Bishop of Piraeus calls Islam "a catastrophic worship" that's incompatible with Greece's constitution…

The bishop of Piraeus is spot on.

But telling the truth this day and age makes EUrabia’s incompetent and corrupt Socialist polit-props explode like firecrackers.  Unfortunately  its not only the EUro-dhimmies this bishop needs to worry about, its the world’s 1.5 gazillion peaceful Muslims who will turn into firecrackers. Just wait for Friday prayers and watch when they come charging out of the mosques to cut his throat:

Greece condemns Orthodox bishop’s anti-Muslim remarks

Thanks to Mullah/Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece – The Greek government is condemning anti-Islamic comments by a senior Orthodox Church official, following protests from the country’s Muslim community.

Government spokesman George Petalotis says the remarks by Serapheim, bishop of Piraeus, “foment racial and religious hatred.”

The truth causes hatred and  Islamic terrorism causes harmony. Please tell me: isn’t there something wrong with this concept?

Commenting on the New Year’s Day bombing of a congregation in Alexandria, Egypt, the bishop described Islam as “a catastrophic worship” that’s incompatible with Greece’s constitution.

Serapheim urged the government to scrap the planned construction of a mosque in Athens for the city’s growing Muslim population.

Petalotis said Tuesday the government condemns such remarks “and rejects the mentality they express.”

And what mentality would that be?

Resistance in Greece!

The Natives Revolt Against A Mohammedan Prayer Demo in a Public Square

Greeks attacked the “Eid al-Adha”-Fest with raw eggs and played loud music to drown the howling of the imam. If you have more on this please sent it in! (Thanks to PI)

Greece is the only European country that does not have an official mosque since the eviction of the Muselmanic occupiers in 1821:

Again: Koran Rage in Greece

(Reuters) – Hundreds of Muslims marched through central Athens on Thursday, damaging shops and cars, to protest what they said was the destruction of a Koran by a Greek policeman.

“Koran desecration” is the oldest trick in the book.  False claims of “torn Korans” regularly cause  Mohammedans to burn churches and kill Christians wherever the soldiers of Allah  rule.  It is time to confiscate all these dirty books and burn them in a public square. And if the worshippers of Muhammad object,  they should be treated just like they treat  non-Muslims in the lands they occupy.

The president of the Muslim Union of Greece, Naim Elghandour, said that during police checks at a Syrian-owned coffee shop on Wednesday, an officer took a customer’s Koran, tore it up, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.

In response, about 1,000 immigrants, many from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, marched to central Omonia Square, smashing several shop windows and five cars, a police official said.

Police sources said an internal investigation was launched into the Koran incident.

“We were told by police we will be given the name of the policeman who did this so we can press charges,” Elghandour said.

Thousands of immigrants, many from Muslim countries, cross into Greece illegally every year seeking a better life in the West. Trapped in legal limbo, most have no jobs, live in squalid conditions and are often arrested for minor crimes.

On May 9, members of a rightist group attacked immigrants in Athens, sending at least three to hospital. Rights groups accuse predominantly Orthodox Christian Greece of not doing enough to protect immigrants.

Mohammedan Butt Show in Athens Enrages "Right Wing Mob"

Demo prayers are a show of intimidation.

The al Reuters journo dutifully mentions that  Greece still hasn’t built a great mosque for the invading Koranimals (of course there are  more grievances to be addressed), but its noteworthy that regular Greek citizens are now smeared as  evil “right wing activists” who somehow oppose poor Muslims to go after their Allah given right to “pray” in public spaces.

Not to worry:  with the help of the lame stream media and corrupt Socialist politicians  these obstacles to the Islamization of Greece can surely be overcome:

“Mob in Athens abuses Muslims as they celebrate Eid”

(Reuters) Dozens of far-right activists and local residents threw eggs and taunted hundreds of Muslim immigrants as they gathered to pray in a central square for Eid al-Adha surrounded by a protective cordon of riot police.

Muslim immigrants pray during Eid al-Adha celebrations in front of Athens university November 16, 2010

A Greek Orthodox priest (with beard in rear) sits outside a cafe with other Greek neighbours as Muslim immigrants pray during Eid al-Adha celebrations in Attiki square in Athens November 16, 2010

Muslim immigrants pray near a leaflet thrown by extremists to insult their religion, during Eid al-Adha celebrations in central Athens November 16, 2010      Read the full story here.

In other news:

Italy: Illegal Muslim immigrants ‘demand’ residency permits

Under the new law, being an illegal immigrant in Italy is a crime. And since illegals can’t obtain residency permits (because they entered the country illegally), they decided to clime up the construction crane and do what illegal Muslims immigrants do best – demand.  (AKI)

More from eye on the world….

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The Big Fat Greek Bailout is On!

Update: “The last thing you give a drunk is another drink”

Charisma of a damp rag, looks like a low-grade bank clerk and comes from a non-country:

European President Herman Van Rompuy announced that the EU will provide debt-laden Greece with “determined and coordinated action if needed,” with details to be provided in the next few days. Let the ouzo flow – the big fat Greek bailout is on!    Jill Schlesinger from Econ Watch has the story>>

The Euro Crisis: The Insolvent Are Expected to Bail Out the Bankrupt

The euro crisis is far from over. Markets are reacting with skepticism to the largest bailout ever – an attempt to prevent the bankruptcy of Greece. Former Eastern Bloc countries, such as Slovakia, are now expected to bailout Greece. On Sunday the IMF and the 15 other Eurozone countries – the member states of the European Union (EU) which, together with Greece, use the euro as their common currency – agreed to bail out Athens with bilateral loans totaling €120bn ($160bn) over the next three years. Many of these 15 countries, however, have huge debts themselves. They have agreed to help Greece, hoping that someone (read: Germany) will come to their rescue, too. Will Berlin and the IMF be able to save them all?  continue reading/Brussels Journal

Germans cue up to buy Gold, Silver

Germans don’t trust the Euro and vote with their feet: long lines in front of a gold-dealer…. PI has more

Get Plucked: Bail Out Greece

The € is heading south and all will have their feathers plucked. Pursued illusions are not at the end of a free ride.

1.The economic ignorance that, fortunately for certain groups, prevails even among the educated, cannot save Greece or a titillating “who is next” from the quickly changing headlines. Here again, we have a generally ignored country propelled to the top of the totem pole of attention. Although one likes to talk about Athens, this economic earthquake might only prove to be the beginning of the parade to follow. Several countries, all with failing public finances that hope to remain undiscovered, are lurking in the shadow cast by the spot lights that are now focused on the Greeks.   continue reading/BJ

It would have been better to Let Greece Have Its Default

Greece is rightfully making headlines these days, hovering on the edge of what would be a quite embarrassing default – an open admission that the country will not be able to pay back its staggering debt.

While such an admission would cause turmoil, and probably a career change for several politicians, it remains the least harmful of available options.  continue reading/BJ

Why the Greek bailout won’t work | Analysis & Opinion

Only the military can save Greece now…

Germany Is Tired of Paying Europe’s Bills

If Germans feel less guilty about the war, they won’t make sacrifices to help feckless Greeks.

“Sell your islands, you bankrupt Greeks. And sell the Acropolis too!”—headline, Bild newspaper, March 4, 2010

Sometimes they cut to the essence of the story, those tabloid headline-writers, even when they haven’t got the quotation exactly right. What the German politician being quoted in the Bildarticle cited above actually said was, “A bankrupt party must use everything he has to make money and serve his creditors. … Greece owns buildings, companies and several uninhabited islands, which can now be used to repay debt.”

What he meant, though, was more accurately reflected in that Bild headline: The Germans are fed up with paying Europe’s bills. They don’t want to bail out the feckless Greeks with theirflagrantly inaccurate official statistics; they resent being Europe’s banker of last resort; they object to the universal demand that they plug the vast holes in the Greek budget deficit in the name of “European unity”; and for the first time in a long time they are saying it out loud. Not only are tabloids demanding the sale of the Acropolis, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany’s deeply serious paper of record, has pointed out that while the Greeks are out protesting the raising of the pension age from 61 to 63, Germany recently raised its pension age from 65 to 67: “Does that mean that the Germans should in future extend the working age from 67 to 69, so that Greeks can enjoy their retirement?‘ More from Slate

What happens when we can no longer afford what the government wants to “give” us?

Greece rocked by riots as up to 60,000 people take to streets to protest against government

(Daily Mail) Street clashes broke out between rioting youths and police in central Athens today as tens of thousands demonstrated during a nationwide strike against the cash-strapped government. Eyeontheworld has more>>

Here, from a commie website, today:

The Muslim invasion of Greece, Malta…

Counter Jihad Links:

Malta struggles to cope with Muslim invasion

Italy: Let’s round up the Muslims

“We all know what has happened during the last years, hordes of Muslims have invaded and that cannot be allowed to continue. I criticize the left that has imported the hordes of Muslim and created the Muslim ghettos in Italy. Let them be afraid of then round ups and deportations.” (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

Italy: Imam decries Egyptian Muslim murder – not the Muslim riot

Angry residents in the tense, high-immigrant neighbourhood heckled De Corato when he visited the area on Sunday after the riots. The residents accused the ruling conservative city council of “forcing us Italians to live barricaded in our homes amid continuous drug-dealing.”  One Northern League member of the European Parliament, Matteo Salvini, called for “expulsions house by house, floor by floor”.

Moslem invaders in Athens

Κομιτορεάλ — Kimon / thanks to Counter Jihad

The grim situation on the streets of Athens, similar to that of a third world capital, with more than 150,000 illegal immigrants only in the centre of the city, thousands of clandestine vendors, an army of immigrants to jostle in the City soup kitchens and prostitution, was painted yesterday by the mayor of City, Nikitas Kaklamanis.

“This picture, is not consistent with that of a European capital, and is added to the drugs, outbreaks of tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS due to the presence of too many foreigners in the occupied districts of Athens.

The final blow to the once thriving trade of the city, give the dozens of illegal shops, that opens and closes with staggering rates nationals of countries from Asia and Africa, helping to create the absolute chaos.

If you recognize the crime has increased by at least 16.25% between 2007 and 2008 (it was almost zero before the arrival of the immigrants) you can see that Athens has almost become a “war zone”.

Something not far from reality, are daily clashes between different gangs of immigrants from Asia and Africa.” At the same time begins to emerge the first outbreaks of resistance of Greek citizens in the neighbourhoods of Athens.

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Greece: Far-left groups, including anarchists, riot in support of Muslim invasion…


About 2,000 people marched through the streets of Greek capital Athens on Thursday in a protest against government’s plans to deport illegal immigrants, local media said.

17299638554Protesters marched to parliament’s building, carrying banners “No to Racism, No to Government’s measures, chanting “Hands off immigrants”, “No to deportation”.

  • Needless to mention that Islam is not a race../ed

The protest was organized by trade associations, committee on immigrants’ protection, and leftist organizations.

Far-left groups, including anarchists, staged a protest rally in Athens and clashed with far-right groups and police in a district populated with immigrants.

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Greece: Muslim protests renewed over alleged Koran desecration

* Hope you’re sitting down:

Ongoing Muslim Protests Supported by (no surprise) “leftists.” More on this story. “Muslims in fresh Athens demo over alleged Koran insult,” from AFP, May 30 via JW

aleqm5gkxtca3hnxfjtelzexbr4q77zhog                        So you wanna live under the Law of Rage Boy? I will not submit…

Illegal Muslim invader:

“The real agenda is migrants’ rights in Greece which include issues of religion,” We want this officer put on trial, and we ask the government to protect our prayer sites in Athens,” said Zuri, a Moroccan protester.  “But we intend to set a good example and refrain from violence, Islam is a religion of peace,” he said.

  • Hugh Fitzgerald puts it in perspective:

Migrants’ rights? What rights do illegal immigrants have in Greece? Why should they have any? They are not supposed to be there. They have broken the law. They should be promptly expelled or imprisoned. And those immigrants who, while they perhaps are not illegal, but support those who are, through their violence and attempts at intimidation, clearly making war on Greek people and on the Greek nation-state, its political and legal institutions, its customs and manners, should be stripped of citizenship as well, for clearly they are a permanent threat to that state and its people. No more nonsense need be tolerated. Things will only get worse. Stop them now, and let Greece, in its firmness, and Italy, it its firmness, by their actions, be a model fror the rest of benighted Europe. A classical model for dealing with such enemies, one handed down from time of antiquity. .

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"Backlash" in Greece…

Greece: Muslim anger ignites violent new response

“Unrest in Greece’s community of Muslim immigrants is something new, analysts say. ‘For so many years, they’ve been scared and defensive,’ said Takis Geros, a lecturer of anthropology of the Middle East at Panteion University. ‘To suddenly come out in broad daylight with their faces exposed and trash 75 cars indicates a massive change in attitude.'” More on this story.

“Muslim anger ignites violent new response,” by Iason Athanasiadis for the Washington Times, May 25:

Far-right-wing vigilantes burned a makeshift mosque in Athens over the weekend after Muslim immigrants in Athens attacked police with rocks and bottles over an incident in which a policeman reportedly defaced a Koran. 

Although Greece has a history of political violence from radical leftists and anarchists, sectarian bloodletting represents an entirely modern phenomenon.

The latest incident began with a policeman who made an identification spot check on an immigrant from Iraq. When word spread that the policeman had ripped and stomped on the suspect’s Koran, things got ugly.

* Towards a Reasonable Discussion on Immigration

Chanting “God is great” and waving leather-bound copies of Islam’s holy book, about 1,000 Muslim immigrants demonstrated with a march on Parliament Friday.

When the crowd dwindled to about 300, remaining protesters began throwing rocks and bottles at police and smashing windows at a luxury hotel in central Syntagma Square, according to an account by the Associated Press.

Far-right-wing vigilantes replied over the weekend by setting fire to a Muslim prayer hall. Taken together, the incidents represent some of the worst sectarian violence witnessed in modern Greece.

A spokesman for the Greek police claimed that the policeman did not rip up a Koran, but a folded and glued sheet of paper containing unidentifiable writing in Arabic.

“The isolated and under-inquiry incident does not excuse rioting by individuals committed to damaging citizens property and seriously disturbing the citys social and economic life,” said Christos Markogiannakis, the deputy interior minister. “The state will not permit such radical behavior.”

Unrest in Greece’s community of Muslim immigrants is something new, analysts say.

“For so many years, they’ve been scared and defensive,” said Takis Geros, a lecturer of anthropology of the Middle East at Panteion University. “To suddenly come out in broad daylight with their faces exposed and trash 75 cars indicates a massive change in attitude.”

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Muslim Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia cross into Greece illegally every year from neighboring Turkey or by sea…

* Hmm, and why would that be…?