Down with the Mosqueteers!

MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Tilt Ground Zero Mosque Debate by Smearing Americans as ‘Islamophobic’

They ignored the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance, too

ABC, CBS, NBC ignore vast opposition to Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, heavily feature pro-mosque spokesman (including Hamas-linked CAIR) (JW)

The lame stream media offers CAIR trumpet Fibby Hooper a stage to perform the Islamophobia polka:

In other words, the networks permitted a balanced debate about a proposed real estate project, but allowed mosque supporters to attack the majority of Americans as “haters” and “bigots” without adequate debate. That’s yet another sign that the liberal, elite media are hopelessly out of touch with the public they ostensibly serve. (NewsBusters)

Raymond Ibrahim: The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America (JW)

In “The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America” at Pajamas Media (, September 13, our old friend Raymond Ibrahim explores the mandate for Muslims to be loyal to fellow Muslims and Islam above all other allegiances — including the American government: Read it all

Sharif el-Gamal, thug developer of Ground Zero mega-mosque, is being evicted from his SoHo office for racking up $39,000 in back rent

Belying their claims to be building it only to affect reconciliation and peace, mosque leaders have smeared all opponents of the mosque as racists and bigots and refused all entreaties to put their mosque elsewhere.

And the thuggishness goes way back, apparently. The waiter-turned-millionaire developer (a transformation not yet satisfactorily explained) Sharif El-Gamal has said that “when you beat up someone physically you get exercise & stress relief,” and it appears he spoke from experience. And the questions about his finances continue to grow more urgent.

“Sharif El-Gamal, developer of Ground Zero mosque, evicted from SoHo office for racking up back rent,” by James Fanelli for the New York Daily News, September 15 (thanks to JW)

The “Real” Demo

Why are these headbangers in the US of A?

Here’s what really went down: Media Coverage of FDI/SIOA Rally of Remembrance Worse than Pravda: The Big Lie (Atlas)

On the Bunglawussi blog, these brave, wonderful patriots were smeared as “football hooligans”


Yes, indeed. They were:

Lots more from the excellent Tundra Tabloids

CAIR spent $160,000 to silence Savage

0722savageMichael Savage

A hired killer would have done it cheaper, but that could also mean the end of CAIR, a Muslim terrorist supporting entity in the US:

An explosive new book based on a daring six-month undercover operation exposing the subversive agenda of the Council on American-Islamic Relations reveals the Muslim group spent $160,000 in an unsuccessful effort to run top-rated nationally syndicated radio host Michael Savage off the air.

By Art Moore, World Net Daily H/T ZIP


Meet the ‘father of world currency’

As far back as June 2008, Mundell was telling Reuters a major dollar crisis would come within five years, and China was discussing with him proposals to reform the global monetary system.

House Republicans accuse Muslim group of trying to plant spies


Caught in the act, Hooper (honest Ibe) whines:

Four House Republicans are accusing a Muslim advocacy group of trying to plant spies on Capitol Hill.

Republican members of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus said the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) have tried to plant “spies” within key national-security committees in order to shape legislative policy.

“God forbid American Muslims take part in the political process and exercise their rights,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a CAIR spokesman…..

More from the Hill

Here on CAIR WATCH you can get regular updates on CAIR’s criminal activities…

Dennis Prager: "the term 'Islamophobia' has one purpose– to suppress any criticism, legitimate or not, of Islam

*  Hooper tells the truth for once: “Islam is an ideology, not a race..”

This vid is not new, but its for keeps, bookmark it!  In addition, Hooper  accuses Jihad Watch of ‘fomenting hatred against Muslims’- referring to a posting on JW earlier the same dayconveniently planted by an Islamo-agit-prop from CAIR.

Sorry, there is still a glitch in the system, we’ll correct that asap. Here’s the link

Hooper asks Prager if “he is now ready to repudiate Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch?” This was originally covered here, but since Europe News just republished it, and for all you new JW followers out there, here it is again. Besides, as Muhammad always counseled, fa-in ‘adu, fa-‘uwd: “If they do it again, you too do it.” Incidentally, Prager interviewed me about a month after this causing, no doubt, more accusations of “Islamophobia” to be hurled his way (though now I know why he seemed to be playing the role of devil’s advocate — I mean, apologist).