White blackfellas, pale-skinned Aborigines & gravy-train riding Tasmanians get a thrashing

Fight the New Racism

The enemies of our free speech won’t dare go after her. Yet.

WARLPIRI woman Bess Price has accused Amnesty International of being an undemocratic and racist organisation, while attacking its indigenous rights campaigner Rodney Dillon as a “white blackfella” and a “physically white English-speaking Tasmanian”.–Bess Price is also fed up!

Has Chavez inspired the Labor censors?

Help stop the News Media Gestapo

Here’s Alan Jones with Piers Akerman discussing our governing Marxists attempt to crack down on free speech.–as always, a pleasure to listen…..

Andrew Bolt:

Has Chavez inspired the Labor censors?

The Gillard Government and the Left seems to have been inspired by Chavez’s punishment of the “hate media”:


How much more inspiration can our Leftists here take from the great Chavez?

Five years ago a collective of our snowfield socialists – including the ABC’s Phillip Adams, Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon , propagandist John Pilger and Kevin Rudd’s nephew Van Thanh Rudd – begged Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez to come teach Australians a lesson:

Every country has its own traditions and culture and has to find its own solutions, but what Venezuela has been able to achieve in so little time will be a source of inspiration and ideas for many in Australia.

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Australia: The rise of the totalitarians

Its bad and its getting worse.

Andrew Bolt links:

It takes a certain kind of mind to want such controls over the political speech of so many:

The rise of the totalitarians

Brendan O’Neill says where you stand on press freedom reveals where you stand on democracy:

 I must recommend again the critiques by John Roskam and David Kemp of the sinister Finkelstein inquiry. Both expose the totalitarian instinct behind its recommendations.

Those who would take free speech away from us are terrorists:

Issuing threats of legal action against less powerful people or businesses is perhaps the most potent means by which in our society free speech is threatened. A threat against one person or their publishers intimidates thousands.

Enough. Guarantee free speech and stop this circus

Why journalism academics are so hostile to our free press

Can’t let the people decide, they’re too stupid:

 A little ray of sunshine:

Cameron Stewart on the dangerous Leftism of journalism academics:

ONLY hours after the Finkelstein media inquiry report was released last week, lecturers from four of Australia’s top journalism schools delivered their instant judgment on the academic website The Conversation.

Each of the four—Brian McNair from the Queensland University of Technology, Johan Lidberg from Monash University, Alexandra Wake from RMIT University and Andrea Carson from the University of Melbourne—enthusiastically embraced Ray Finkelstein’s central recommendation for a new government-funded regulatory body to sit in judgment of news reporting…

Inside the country’s newspaper offices there was a polar opposite reaction.

Publishers Fairfax Media, News Limited (publisher of The Weekend Australian), APN News and Media and West Australian Newspapers came out in fierce opposition to the proposed NMC, warning it would pose a threat to press freedom and free speech.

The contrasting view on Finkelstein’s findings between the teachers of tomorrow’s journalists and today’s working journalists could not have been more pronounced..

Nonie Darwish speaks at Arkansas university; Muslims students claim lecture is tantamount to "inciting to riot."

Because the truth about Islam turns otherwise moderate Muslims  into bloodthirsty Koranimals who have to kill a kafir or a Jew  to ‘defend the image’ of the profit Muhammad:

A small victory for freedom of speech despite the hysterical reactions from the soldiers of allah who tried to prevent her from speaking.

 American Spectator

Muslim students at Arkansas State University tried to prevent a critic of Islamic sharia law from speaking as part of a campus lecture series.

Nonie Darwish, Egyptian-born author of Now They Call Me Infidel, spoke Wednesday at the university in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but only after the chairman of the student Lecture-Concert Series read a protest statement by the president of the ASU Muslim Student Association (MSA). In the decade since the 9/11 terror attacks, Darwish has gained international prominence as an outspoken critic of Islamic culture. She is director of Former Muslims United.

More than 100 Musliim students attended Darwish’s lecture, according to Emily Alexander of the ASU Herald, and walked out en masse midway through, following the example of MSA president Saddique Abobucker. 

Telling the truth about Islam makes you a ‘hate monger’, a bully, and causes riots:

In a letter sent to university administrators Monday, Abobucker and other MSA officers called Darwish a “hate monger,” warned that her lecture would lead to “bullying of Muslim students on campus,” and said that her lecture would be tantamount to “inciting to riot.” The MSA letter “urged the administration and legal department of ASU to stop Darwish from speaking here.”

Islamic extremism has made headlines in Arkansas the past two years after Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a 26-year-old American-born Muslim convert, shot two soldiers at a military recruiting office in Little Rock in May 2009. Muhammad, who reportedly told police he shot the soldiers to protest what the U.S. military “had done to Muslims in the past,” wassentenced to life in prison July 25 this year.

EUrabia, where the loons run the asylum

Stackelbeck: Malmoe – Jihad Central + Elisabeths Hatespeech Trial

Brilliant show, includes a report on the insane situation in Malmoe where the inmates are now effectively running the asylum.

Stackelbeck then goes on to detail the horrifying injustice against an Austrian lecturer on Islam, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is currently being prosecuted for what authorities call hate-speech. In reality this amounts to no less than a criminalisation of thoughts critical of the consequences of the governning elite´s disadvantagious immigration policies.
Something that becomes embarrassingly obvious once you realise that the “hate-speech” Elisabeth allegedly is guilty of, is nothing but quotes from the koran.

Ganz normale Wahnsinn!

An enemy within?

And, of course, if Britons wonder if they now have an enemy within, it can only be that they are Islamophobic, and do not realise Islam means “peace”:

JEERING Muslim fanatics turned an Old Bailey court into a battleground yesterday after an Al Qaeda follower was jailed for stabbing an MP. (Read it all-Andrew Bolt)

“Whatever it takes” is  a hate crime, in Hussein Obama’s America

Obama’s Department of [In]Justice and Sharia Prosecutes Infidels for “Hate” Speech Crimes

And so it begins. This is an outrage. An infidel was prosecuted by Obama’s Department of Justice and sent to jail for a year for saying in an email that he would “do WHATEVER it takes to eradicate Islam.” So what? A year in prison? A $3,000 fine?

We witnessed a traitorous Department of Justice refuse to prosecute the Black Panther party for voter harassment and intimidation with weapons onElection day. Senior DoJ lawyers resigned in protest.

“Obama has Violated His Oath of Office” in Racist Dept of Justice Decision to Drop New Black Panther Party Voter Intimidation Case and Mandate DOJ Policy: “No Voter Intimidation Cases Will Brought Against Black Defendent Where the Victim is White” (read it at Atlas Shrugs)

The Department of Justice sponsored a booth at the Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention underwritten by, among others, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-linked CAIR.

Obama’s Department of Justice sued a New Jersey county, alleging that it refused to accommodate a Muslim employee’s khimar, a religious head covering. The suit seeks monetary damages and also seeks to require Essex County to adopt a policy that accommodates the religious observances and practices of employees.

Further, Obama’s Department of Justice dropped the “charges” against the Muslims who blew up the USS Cole.

Obama’s Department of Justice is still trying to bring the 911 mastermind to New York City for a civilian trial. And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The prosecution of Sobolevskiy is by far the worst, and Judge David G. Bernthal, referring to the defendant’s crime as “an act of terror,” is in need of immediate removal. Nuts.

I do not advocate for violence or ugly email missives, but a year in jail for them? This is something altogether different. The Department of Justice is enforcing sharia and abandoning rule of law.

Washington – Maryland Man Sentenced To 1 Year For Sending Threatening Email to Illinois Mosque Vosizneias.com

Another day, another try: UN to Vote on ‘Religious Defamation’ Resolution


Contrary to false media reports, Hamas-linked CAIR is still an unindicted co-conspirator (so is ISNA)

A few days ago I picked up this story from the JTA, claiming that an appeals court had removed the unindicted co-conspirator designation from CAIR and several other Hamas-linked groups. It turns out that the story was false.

The actual ruling is here, (More from JW)

Yesterday it was “Islamophobia, the biggest threat to humanity”. Today its “Religious Defamation”. To gain votes and fool the infidels, Muslims changed the name. How will Obama vote this year?

UN to Vote on ‘Religious Defamation’ Resolution (Creeping Sharia)

Ah yes, FYI:  Communism is no longer communism either. The politically correct term is “State Capitalism”- don’t nobody call Obama a Marxist no more!

The Muslim Brotherhood By Any Other Name is Still Hamas- (Atlas)

In 1973, the Saudis created an important arm of Muslim Brotherhood operations in the United States and domination of American Muslim communities: the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT).

NAIT “controls” approximately 80 percent of the titles/deeds to the mosques, Islamic organizations and Islamic schools in the United States, ensuring that the vast majority of Muslim facilities in this country are dominated by pure, Islam, origianl Islam, the most reactionary strains of Islam (more here.)   Continue reading “The Muslim Brotherhood By Any Other Name is Still Hamas-Linked
Muslim Groups Get Little in the Way Of Ruling” »

Elisabeth’s Voice: An Appeal To Save Free Speech

Crossposted From Gates of Vienna & Yid with Lid

A Call to Mobilize the  Blogosphere in Support of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

We, the undersigned — consisting of four European blogs, one Canadian blog, and one American blog — have written this post jointly as a public call for our American colleagues to take up the cause of the Austrian feminist and anti-jihad activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

Geert Wilders is well-known to most American conservative and libertarian bloggers, but Elisabeth’s case is not so prominent. Like Mr. Wilders, she faces trial for reporting factual information about Islam. Her “crime” was to conduct public seminars in which she described Islamic doctrine, quoted from the Koran, and explained to her listeners what she considers the dangers of Islam.

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Whole Lotta Muzzling Going On

Centre refuses to host Steyn lecture on free speech

A man who talks about free speech and Islam gets banned from talking at a civic auditorium out of fear of angering muslims. You can’t make this stuff up, I wonder if the irony is lost on the managers of the auditorium or on muslims?

Organizers of an upcoming talk by conservative writer Mark Steyn planned for London, Ont., say they were muzzled by a local city-owned convention centre.
Strictly Right have found a larger — and more expensive — venue. Mr. Steyn will speak on Nov. 1 at London’s 1,600-seat Centennial Hall.

Coren on Steyn and The London Sexapalooza Centre (Blazing Cat Fur)

EDL Rally to Support Israel

Here are the pics. Several hundred EDL members marched to the the Israeli Embassy in London and held a peaceful rally in support of Israel with Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a ‘tea party’ California State Senate candidate as guest speaker. London, UK

Breaking News: Rabbi Unable to Speak at Speakers’ Corner (GoV)

The American Rabbi Nachum Shifren is visiting England to meet with members of the English Defence League and express his solidarity with the European resistance to Islamization. See this post at ICLA for a video of a BBC news report featuring Rabbi Shifren. The report describes (in that well-known snarky BBC tone) the growing transatlantic cooperation among groups opposing Islamization.

The English Defence League (EDL) has been meeting with Orthodox Rabbi Nachum Shifren this week ahead of today’s demonstration in support of Israel outside the Israeli embassy in London. This is part of the growing interaction between the EDL and the counter-jihad movement in the US that I enthusiastically support.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren is running for Senate in California. Atlas strongly endorses this candidate. Rabbi Shifren is an Orthodox Rabbi and California State Senate Candidate. Rabbi Shifren has received endorsement from the Jewish community in Los Angeles and  has been praised by organizations throughout the US for his steadfast support for the American Constitution and individual rights. He has built coalitions spanning all ethnic groups (Korean-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics). The EDL has built similar coalitions.

Support the Rabbi – go here. Read the whole thing from Atlas, its important!

The Tundra Tabloids has excellent cover, here:


Support Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff  against  Austria’s Thought Police!

The Gates of Vienna has a list of blogs who support free speech in Austria. WoJ proudly joins this effort against a dictatorial effort to destroy freedom of speech to advance the Islamization of Europe. Elisabeth’s Voice

Harvard finds long time Jewish benefactor "distressing"

That’s why they encourage the Red Guards to “educate him”.  Phyllis Chesler has the story, here:

This benefactor, Marty Peretz, is not only  a Goracle friend and Obama supporter, but also a great friend of Israel, something the liberal progressives at Harfart  and their Mohammedan protectors find intolerable.

In typical fashion, any critique on Mohammedan headbangers is instantly conflated with race, which is deliberate and perfidious. Islam is not a race, Jews are. But no matter how often we point that out, it seems the unhinged left and their Mohammedan pets only become more fired up with rage.  The progressives are the most unprincipled, corrupt whores on the planet.

In our time, there are really only two crimes, two sins, and they are connected. Peretz is a proud and passionate Zionist. By now, jihadic propagandists have persuaded the Islamic world and the Western mainstream media and professoriate that a Zionist is someone who favors colonialism, imperialism, and the continued “Apartheid Occupation” of innocent, helpless Arabs.

Again: Zionism is not racism–but anti-Zionism is.

Even the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr. understood this. Thus, the anti-racists are proud of their racism towards Jews and towards a Jewish Israel; by Orwellian definition, in their view, Jew-hatred is not “racism,” it is a highly acceptable progressive political position.

Dr. Martin Peretz is a Jew and he loves the state of Israel. He is seen as an acceptable target for public mockery and humiliation at a major American university. (Read it all)

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Free Speech, Then And Now

Back in 2005, Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen set the gold standard on defending free speech when, on being approached by perpetually aggrieved Islamic ambassadors hoping for official redress against Jyllands Posten (Cartoon Rage was just kicking in), he refused to hear their plaints, explaining to them and the world that it was not his place, as prime minister, to interfere with free speech in Denmark.

“This is a matter of principle. I will not meet with them [the ambassadors] because it is so crystal clear what principles Danish democracy is built upon that there is no reason to do so…As prime minister, I have no power whatsoever to limit the press – nor do I want such power.” (continue reading/Brussels Journal)

Mark Steyn in Scandinavia: “Sweden, Islam’s most obedient prison bitch”

”One by one the lights go out in Europe because those who have created the multicultural societies will not defend them.”

Authors, comedians and everyone else that does not believe in a multicultural utopia are being persecuted and witch-hunted into silence. The Canadian authorities have even tried –in the best totalitarian tradition – to criminalize Mark Steyn’s jokes. Even his “tone” has been subjected to legal scrutiny.

Sweden, Islam’s Prison Bitch:   “Always a bit worried on Fridays…”

Among the governments that in Steyn’s words compete to be “Islam’s most obedient ‘prison-bitch'” is the one in Sweden. That blue-yellow nation was horrified when one of its own sons drew the Muslim prophet as a dog.

Quite a few Muslims – among them a goodly number organized in the al-Qaeda network – were so infuriated that they issued a fatwa against Lars Vilks. Two amateur terrorists from Sweden subsequently tried to implement it. Luckily they were so disorganized that they managed to pour petrol over themselves and only succeeded in setting themselves and a corner of the artist’s house on fire.

“Those of us with a fatwa are always a bit uneasy on Friday nights – that’s when it always happens,” remarked Lars Vilks as he was showing samples of his work.

That’s because during the Friday kuthba, when the hatepreachers call for jihad against the kafirs, the believers are being conditioned to kill and die in the way of Allah, Koran 9:11.1

Comedy against jihad:

“It is tough to be a female comedian in Norway,” said a grinning Shabana Rehman. “There is always somebody who wants to kill you.”

Read it all

Other news:

Gregorius Nekshot off the hook, (for now)

Want to know what will happen to our civil liberties if we let libs drag us down into moonbat dhimmitude? Look no further than Britainistan, where you don’t have to burn a Koran to get thrown in jail, you just have to watch someone else doing it: (Moonbattery: Still More Koran-Burning Follies)

Meanwhile, in Florida, authorities are trying to bill Terry Jones over $150,000 just for threatening to burn the Koran. In Iran, peace-loving ayatollahs have issued a fatwa calling for the death of Koran burners. Also in Iran, hundreds of Bibles were burned by “security forces,” as the world yawned.

Oh noes: Waning Support for Defamation of Religion Resolution Undermines Defense of Islam, OIC Chief Says

Defend your freedom of speech against the Islamofascists and the sellouts from the UN:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu:

“… any laxity in this connection would mean the loss of a political and legal mainstay in the defense of our faith, our values and our sanctities.”
Clueless in Arabia: Willie Clitman’s wife (grinning stupidly)  with OIC head Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, (left)  and Rashad Hussainin (right),  Obama’s specially appointed Muslim brother, at a conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.(CNSNews.com) –

As its annual “defamation of religion” resolution loses ground at the United Nations after a decade of successes, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is urging its members to close ranks on an issue, which it calls vital for the defense of Islam.

CNSNews.com – OIC Fulfills Function of Caliphate….

Foreign ministers from the 56 mostly Muslim-majority countries that make up the OIC plan to discuss the issue when they hold their 2010 session in the Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe next month.

In the Saudi city of Jeddah this week, the Islamic bloc’s powerful secretary-general, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, told senior officials preparing for the Dushanbe meeting that he hoped OIC member states would “lend particular attention” to the religious defamation issue.

He voiced dismay about the declining support for the resolutions, and the fact that some countries, which he did not identify, were “thinking of reconsidering the subject.”

“I wish to affirm that the member states’ commitment to support the OIC’s stand vis-a-vis this vote is of vital weight and should not be downplayed,” Ihsanoglu said. “For any laxity in this connection would mean the loss of a political and legal mainstay in the defense of our faith, our values and our sanctities.”

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