Rabbi Regrets Voting for Obama

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Rabbi Who Interviewed Helen Thomas Says He Voted for Obama; Says “I’ve Been a Little Blind” about “Liberal” and “Conservative”

Here is video of Rabbi David Nesenoff talking with “Reliable Sources” Howard Kurtz about his interview with longtime White House Correspondent Helen Thomas, in which she destroyed herself by making anti-Semitic remarks, saying Jewish people should “get the hell out of Palestine.”

Nesenoff shocked Kurtz by saying his encounter with Thomas and the reaction by the “hate media” has caused him to have to re-evaluate his assumptions. Nesenoff said he voted for Obama, and has always seen himself as a liberal, Jewish Democrat. But the way the liberal media has tried to brand him as a right-winger with an agenda to trap Helen Thomas has caused him to look at their anti-Israel bias and re-evaluate his political beliefs about “liberal” and “conservative.” “I think I’ve been a little blind.”

Rabbi Nesenoff has posted some of the 25,000 hate mails/emails he has received as a result of the whole Helen Thomas encounter at his website – RabbiLive.com (CAUTION: Very Offensive Messages).


Another lefty gets it:  Daniel Hannan (UK) – ‘I admit it: I was wrong to have supported Barack Obama’; Obama’s Goal Is The Europeanisation Of America

And another: Lieberman: Obama Views on Islam Are Wrong, We Are at War With Islamists…/err, not. Islam has declared war on the world 1400 years ago. Lieberman is still not where its at…..


WHEN LIBERALS ATTACK: Lessons Learned From The Helen Thomas Scandal

Yid with Lid

Much has happened since Rabbi Nesenoff emailed me his video interview of Helen Thomas containing her now-famous declaration that Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go back to their homes in Germany and Poland. Upon first watching the interview, I saw it a big story and was determined to make it go viral. The objective was not to go after the 89-year-old newswoman per se, as a teaching opportunity, showing that anti-Semitism still permeated through normal American society. That teaching moment didn’t really happen; instead I was the one who did the learning, and the lesson was all about how the media really worked.

The White House Press corps seemed very reluctant to touch the story. On one hand it was understandable as Thomas was a respected colleague. Most of them had worked with her for a very long time. On the other hand it was big news, and if the Rabbi’s interview subject was a senior member of the Administration those same reporters would have been all over the story.

When they got around to covering the story, media got the “facts” of the incident wrong. I am not talking about Rosie O’Donnell’s idiotic statement dismissing the anti-Semitism displayed by Thomas’ call for Israeli Jews to return to the scene of the concentration camps, or her ignorant belief that no Jews lived in the Holy Land before 1948. The traditional media’s biggest factual mistake was reporting that the controversy surrounded Thomas making an anti-Israel comment.

CBS for example, led their story with:

“Journalist Helen Thomas announced Monday she is retiring, ending her 50-year career as a White House correspondent in the wake of controversial comments she made about Israel.”

Newsweek said:

“… Helen Thomas, who turns 90 on Aug. 4, announced her sudden retirement Monday following a firestorm of controversy over some ill-chosen remarks about Israel, which found their way onto YouTube.”

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Helen Thomas Younger Sister Discovered… In ….Canuckistan!

New Democratic Party deputy leader Libby Davies  faces backlash over Israel comments.

“Controversial statements” is lib speak for Jew hatred – National Post/thanks to Silvana & Moonbattery:

More from Canada? Here:

Mark Steyn:

Helen Thomas is a vile old Jew-hater. The great thing about the land of the First Amendment is that she’s free to be one. What’s odder is why so many people feel it necessary to obscure the nature of what she said, or to pass off her fate as yet another of the many obstacles “anti-establishment” “liberals” face in America. Helen Thomas had a privileged seat at the White House for decades. At his six (count ’em) press conferences, President Obama has taken questions from her on three occasions. She is the establishment – or was, for half a century. And that ought to be a source of shame

Steyn also has this:

As paradoxical as it sounds, Muslims have been far greater beneficiaries of Holocaust guilt than the Jews. In a nutshell, the Holocaust enabled the Islamization of Europe. Without post-war guilt, and the revulsion against nationalism, and the embrace of multiculturalism and mass immigration, the Continent would never have entertained for a moment the construction of mosques from Dublin to Dusseldorf and the accommodation of Muslim sensitivities on everything from British nursing uniforms to Brussels police doughnut consumption during Ramadan. Holocaust guilt is a cornerstone of the Muslim Europe arising before our eyes. The Oldest Hatred

From the Far Side:

Good ol’Helen was always an A-sole (yes, women can be As-oles too….) “I don’t retire because I don’t want to. I might get fired one day, maybe, but I won’t retire, no. Why should I?”


Canada’s Khadr Family, the gift that keeps on giving:

Khadr son charged with sexual assault

The Khadr’s, Canada’s First Family of Terror, are a despicable lot. Not a year goes by without one of them appearing on the front pages, living out their Islamist customs and traditions. This time it’s Abdulkareem Khadr, the son of patriarch Ahmed, who was killed in a firefight near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. Abdulkareem was left paralyzed from a bullet to his spine in this same firefight and after returning to Canada, now finds himself charged with sexual assault of a minor.

From The National Post/via Vlad Tepes

Get the Hell Out of…My Face

Rabbi Receives Death Threats Over Helen Thomas Video

The New York rabbi who videotaped veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas telling Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” says he has received numerous death threats and thousands of pieces of hate mail in the days since Thomas’ abrupt retirement.

Rabbi David Nesenoff said he is facing an “overload” of threatening e-mails calling for a renewed Holocaust and targeting his family — a barrage of hate he said he planned to report to the police on Wednesday.

“This ticker tape keeps coming in,” Nesenoff told FoxNews.com. “We got one specific one saying, ‘We’re going to kill the Jews; watch your back.'”   Foxnews

Apologies to Our More Visually Sensitive Readers/Moonbattery

Obambi: Helen Thomas Remarks ‘Offensive’

“Comments were out of line” sez the anointed one. And “will it taint her career…?” what does that tell you about the interviewer?

Anchor accuses own network of ‘embarrassing’ bias in Israel coverage

Dare to compare:

Get the Hell Out of…My Face

A beautifully written rebuttal to Fuggly, written by sarke/thanks to Gramfan

Here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking about poor Helen Thomas, who I believe was probably just saying what everyone thinks and has therefore been made a scapegoat. Not that I really care, because we ought to share the scapegoat status once in a while. It’s the least we can do to dispel the stereotype that we are stingy, us irritating Jews.

Irritating enough, apparently – like the too-talented and bossy fame-hog Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) on Fox’s Glee – in our discovery of the written word, monotheism, modern physics, psychology, vaccinations, and the film industry, that every country that has ever “hosted” us has found it necessary to tell us to get the hell out, like Thomas did. (Ironically, the aforementioned Jewish character Rachel, in a particularly annoying moment in one episode, was told by classmates to move to Israel. I doubt the writers coordinated this telling joke – Jews do equal Israel in the eyes of the world, sorry J Street - with the State Department.)

Anywho. Helen, you know why we were in Germany and much of Eastern Europe in the first place? (And by the way, if I follow your advice, do you think the nice old ladies who got my grandmothers’ large houses and farms from the Nazis in what was once Czechoslovakia will kick the property back two generations? That would be cool because I’d love a vineyard and an agricultural estate.)

…We were in Germany and Hungary and Czechoslovakia and Russia (where we were regularly just plain killed by Cossacks), and also, for many centuries, Poland (ditto), cuz we were told to get the hell out of England, France, and Spain. (Or, you know, just plain killed by handsome and heroic fairytale knights.)

And you know why we were in Western Europe to begin with? Cuz we were told by the Greeks and the Romans – wait for it – to get the hell out of “Palestine,” where we had been living since the beginning of recorded history.

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Good Riddance, Fuggly!

update, just for laughs:

Arab News:  “Helen Thomas a victim of American media bias”

Evil Jooozzz entrapped her, true story:

“The blogger-rabbi used clever verbal gymnastics to extract “incriminating evidence” and had her say: “Remember, these people are occupied. And it’s their land. Not Germany. Not Poland.”

Yep. Those Jooozzz are clever! Read it all….

Mark Steyn/via Tim Blair:

Helen Thomas was an unreadable and unread columnist, and the only time she generates so much traffic that it crashes the site is the announcement that her career’s self-destructed. That tells you a lot about American newspapering right there. Good thing two columnists didn’t say something dumb or the site could have been out for weeks.

But what exactly did Helen say? America’s ABC was gentle:

In the opening of ABC’s “World News,” anchor Dianne Sawyer says Helen Thomas retired because of “age and outrage.” No mention of her anti-Semitic remark.

Jeremiah sez:

They All Knew!

The thing that really upsets me about Helen is that for more than 30 years the entire media has known full well of her hatred, of her anti-semitism – and they did nothing.  It was no secret – they all knew; every one of them heard her, everyone was fully aware of it.  And yet not once did the MSM broadcast this – we were forced to do it ourselves.  It wasn’t a CNN, CBS, NBC or ABC cameraman that taped this truth about Helen; instead, it was an independent cameraman trotting alongside her on the sidewalk that taped in 30 seconds what the media has refused to tape for 30 years – the truth about Helen’s hatred, her anti-semitism.

They all knew, each and every one of them knew about her hatred for decades – and yet they did nothing.

I am in at least partial agreement with those who suggest Helen Thomas offered a service to the rest of us by voicing what we suspected the rest of her colleagues also believe. She has removed herself from the field, so to speak, and will enjoy the remainder of her days in comfort and obscurity (perhaps she can move back to Lebanon, Hezbollah could use another propagandist/ed).

I consider the remainder mortal enemies.

Helen Thomas Complete (original)

YID with LID posted the second clip from the Helen Thomas interview by Rabbi Nessenoff in Washington DC.
The darling of the White House Press Corps was speaking to Jewish children at a White House Jewish Heritage Month observance. (via Gateway)

A Macaca Moment

[Victor Davis Hanson]

What has been missing from critiques of Helen Thomas’s anti-Semitic diatribe is any discussion of the precise way in which it trumped the usual slurs we hear from political figures (e.g., Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown,” Reverend Wright’s “them Jews”). By picking Poland and Germany as the ultimate destinations to which she wishes Israelis would go, Thomas was, deliberately or carelessly, saying that they should be uprooted and sent to places where 6 million of them were liquidated. In other words, Thomas was not voicing the usual prejudice, but something much creepier, a sort of flippant pop blueprint for a repeat of 1939–45, echoing the shout from one of the seaborne “peace” protestors, “Go back to Auschwitz!”

Of course, Thomas doesn’t care that nearly half the Israelis are of Middle Eastern heritage, that many Israelis can claim a family residence in “Palestine” longer than her own in the United States, that a Jewish presence in Israel dates to the dawn of recorded history, that many of Israel’s older generation were ethnically cleansed from cities like Baghdad and Cairo after the 1967 war, or that her views are in sync with the Hamas charter and Iranian promises. Note also that Thomas is not concerned with occupation in such places as Tibet, Cyprus, or Ossetia; such human-rights violations as Turkey’s treatment of the Kurds; such violence on the high seas as the North Korean attack, Iran’s hijacking of a British ship, or the pirates off Somalia. All these are mere abstractions — unless they involve the Jews.

The Forgotten Refugees – 1,000,000 Jews Expelled (Part 2)


Helen Thomas, fugly as uck: who knew a butt ugly exterior could harbor a vicious hideous soul?

Liberal Media Icon & Jew-Hater Helen Thomas Retires/Gateway

She hated Bush. She hated Reagan. She hated Jews. She was the toast of the Washington media elite and Hamas.  Now she’s gone.

Helen Thomas (May 27, 2010) RabbiLive
“Jews get the hell out of Palestine. Go back to Poland and Germany.”

Fugly updates:

When veteran journalist Helen Thomas made inflammatory remarks about Israel, the comments weren’t captured by a major news organization. Instead, a rabbi and his 17-year-old son broke the story

Look out for part 2, sez Rabbi, more coming: “Part 2 will be very interesting to watch,” he said, adding that Thomas is in it “100 percent” of the time. Honest Ibe, (Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR), sez she will be dearly missed: “she’s been a target of the pro-Israeli lobby for quite some time.”

4 al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists “martyred”, “large scale attack averted.”

They were training to be martyrs. Mission accomplished.

Israeli forces have killed four Palestinian divers that Israel says were heavily armed and preparing to carry out a terrorist attack. Later, Israel carried out an air strike in northern Gaza, hitting alleged militants who, it said, were preparing to fire a rocket into Israel.

IDF quick response team

Twenty illegal Palestinian houses demolished without protest

(by Hamas in Gaza)   More>>

‘Martyrdom is More Desirable than Reaching Gaza’

Five of the six ships in the Fedayeen Flotilla were boarded without incident. So, who was on the Mavi Marmara? (youtube video/RoP)

Asshole “F*ctivist” of the Month

Bloody Ken/Andrew Bolt

Four days after he was arrested by Israel on the Mavi Marmara, “Palestinian citizen” Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe arrives in Istanbul, head still proudly unwashed to better show the blood he claims was drawn by brutal Israelis. Pity his fellow passengers on the flight.

O’Keefe seems to have a thing for siding with terrorists and tyrants. Before he was a defender of Hamas, he was a human shield in Iraq, trying to save Saddam

Bloody Ken


Ken has a proud history of standing up against state terror. Here he explains why he was fired as a marine in the service of the Great Satan itself:

I’d had an altercation with my immediate superiors, having reported them for an abuse of power. It might seem quite trivial, but we were living on board a ship in the Mediterranean in summer and it was very hot.

My superiors had shut a passage so as to keep what little air conditioning there was in their area. They had no authority to do that, and it forced us in the lower ranks to go three times as far to get to routine areas.

The whole platoon was punished for what I did, and I had to look over my shoulder after that. A lot of marines would no doubt describe me a provocateur or a “bad apple” but to my mind I did the right thing.

Tim Blair:

Ken O’Keefe was among the comical human shield failures in Iraq seven years ago. He was aboard the Gaza peace fauxtilla, too. It’s just the same old crowd. Four days after the thriller on fauxtilla, O’Keefe turned up at Istanbul airport – not looking too bad, except for all the dramatic facial blood he’s been unable to remove. C’mon, Ken. No chance for a shower in four whole days? Couldn’t wash your face once during the flight to Turkey? Not even to tidy up just a little bit? Well, he’s got bigger problems to deal with. The IDF is on to him. Good luck, bleedy Kenny.