Australia: $6000 a week to house six African refugee families in waterside accommodation

But the real story is this:

Sowing genuine fear

Purely in order to be able to include $12 billion of (projected) revenue in the budget papers, Kevin ‘Gougher’ Rudd and Wayne ‘Riskless’ Swan, were prepared to deceive the resources industry and risk seriously damaging the nation by sowing genuine fear…The great Budget fiddle/Andrew Bolt

A luxury holiday for refugees

TAXPAYERS are forking out $6000 a week to house six African refugee families in waterside accommodation until the Immigration Department can find them permanent homes.
Nathan Klein/Daily Telegraph

While most people would enjoy a couple of weeks at Windang Beach Tourist Park on the South Coast for a break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, refugees from Ethiopia and Kenya are there indefinitely.

Demissie Desta Tilahum, his wife Alem and his eight-year-old son Nathnael have been living at the tourist park near Wollongong for the past two weeks at no expense. They said yesterday the Government had promised to “take care of everything”.

It is understood the six refugee families were sent straight to the council-owned tourist park when they arrived in Australia two weeks ago. All are now in two-bedroom cabins.

Housing just one family a week in these cabins costs taxpayers $820 per week for two people, plus $110 for each additional child staying and $175 for each additional adult.


Asylum seekers fakers accommodated in Qld motel

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The federal government is defending a decision to house 79 asylum seekers in a four-star Queensland motel, saying they are vulnerable families with children.

They just keep coming: Boats, boats

Five more boat people lured to their deaths/FIVE suspected asylum seekers are feared drowned after they decided to swim from their troubled vessel using tubes and lifejackets.

Family First Senator Steve Fielding has criticised a decision to house asylum seekers in motels.

The Palms Motel in suburban Brisbane has reportedly been awarded a $1.2 million government contract for at least six months to accommodate the group of 79 asylum seekers.

A private security guard has been employed to protect them and other guests, the Nine Network said.

Senator Evans said this had been known for weeks and was consistent with the behaviour of the previous Howard government.

“This has been long established government policy,” he told parliament on Tuesday.

Its all about “the children”, you see:

“We make no apologies that we don’t want children behind barbed wire.”

Great. What about OUR children?

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison acknowledged the practice was not new but said the latest move was due to an upsurge in boat arrivals.

“It happens when all of your detention centres are full,” he said.

“That’s why people are in motels.”

The government’s asylum seeker policy was out of control, Mr Morrison said, adding 16 boats had arrived since Labor announced it was suspending new claims by Sri Lankan and Afghan boat arrivals.

Family First senator Steve Fielding says the move will only encourage more unauthorised boat arrivals.

“First it was Hotel Christmas Island, now it’s Hotel Queensland,” he said in a statement.

“There is no way we should be detaining asylum seekers in hotels because it just gives the people smugglers an extra selling point.”

The immigration department said the group was under 24-hour “monitoring and guarding”.

“They’re not allowed to come and go,” spokesman Sandy Logan said.

“They’ve all been through full security and health checks before being transferred from Christmas Island.”

Mr Morrison said the department should have consulted the local community about its plan.

Doing so would have taken the heat out of some of the reaction to the move, he said

Australia: Another Day, Another Boat…


Tim Blair

7 5 09 Illegals arrive blow up pic Crop small

How many boats containing claimed “asylum seekers” have been intercepted off Australia’s coast since Kevin Rudd’s government went all vegetarian on border protection? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? Twenty-five?

Try thirty. And that’s in just 13 months. It’s as though the government is running some kind of people-smuggling stimulus operation.

UPDATE. Another day, another boat.