"Mr Livingstone, I presume…"

The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

African and American blacks are submitting to the toxic ideology of  Arab slave-masters faster than ever.

The soldiers of allah are colonizing Africa faster than at any time in history.  Most countries don’t have the wherewithal to  cope; corrupt politicians, general ignorance and Arab zealotry  fall on fertile ground. Here a few links to the ongoing jihad in Nigeria:


Islamic jihadists boast of murdering 67 people

This latest mass murder in the name of Islam and jihad comes as Islamic supremacists in the U.S. are pushing with renewed fervor the discredited meme that “Muslims are the new Jews,” and that resistance to the jihad and Islamic supremacism is equivalent to Nazism and tending toward genocide, with anti-jihadists cast as Nazi propagandists.

Nigeria: Boko Haram jihadists target churches, police in latest wave of attacks

Boko Haram consistently attacks practices, institutions, and people who would interfere with their intention of imposing Sharia.

They believe they can create paradise if they kill enough people who stand in its way. But they always simply wind up with a trail of dead bodies. “Churches, police targeted in Nigeria attacks,” from Agence France-Presse, November 5



“Worthless Moslems”

Some of the famous  explorer David Livingstones records have  become available recently. You can read here about his shocking encounters with Musulmaniacs, as he witnessed a massacre of hundreds of the indigenous negroes by Arab Muslim slavers.

Explorer David Livingstone Denounced ‘Worthless Moslems’ in his Diary

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The diary of the famous 19th century British explorer, David Livingstone, has recently been made legible after spectral imaging techniques were applied to it. It offers new insights into Livingstone himself and the Muslim-run slave trade of the time. Livingstone witnessed a massacre of hundreds of the indigenous negroes by Arab Muslim slavers and wrote about the incident in his diary.

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Iraq: another Christian congregation wiped out….

Thilo Sarazzin, former banker:

“1915 there were still 25 % Christians in Turkey, today its 0.2%. That’s the Islamic concept of multiculturalism…”

Death toll rises to 58 in Iraqi jihad attack on church: “The Mujahedeens raided a filthy nest of the nests of polytheism, which has been long taken by the Christians of Iraq as a headquarter for a war against the religion of Islam”

An Iraqi Christian woman (right) holds a picture of her son, who was killed in the October 31 church attack.

The mass-murderers say that this was a counterattack in the Church’s alleged war against Islam. Yet notice how CNN’s headline calls it an “Iraq church standoff,” giving no hint that this was a gratuitous Islamic jihad attack. “Death toll rises to 58 in Iraq church standoff,” by Mohammed Tawfeeq for CNN, November 1, via JW:

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) — The death toll from a hostage standoff at a Catholic church in Baghdad has risen to 58, police officials with the Iraqi Interior Ministry said Monday.

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Exterminate the Brutes!


Ralph Peters (NYP) demands INSTANT JUSTICE


WE made one great mistake regarding Guantanamo: No terrorist should have made it that far. All but a handful of those grotesquely romanticized prisoners should have been killed on the battlefield.

The few kept alive for their intelligence value should have been interrogated secretly, then executed.

Terrorists don’t have legal rights or human rights. By committing or abetting acts of terror against the innocent, they place themselves outside of humanity’s borders. They must be hunted as man-killing animals.

And, as a side benefit, dead terrorists don’t pose legal quandaries.

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