"War is Deceit"- El-Baradai's 'Coming Out' Moment….

Just another Muselmanic loon doing his thing: Mohammed el-Baradai

El-Baradei: ‘Occupiers Understand Only Violence’

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammed el-Baradei, is considering running for President of Egypt. Speaking Tuesday, el-Baradei expressed support for the “Palestinian resistance,” a report said. He suggested that the Palestinian Authority use violence, since “power is the only language the Israeli occupiers understand.” Israel INN

Iran: We’ll Be in ‘Nuclear Club’ Next Month

Iran said Tuesday that it expects to join the “world nuclear club” within a month. A report quoted Behzad Soltani, deputy head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, as saying that “No country would even think about attacking Iran after Iran’s membership in the club.” A 360 megawatt nuclear power plant that will produce nuclear power is almost finished, he said. INN

The Islamic Bomb War Declaration: “If Iran is attacked, nuclear devices will go off in American cities”

This threat deserves a swift military response — a beheading, metaphorically, of course.

Obama is a third worlder and a coward. He will do nothing but beat up on our friends to appease his Islamic overlords. All this is going down while Obama plays footsie at his nuclear nonsense campfire — sucking up to Iran’s enablers while beating up our allies  Atlas Shrugs

A Letter To The World From Jerusalem

Jews Confront the Abyss: ‘The Absence of Outrage is Outrageous’

Phyllis Chesler takes on the American dhimmi Jew Abe Foxman, who ignored the 600 pound gorilla in the room. Now, in 2010, nearly ten years after the Al-Aqsa Intifada began, after so many chickens have come home to roost—after all the Jewish liberals have voted for Obama and continue to work or stand by their man, Foxman has, for the first time, called for a Jewish march on Washington to demonstrate support for the state of Israel. More from Chesler Chronicles »

American Jewry just doesn’t get it

Carl in J’lem

Why aren’t there three million Jews marching on the capitol? Or is this generation also to be left to the Peter Bregson’s and Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s and those few others who recognize the danger?  Read it all/This one gets it right.

A Nuclear Iran Could Become   the First ‘Suicide State’

Hussein Obama’s naive belief in rationality  could turn Israeli cities into cemeteries

April 13, 2010 | Professor Louis Rene Beres

President Barack Obama–this week launched a special nuclear security summit in Washington–finally acknowledges that Iranian threats to annihilate Israel are serious. Still, Obama fails to understand that applying so-called economic sanctions to Iran will be ineffectual. Somehow, despite very good reasons to the contrary, the president is now insisting that Israel learn to “live” with a nuclear Iran.

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Mohamed ElBaradei: "resisting Iran is counterproductive…"

Fox guarding chicken coop proves wrong strategy, after all:

images-1 “Counterproductive..” El Baradei……..

El Baradei says nuclear Israel number one threat to Mideast

Mohammed  ElBaradei has a long history of obfuscating and denying Iran’s obvious intentions. Why is it so hard for successive US-administration to give him the shoe?

He is not alone, of course: the US administration is infiltrated by “advisors and lobbyists” who do their bidding for Arab/Muslim causes, and with Fareed Zakaria doing Islamo-prop on CNN and Newsweep, when will America get hit with a cluebat?

Report: Iran has data necessary to make a nuclear bomb

“ElBaradei has long been reluctant to adopt a confrontational strategy on Iran, an approach he sees as counterproductive.” Sure, and the alternative has worked so well this far — mostly for Iran.

More on this story. “Report Says Iran Has Data to Make a Nuclear Bomb,” by William J. Broad and David E. Sanger for the New York Times, October 3: Jihad Watch

Other News:

ElBaradei: “Israel is the number one threat to the Middle East given the nuclear arms it possesses”

It’s important to note that the source of this quotation is Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency, and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt: Will ElBaradei contradict or deny he said that?

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There are ways to "negotiate" with pirates!

Thanks to Mike

By WAYNE LONG / NYT:   Gang Up on Pirates


In 1995,  the water supply for Mogadishu, the capital, was shut off by the United Nations humanitarian agencies until a hostage who worked for another aid organization was released. On the first day of the shutoff, the women who collected water from public distribution points yelled at the kidnappers; on the second day they stoned them; on the third day they shot at them; on the fourth day, the hostage was released.

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Obama Fan Mohamed ElBaradei: expert on poverty, HIV/AIDS

* Newslink:  Peanut Khadr to meet with ME terrorists again

* Al-Qaida may target Goa 

Head of nuclear watchdog calls efforts against Iran ‘a failure’

* Does this total failure of a Mohamed ever look in a mirror?


* ElBaradei: 5 years of BS and palaver is not enough!

Mohamed ElBaradei urges dialogue between the West and Tehran. He says Obama has given him ‘lots of hope.’  (because the Obaminator talks about abolishing all nuclear weapons, which will never happen./ed)
By Borzou Daragahi / LA Times