Australia: "Ban Burqa Day May Cause Cronulla Style Riots"

 Islamic leaders labelled the event “racist”.

Oppose the freedom sack and you are causing a riot.  Wrap yourself in shrouds and you -somehow- turn into another race. Islam makes it possible. Fresh thinking:

Fears for riots in national burqa protest

Wes Hosking, Fenella Wagener, Herald Sun

Imprisonment means freedom…. the freedom sack is  just like bra-burning… right?

Kye Keating started the movement for the  ‘Ban the Burqa Day’ protest. Picture: Craig Borrow Herald Sun

UPDATE 11.16am: A NATIONAL day of protest demanding the burqa be banned has raised fears it could provoke Cronulla riot-style hysteria.

Which Cronullah ‘riots?’

 Once again: Cronulla was not about ‘race’- it was about Aussies being raped, molested and attacked over a long period of time. When Muslims ganged up and started beating up Aussie-life-savers, that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Almost 14,000 people have signed up for Monday’s “Ban the Burqa Day”, which urges protesters to wear a balaclava or mask.

But Islamic leaders labelled the event “racist.”

Islam is not a race. Its a violent ideology that masquerades as a religion.

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Burqa for Bunting!

Bunting demands the freedom sack for all, rejection is “racism”…..

Prison is Liberation! Right is Wrong,  misogyny is progressive and the freedom sack is cool!

Progressive rot from the Guardian (of Muslims)

I demand the right to whack Madeleine Bunting under a burqa. And I demand the right to whack the crap out of her in public if ever she shows one ounce of flesh!

Some get tingles up their legs over the Obamessiah, but Islamo agit-prop Madeleine Bunting ( a psycho who has long been on the Sowdi payroll) gets “shivers down her spine” over the French burqa ban:

It sends a shiver down the spine. France’s lower house has passed a law banning the wearing of the full Islamic veil – covering the face – in public places. The hope has to be that this extraordinary decision never actually reaches the statute book given that France’s highest constitutional body, the council of state, warned some months ago that a ban would infringe constitutional rights and the measure could be challenged in the European court of human rights. Belgium and Spain are also considering bans on the veil. What makes the decision in France so disturbing is that it fits into a pattern emerging across Europe of a particular paranoia, as an open letter published today on Comment is Free and signed by more than 30 academics and commentators warns.

Is Bunting aware that even in Sowdi Barbaria, the ultimate hotbed of Islamic freedom, females have to remove the face cover to enter certain buildings?

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Are Americans more ignorant than Europeans when it comes to the freedom sack?

Because the lame stream media insists its all about ‘choice’, rather than opposing the misogynist  lunatics that  whack the crap out of their women when they refuse:

WASHINGTON /AFP— Days before French lawmakers are due to vote on a bill that would make it illegal for Muslim women to wear full veils in public, a US poll has found that a majority of Europeans back such a ban while Americans reject it.

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The AGE & the Brisbane Times Openly Promote the Freedom Sack

Update: Born for the Freedom Sack!

Some people are indeed made for the freedom sack. Here’s an update on Rachel Woodlock, who is definitely  better off and “protected from thinking under portable seclusion”. (thanks to Mullah)

You can read her full Monash profile below the fold.

Rachel is  supervised by Professor Emeritus Gary Bouma, featured here...

Get your vomit bag:

RACHEL WOODLOCK takes a look “Beneath the veil”

Rachel seems to be  another progressive airhead who believes misogyny is a fashion statement that liberates from thinking,  FGM is a ‘rite of passage” and polygamy  means family values.

Source: The Age/Brisbane Times/thanks to Mullah

(Check out the comments, doesn’t look like many buyers…)

Read also:

“What’s liberating about Islam is that one is spared from having to think.”

by Rita Karlsen/Frontpagemag

From front to back: Rachel Woodlock, Shanaaz Copeland, Nejla Selbibeg and Saiqa Perveen in Sydney Road, Brunswick.

UMM Yusuf, an Australian convert to Islam who lives in suburban Fawkner, is finishing her afternoon prayers. The house is fragrant with the smell of the tomatoes, cumin and coriander her Bangladeshi husband is cooking in the kitchen.

I’m sitting on cushions on a richly patterned rug on their living room floor, waiting. I smile at the three girls and their brother gazing at me with unashamed curiosity. I’ve come to ask their mother about how she embraced Islam as a teenager 17 years ago and then converted, and how she came to wear the face-veil known as the niqab soon after.

She asked that I give her name as Umm Yusuf, an Islamic honorific meaning ”mother of Yusuf”. Back when she converted, she says, ”I didn’t know there were any women in Melbourne that did wear the niqab.’‘ Yet now she says it gives her a great sense of freedom.

Its all about “modesty”, right?

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Puff Ho grief over declining burka sales in Afghanistan


But first, your daily dose of Michael Jackson:

Al Sharpton at Jackson Funeral Tells Children “There was nothing strange about your daddy.” – Video 7/7/09

s-burqa-largePuff Ho

 Puff Ho derangement: Euro- Islamophobia: A Creeping Threat!

Nehmatullah Yusefy’s burqa sales have dropped 50 percent since the Taliban were toppled in 2001 and he says he will soon need to start stocking other styles of Islamic dress to make up for lost profits.


Read the whole story: Reuters

Norway rejects freedom sack also

”Both the burqa and hijab must be forbidden in schools and where the state is the employer, but a general prohibition is not an issue,” says  immigration spokesman Per Willy Amundsen to VG.

Counter Jihad

Vicious Babushka:

No sane, free person would "choose" to wear a burka

  • Do we have an obligation to ban the freedom sack?

Calgary Herald

burkalili1Everything a Muselman needs…

A while back I was asked to give a talk at my kids’ school about my December 2003 trip to Afghanistan.

As I waited to be introduced, I hid in an auditorium storage room wearing a burka I bought in that war-ravaged country, thinking I’d be out in a minute, maybe two. But the introduction took a lot longer than I had anticipated and by the time I came out to greet all those shining faces, I was very nearly hyperventilating from the oppression of it. I didn’t time my self-imposed confinement to the burka, but I probably wore the suffocating tent-like garment with mesh over my eyes for no more than 10 minutes. I told the kids I felt like I was buried alive.

I also told them that while in Afghanistan, I asked all of the many women I met there whether they liked wearing a burka. Not one said yes. In fact, they all said they hated it almost as much as they hated the Taliban.

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Australia's Muslims Shriek Over Proposed French Ban on Freedom Sack

You didn’t hear a word from the ummah downunder about the mass- murders and the brutalities in Iran. But when the freedom sack is threatened,  all the worlds Muselmaniacs come out in defense and threaten us.  And the enlightened progressives, lefty loons like Darryn Hinch and the politically correct media-mafia will defend every perversion, no matter how ridiculous. Watch this space!

  • Memories of Howard and Costello:

Aussie PM &Treasurer to Muslims ‘If you object to Australian values don’t come here’- describes niqab and burqa as “confronting”

Get out more: Aussie Muslims to Sarkozy

* Sheik yer’mami to Muslims: Get Out!

Arjun Ramachandran/SMH

burkas                                   Is that the Australia of future generations?

Australian Islamic leaders are dismayed at French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s criticism of the burqa as a threat to “the equality and dignity of the female”, saying his comments do not reflect the reality about the status of women in Islam.

Ikebal Patel, president of Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said the French President’s comments were also tainted by hypocrisy, as his own track-record on gender issues left a lot to be desired.

*  Muslims are the world champions in hypocrisy and terrorism, among other things. Perhaps Patel should be reminded that Sarkozy is the president of France, and France is -not yet- a Muslim country.

Mr Sarkozy expressed support for a ban on wearing the burqa in public during a “state of the nation” style speech to the first joint sitting of both houses of parliament in 136 years.”The burqa is not welcome on the French Republic’s territory. It is not what the French Republic wants for the dignity of women … we cannot accept in our country that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from society and all identity,” Mr Sarkozy said.

Mr Patel said the burqa reflected freedom of choice, not oppression.

* Of course. Ask Aqsa Parvez. Her choice was hijab or death. Or ask this Turkish Kebab griller who just murdered his daughter because “she didn’t follow the Islamic way”… here’s a long list of Victims of Honor Killings…

“Nicolas Sarkozy predicated his whole opinion on the view that Muslim women who wear the burqa are wearing it because they are being oppressed and forced to do so by their husbands – that’s a far cry from reality,” he said.

“Islam does not particularly say everyone has to wear the burqa or niqab, it talks about modest clothing.

“That does not in anyway belittle the status of women; it is purely out of their own choice, so for him to say those words denigrates the religion and the concept of freedom of choice.”

Jamila Hussain, a lecturer in Islamic Law at the University of Technology Sydney, said she believed the burqa and niqab were “inappropriate” in Western countries, but defended the decision of women who chose to wear them.

* Unfortunately it is rarely “choice”- but indoctrination, beatings, threats and consistant “brainwashing” instead… 

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Brits Call For Banning the Freedom Sack, Bunglawussi Shrieks…

“Universal Values”

MCB press release, 23 June 2009:  Sarkozy Defies Universal Values as he tells Women What Not to Wear: French leader’s Burqa remarks are designed to whip-up further xenophobia against Muslims.

6a0111685b4b71970c0115705d03ad970c-800wiI would suggest we make the freedom sack compulsory for all the hate-preachers and Islamic terrorists who reside in EUrabia… and start reeducating the women…

Thanks to fundamentalist Muslims and ‘hate’ preachers working in Britain, the veiling of women is suddenly all-pervasive and promoted as a basic religious right. We are led to believe that we must live with this in the name of ‘tolerance’. > > >


IT is a city that has found itself at the heart of the debate about Muslim extremism after providing a home to three suicide bombers who brought devastation to London in the July 7 2005 attacks.

Daily Express


And in Leeds yesterday the number of women clad head-to-foot in burkhas provoked anger among growing numbers who believe they should be banned.

Groups of Muslim women dressed in the restrictive robes refused to comment on their personal reasons for wearing the garment which continues to cause controversy.

“The freedom sack is needed to promote harmony and social cohesion”…

Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, Dr. Reefat Drabu said: “It is patronising and offensive to suggest that those Muslim women who wear the burqa do so because of pressure or oppression by their male partners or guardians”. She added: “Such suggestions can legitimately be perceived as antagonistic towards Islam. Instead of taking a lead in promoting harmony and social cohesion amongst its people, the French President appears to be initiating a policy which is set to create fear and misunderstanding and may lead to Islamophobic reaction not just in France but in the rest of Europe too”. More>>