kind of corruption must be suppressed.”

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Mesbah Yadzi is a member of the Association of Teachers of Qom Theological Centre (Jame Modaresin Hoze Elmie Qom) and a great supporter of Ahmadinejad. In fact, “When the president received the supreme leader’s confirmation, obeying him is like obeying God,” he said.

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Madeleine Albright: "Islam is maybe the most democratic religion…"

* Halfbright is the reason why the burka was invented. In her case, some good Muslim people should ensure that she never leaves the house again and stop her from public speaking…

Madeleine Albright:”Islam is maybe the most democratic religion because there is nobody between you and God. So I do not think that is something that can be used as reason not to have Muslim democracies.”

Robert Spencer:

Islam is the most democratic religion, says Albright. Yet in 1400 years of Islamic history, there has only been one democracy: Turkey.

Albright says that Turkey is a “perfect example” of how Islam is democratic. But let’s look at the record. In the aftermath of World War I, Mustafa Kemal, who called himself Ataturk, or Father of the Turks, established the first secular government in a Muslim society, leading the Sheikh who famously visited Osama bin Laden on video in 2001 to refer to “infidels like the Turks.” Ataturk declared that “the civilized world is far ahead of us. We have no choice but to catch up. It is time to stop nonsense, such as ‘should we or should we not wear hats?’ We shall adopt hats along with all other works of Western civilization. Uncivilized people are doomed to be trodden under the feet of civilized people.”

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Africa's "King of Kings" Gaddafi No Friend of Democracy

 His ridiculous omnipotency, man of many spellings, Col Gaddafi of the Libyan desert, has been involved in jihad activities around the world for more than 30 years



The new African Union (AU) chairman, Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, has said that multi-party democracy in Africa leads to bloodshed.

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