Fitzgerald: "It's over. We're here. It's over"

Fitzgerald: The New York Times, and That Business At the Cathedral In Cordoba

The New York Times did not distinguish itself when the Nazis came to power. It kept stories of the persecution of the Jews to small items, on the inside pages, and failed to convey to its readers, many of whom must surely have been Jewish and had relatives they might have more vigorously attempted to help, the full story of what Hitler so clearly intended. And many readers of The New York Times, both Jewish and non-Jewish, might have done more throughout the 1930s to strengthen the power of those who wanted American intervention, and consequently a much earlier buildup of American military strength at a time when the American army was only the 18th largest in the world. The full story is told by Laurel Leff, and I would go further than she does, and charge that those such as the Sulzberger family who didn’t want to have their paper appear to be “too concerned with Jewish matters” in fact have blood on their hands, the blood of those who were not rescued because all through the nineteen thirties, and even into the period of America’s entry into the war, there was not nearly enough coverage of the persecution and mass murder of the Jews from the “newspaper of record.”

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Islam does not offer spiritual values

Fitzgerald: A little addendum to Cardinal Vlk

Whatever the Muslims are bringing to Europe that some in Europe find attractive or seductive, it is not “the spiritual values of faith in God.” Islam is a Total Belief-System in which the adherents must simply accept the list of What is Commanded and What is Prohibited.


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Fitzgerald: Islam, Jihad and "Spontaneous Combustion"

Is Present-Day Jihad Caused By Spontaneous Combustion?

* Jihad links first:

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a569c174970b-800wiLove for Israel brings out hundreds of Fakestinian Arabs in Londonistan during the holy month of Ramadan…


The temporary lull in Islamic ambitions after the fall of the Ottoman caliphate has now spontaneously recombusted into nuvoIslamic [sic] ambitions for a world caliphate ala Al Qeda, Iran’s Ayatollahs, Saud supremacy, etc” — From a reader’s comment on my article here.

It was not “spontaneous combustion” that brought back, in a big and most dangerous way, the pursuit of Jihad, which by now has gone beyond such original local victims of the post-war period as Israel and India. It now targets non-Muslim peoples all over, both in the Muslim-ruled lands, where they have steadily been persecuted, humiliated, and their numbers have declined, and in the lands of Dar al-Harb, where the Muslims who have innocently and far too negligently been allowed to settle in large numbers have taken advantage of every benefit the generous Infidel nations provide. These include the kind of education and medical care unobtainable in the Muslim lands. Muslims have also taken advantage of the edifice of human rights guarantees in order not to promote but rather to subvert the very legal and political institutions that gave birth to those rights, and have helped to maintain and even expand them.

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Fitzgerald: no one should ever expect to win Muslim hearts and minds. It will not happen.

If you grab them by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow….

Why America’s “reputation” among Muslims has “taken a hit”

“’The problem here, however, is that when it comes to Islamic jihadists, virtually anything short of full capitulation is perceived as arrogant, uncaring or insulting. Any resistance to the jihad agenda is immediately cast as a grievous insult that must be redressed’”

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What Muslims Really Want

Fitzgerald: “A Muslim doesn’t look to peace, security, education, work, or the love of any other number of things as his ultimate goals”

“‘A Muslim doesn’t look to peace, security, education, work, or the love of any other number of things as his ultimate goals,’ al-Amriki said. ‘Instead, a Muslim is always working and striving to please the one true Creator.’” – from this news article


The problem is that many of those who now are our rulers, or are “taking a leadership role,” are as limited as McNamara’s whiz kids. They, and the circumambient society, confuse a diploma, a degree, with education. There is a great and touching faith in the power of a famous university to somehow “educate,” when the curriculum is often an incoherent and chaotic smorgasbord of courses. The subjects that those “taking a leadership role” need most are history and literature, the one providing the ballast of fact and the other the divine afflatus of a well-exercised imagination to fill the sails of the ship of state. Without that ballast and that wind the Ship of State is merely Sebastian Brant’s Narrenschiff, careening this way and that, or at times, motionless when motion is called for.

Not knowing about Islam, and still refractory about learning its texts and tenets, and the history of Islam in the world, our leaders, the members of our political and media elites, are not well prepared. And not being well prepared with facts, they also lack the imagination to conceive of people who are not, in the end, more or less like themselves, wanting the same things, sharing the same worldview. It isn’t true.

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“First the 1967 Borders, then the 1948 Borders, Until there is No More Israel”

Dahlan: ‘Arafat would condemn terrorist operations by day and do ‘honorable things’ by night’

By the way, Dahlan is personally responsible for the murder of three American government employees in the Gaza Strip for 2003. But the Obama administration seems to like doing business with murderers anyway (see: Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud; Assad, Bashar). Carl in J’lem

Palestinian Media Watch 

Fitzgerald: Imran Waheed and Tariq Ramadan


“He [Imran Waheed] went on: ‘There is only one solution to the occupation of Muslim lands, one solution to the cries of the widows and the orphans, one solution to avenge the death of the elderly and the children … fight in the way of Allah those who fight you. Al-Jihad.’ A leaflet available on the group’s international website, dated Jan 19 2009, criticises the governments of Muslim countries which have attended peace summits as “shameful”. ‘”Instead, it was their duty to eliminate the state of Jews that has usurped Palestine,’ it added.” — from this story

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WTF are we doing in Afghanistan?

Fitzgerald: Building That Bridge Over The River Kwai, Or, Why Are We In Afghanistan?

Friends & Allies Watch

The very idea that because Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan, Afghanistan has a special, irreplaceable importance in the “war against terrorism,” is false.

In the first place, the fact that Al Qaeda found Afghanistan under the Taliban (a Taliban nurtured by an American-supported Pakistan, and recognized by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) useful does not mean that Al Qaeda can only regroup in Afghanistan. The terrorist attacks in London were not hatched by those trained in Afghanistan, but by people living in, raised in, Great Britain. Those who bombed the Atocha station in Madrid were not from Afghanistan. Those who killed Pim Fortuyn (a weak-minded Dutchman put up to it by Muslims) and Theo van Gogh were not trained in Afghanistan. The Chechens who seized the theatre in Moscow, or the school in Beslan, were not trained in Afghanistan. Anywhere there are Muslims, ready to participate in Jihad through violence, they will be able to find sufficient weaponry and bombs. Afghanistan is being endowed with a significance it does not possess.

Motivational Speech: A U.S. Marine Lectures Lazy Iraqi Police Stooges

* Iraqi policemen open fire on US soldiers

* U.S. troops battle Iraqi police, gunmen

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Illegal Migration: Asylum for Muslims? From What?

* Brits Pay Big Money to Keep Islamic Headbangers from Leaving…

 Hugh Fitzgerald explains why Islamic migration is undesirable, dangerous and destructive:

The following was posted on DW  in regards to Islamic migration to Finland. I have taken liberty to change a few words to make it suitable for general use.  A great letter you might want to write to the sleeping dogs in your immigration department:

“Asylum” from what? Muslims fleeing from Muslim countries? Why do they need asylum? Explain what the word “asylum” means. Only Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and other non-Muslims require “asylum” from Muslim countries. Muslims don’t. If there is economic backwardness, if there is political despotism and warlordism, if there is a mess – that’s what Islam brings. That comes with the package of Islam. No Muslim needs to be given “asylum” from what can be attributed to Islam itself. Otherwise half the population of the Muslim world would be entitled to “asylum” in the advanced, non-Muslim West.

* Anjem Chaudary: “We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law.” 

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The "root causes" of the Islamic mess

Fitzgerald: The “root causes” of Islamic disarray

To what we owe the Arabs:

Highest civilization on the planet. We were still living in caves when Arab Muslims invented the wheel…


Arabs and Muslims, it has been said, cling to their past. And it’s true: they do cling to “their” past, as long as that past is the past that came after the pre-Islamic past that went before, which is merely one long Jahiliyya, or Time of Ignorance. There is no real interest in that past, though one will find the Iraqi peacock-proud that “civilization started here” — but he won’t know about that “civilization.” He won’t have been part of the discovery and recovery and study of that “civilization” — Ur and Babylon and Assyria. For that was a Western thing, a thing that Western Infidels, from Henry Austen Layard to Leonard Woolley, undertook. Copts in Egypt are a very different matter, because they know, even if they do not always say aloud, that they are the true inheritors of Egypt’s civilization. They are the ones linked continuously back to Egypt’s pre-Islamic civilization, including the language that existed before the Arabs arrived and came, in fits and starts, to reduce the Coptic percentage of the population. Massed forcible conversions were not unknown, especially in certain centuries when a ruler would be particularly aggressive in “spreading” the “truth” of Islam.

* News from BBC’s Absurdistan: Is English law related to Muslim law?

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