Do Muslim Rights Make Us Wrong?

Muslim Rights and Wrongs/Sultan Knish

Muslim Rights and Wrongs

Over the last decade the treatment of Muslims has dominated discussions about human rights in Europe, the United States and Israel. Whether it’s Jihadis seized on the battlefields of Afghanistan, domestic terrorists plotting death and destruction in London, Ramallah or Jersey City, asylum seekers from the coasts of Australia to England, or your regular old Abdul or Hamid who may be a law abiding citizen or a fanatical mass murderer in waiting– the Western human rights debate over the last 10 years comes down to the treatment of Muslims.

But is that all there is to the story? While left wing “human rights organizations” such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International (which even went the trendy route of appointing a Muslim Secretary General) have dived in to the business of protecting the rights of Muslims in the West with both feet, very little attention is paid to the rights of Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and others living in Muslim countries.

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Egypt: Genocide on Coptic Christians – BBC Claims "Sectarian Violence is Unusual"

At least 6 Christians killed in shooting outside church

At least five Coptic Christians have been killed in a drive-by shooting outside a church in southern Egypt, officials say.

Update: “It is all religious now. This is a religious war about how they can finish off the Christians in Egypt”

The shooting came as worshippers left the church in Naj Hammadi after a midnight mass on Coptic Christmas Eve.

Unidentified gunmen sprayed gunfire indiscriminately into the crowd, officials said.

Two Muslims passing the church were among 10 people reportedly injured in the attack.

Naj Hammadi is 40 miles (64km) from Luxor, southern Egypt’s biggest city.

Coptic Christians account for about 10% of the Egypt’s population of 80 million.

They have complained of harassment and discrimination, though sectarian violence is unusual.

Google “attacks on Copts” and you’ll find thousands of “unusual sectarian violence”

Here’s the report from the Associated (with terrorists) Press:

Spencer: A deliberately timed massacre, though the ongoing persecution of Christians in Egypt by Muslims is only vaguely alluded to at the end of the article. “Gunmen kill 6 at Egypt church after Christmas Mass,” by Sarah El-Deeb for the Associated Press, January 6:  JW

“Qena is one of Egypt’s poorest and most conservative areas.”

Conservative, how? That, and its bearing on security for Christians in Egypt is left unsaid.

More on the oppression of the Copts:

So the same article from Al BeBeeCeera includes 6 recent links to attacks and murders of Copts, the original inhabitants of Egypt. But the Beep insists on painting a pussy on your cheek: “sectarian violence is unusual.”

Egyptian cops arrest 13 Copts — the victims of attack by Islamic supremacists

Genocide on Copts/Jihad Watch

The local imam incited the Islamic supremacists to attack the Christians. So yet another imam is exposed as a Misunderstander of the Religion of Peaceâ„¢. Why didn’t his Qur’anic study tell him to respect the People of the Book, and not to wage jihad against or expect them to assume dhimmi status? Aren’t Islamic apologists in the West forever telling us that the only people who believe that Muslims hold to jihad against Jews and Christians, and in dhimmitude, are greasy Islamophobes? How is it then that so many Muslims, including even imams, turn out to be greasy Islamophobes?

“Egyptian police arrest 13 Copts, victims of attack by Islamic extremists,” from Asia News, March 18

We refuse to be Muslims by force,’ say Egyptian Christians

“No compulsion in religion…”

Ahmadinejad's Genocidal Obsession


“Zionists cling like ticks”


If a war breaks out in Iraq, we believe it is due to the provocation of the Zionists. If it happens in Afghanistan, it is because of their provocation. If Sudan is oppressed, it is due to Zionist seduction. We consider all the arrogant, colonialist schemes to be inspired by the Zionists. More>>>

Pali TV: English is the language of the enemy

Jihad Watch:

Former Egyptian chief of staff a Misunderstander of Islam, says Arabs must fight Israel again “based on our belief in God, the Koran, and the Prophet Muhammad”

Somehow Sa’d Al-Din Al-Shazli seems to have gotten the crazy idea that the Koran makes it incumbent upon Muslims to wage war against Israel. Now where could he have gotten such an impression of the Book of Peace? Has he been listening to greasy Islamophobes? Hasn’t he read the Book of Peace for himself?

Spencer: for a clue as to how this really might have happened, consult my book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. “Former Egyptian Chief of Staff Sa’d Al-Din Shazli: There Will Definitely Be More Wars between the Arabs and Israel,” from MEMRI TV, H/T JW

There was no genocide in Srebrenica, but a hell of a lot of false propaganda!

“After 14 years of investigating events that took place in Srebrenica in 1995 I can attest there was no genocide over Muslims in that enclave”

The strange thing about this case is that self-proclaimed anti-jihadists who have no trouble recognizing Palestinian “Paliwood” War-Is-Deceit propaganda designed to advance the jihad cause by manufacturing Israeli atrocities, and who even recognize fauxtography generated by the Palestinians, Iran, and others for the same purpose, refuse even to consider the possibility that Muslims could have carried out any deceptive atrocity-manufacturing in the Balkans. Indeed, some even charge that anyone who thinks that Balkan Islamic jihadists carried out any deception at all must be secretly a sympathizer of this genocide-that-never-was.

But that, of course, is a common tactic of both Leftists and jihadists: if you can’t refute ’em, defame ’em.

“Srebrenica: More Myth Than Massacre,” by Caleb Posner, August 25:

As the saying goes, history is written by the winners. And when it comes to the former Yugoslav peoples, that can readily be described as everybody but the Serbs. So it is unsurprising then that they have been vilified throughout the West, labeled as war criminals and butchers whose unmitigated xenophobia caused the collapse of a great multi-ethnic state and the bloodiest set of wars Europe had witnessed in a half century. Yet much as Joe Biden and other Serbophobic politicians who called for the repeated bombing of Serbia during the Wars of Yugoslav Secession might believe that summary to be accurate, the facts simply do not lend themselves to such a conclusion. This may be no better demonstrated than by looking at Srebrenica, which has long been Exhibit A in the court of world opinion in the case against the Serbs.

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Camelcide: Serial Killer DownUnder!

KRudd the Camel Killer


Tim Blair

The media lost it when Sarah Palin turned up at a turkey processing plant, and now two CNBC muppets are having seizures over Kevin Rudd the camel killer.

Yep, we shoot our camels and send our feral donkeys to Canberra. We are a cruel people.

If that doesn’t break Cave-in’s neck,  “Global Worming” will…

China Jihad: Turkey Accuses China of "Genocide" After Muslims Slaughter Confucians by 3 to 1 Ratio

Islamofascist Hyperbole par excellence! Accuse the victims of “Genocide”- but what else did you expect from the genocidal Turks? Keep that in mind when the Pal’s scream ‘genocide’ – spin is everything….

 Tayyip Erdoğan & Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu: 2 peas in a pod! 

BBC: Turkey’s prime minister has described ethnic violence in China’s Xinjiang region as “a kind of genocide”.

 PressTV reports that Iran has expressed “concern” over China’s handling of the violence in Xinjiang. As we all know, human rights are major issue for the mullahs.

And, needless to say, the OIC has also expressed “deep concern”.

UK Muslims riot for Uighurs

H/T  Counter Jihad

UK Muslims declare the world is theirs 
The world belongs to Allah and his prophet…


Harry’s Place:

Andy Newman and his Astonishing Views on the Uighurs

Contrast this with this badly flawed report from Germany:

Spiegel offers Germans  real bad spin on Uighurs: 

 Official Chinese figures claim that 150 people have been killed in the clashes between the Chinese and Muslim Uighurs.

“Clashes?”  Not. It was Muslim Uighurs who attacked the local Han Chinese, peaceful Confucians minding their own business.

However, evidence is emerging that Uighurs are the champions when it comes to killing, stoning and beheading of unbelievers… but they are also masters of spin, as we can see here: Muslims decry violence against Uighurs

Isa claims one attack took place on a medical school in Urumqi, the regional capital. He alleges that four Uighur students were stabbed and beheaded by Han Chinese, “their bodies were hung in the faculty entrance,” Isa says, citing eyewitness reports. According to a separate report, 150 Uighurs died during an attack on workers in a tractor factory in the northwestern city. (Never heard of it. Besides: how do you hang a headless corpse? Beheadings are a Mohammedan speciality, the reporter should have taken this into account. /ed)

WUC Vice President Can says Uighurs are too afraid to leave their homes — they fear they might get killed outside on the streets. (poor widdle Muslims, so afraid after ‘striking terror in the hearts of the infidels”/ed)

The World Uighur Congress says the province should be given the right of self-determination. “The people should decide,” says Asgar Can. At the moment the conditions are not in place for that to happen. If his people do call for independence one day, he says, then they would establish a democratic system. Can says it could be modelled after the East Turkistan Republic that existed in the region between 1944 and 1949, when it became part of the People’s Republic of China. He adds: “We have never had the intention of founding an Islamic country.” (But treaties with infidels are worthless in the eyes of Allah: “Allah has absolved you of your vows…” and lying to infidels is a virtue for a Muselman…/ed)

Ah yes, and while we’re at it:

Can says he is also appealing to the German government to accept the remaining 13 Uighurs still being held in the US Guantanamo detention center.

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Fat Chance: Copts Beg Obama to Address Muslim Oppression

Egyptian Copts to Obama: Reconciliation is a Two-Way Street

pedo-rabbis           *  Meanwhile, in New York… Pamela was there.  Am Yisroel Chai!

6a00d8341c60bf53ef011570b4982f970b-500wi“May Allah wipe out the Zionist Vermin in Palistan… “  Unbelievable…

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

( Members of the Egyptian Coptic diaspora urged American President Barack Obama to remember the Middle East’s oppressed non-Muslim minorities during his upcoming trip to Cairo. Several members of the U.S. Congress echoed the Copts’ concerns. 

ad_subscribe_corner_0402097President Obama is slated to deliver what has been billed as a groundbreaking speech of reconciliation between the West and the Muslim world at Cairo University on June 4, 2009. Christian Copts of California (CCC), an organization representing expatriate Egyptians of the ancient Coptic minority, has written an urgent letter to the American leader reminding him that “reconciliation cannot be separated from reciprocation. The Islamic World must not demand from us that which they are unwilling to retune to us and to extend to their own citizens of other religious. I hope you help them understand reconciliation is a two-way street.”

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Tundra Tabloids Photoshop of the Week

Whining Arab Alert: Qatar is Dissapointed With ICC’s Warrant For Sudan’s Mass Murdering President……!

But President Hassan al-Bashir is a Muslim!

Photoshop of the week          


I first got wind of the Muslim world being insulted by the ICC decision at Jihad Watch, and then after looking around, I find out that Qataris are as disappointed with the ICC’s decision as the Iranians are!

Qatar disappointed at ICC ruling against Sudanese President

DOHA, March 5 (KUNA) — The State of Qatar voiced on Thursday “deep regret” over the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on Wednesday.”The ICC arrest warrant is by no means conducive to security and stability in Darfur region, west Sudan,” Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted a Foreign Ministry official as saying.”The move could only hamper the Qatari efforts aiming to stabilize the troubled region in cooperation with the Arab League, the United Nations and the African Union.

Where's Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when you need 'em?


Saving the slaves

International groups of Good Samaritans travel to the Sudan-Darfur region to offer help to slaves who now have nowhere else to go.
*   A HIGH-RANKING commander who armed and led Janjaweed militiamen in attacks on hundreds of villages in Darfur has come forward to say he did so at the behest of the Sudanese Government.

*  Mr Idries’s account is both chilling and convincing in its detailed description of a campaign by ferocious horsemen who despised the Darfuris as racial inferiors. It also outlines a clearly thought-out campaign of ethnic cleansing.

*   He said: “When we entered a village we were to steal and loot whatever we could. As for the water wells, we put sand in and blocked them. We cut down trees and burnt villages. We wanted to force the population out of their areas and give them no chance to live there again.”

Sudan and slavery are invisible to the Western world. Few if any American journalists are telling the slaves’ stories. Why does CSI go into Sudan? Because no one else will. It’s remote, it’s hot, and it’s desolate, with no electricity, running water or cellphone or Internet service in most places.

Some of the group of slaves being helped by abolitionists raise their hands after Dr. John Eibner of CSI International asked how many of them had been beaten by their masters. (Tamara Banks, Special to The Denver Post)

* Never to be seen: Race- hucksters Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson

And, let’s face it. These victims are black. Politically, Darfur is in bed with China, which is in bed with the United States. Slavery in Sudan is a three-pronged issue: race, religion and politics.

So why should Americans care?

Because the Sudanese are human beings.

If slavery and genocide can go unchallenged on the other side of the world, it will continue to fester, and then when it comes knocking on our own door here in the U.S., in Denver, we will have only ourselves to blame.

There may be tens of thousands of slaves still in captivity in Darfur. If after you read this you decide to do nothing, then at least you can not say you didn’t know.

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