Kinder KRudd

ASYLUM seekers are once again resorting to self-harm in detention centres amid overcrowding and stalled refugee claims. Andrew Bolt:  how is KRudd “kinder”?

The Rudd Government was hoping to divide and conquer big business over its new super tax, but….:

Business unites against KRudd’s tax

Caring & compassionate KRuddmess:

A PATIENT at one of Sydney’s biggest teaching hospitals was told that it had run out of food and he should walk to the 7-Eleven or McDonald’s if he wanted to eat.  NSW today

Immigration: Raspail said the immigrants were, “righteous in their loathing of anything and everything that smacked of present-day Western society, and boundless in their love of whatever might destroy it.”

“You don’t know my people—the squalor, superstitions, the fatalistic sloth that they’ve wallowed in for generations. You don’t know what you’re in for if that fleet of brutes ever lands in your lap. Everything will change in this country of yours. They will swallow you up.” Jean Raspail, “Camp of the Saints”

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Shock Horror: Israel is Asking Questions before admitting Palestinians to Israeli hospitals

* Well, if that doesn’t call for another intifadah what will? Perhaps we need another Al Doura Hoax? Those evil Jews, what will they cook up next?

Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza: They can’t complain about overcrowding.

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel’s Shin Beth internal security service has increased its interrogations of people seeking to leave Hamas-run Gaza for medical treatment, a rights group said in a report on Monday.

Data collected by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel “indicates a rise in the number of Palestinian patients interrogated and forced to provide information as a precondition to exit Gaza for medical care,” it said.

*  Newt Gingrich:  Obama is endangering Israel: “They are systematically setting up the most decisive confrontation that we’ve ever seen,”

* Caroline Glick: Israel’s Arab cheerleaders

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Newsweep Shrugs: Hamas Admits Using Hospitals, Schools and Mosques to Attack Israel

… but hey, who are we to judge?  One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter… Right?

Newsweek talked to gunmen who admitted using a hospital for firing at Israel:

One of the most notorious incidents during the war was the Jan. 15 shelling of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society buildings in the downtown Tal-al Hawa part of Gaza City, followed by a shell hitting their Al Quds Hospital next door; the subsequent fire forced all 500 patients to be evacuated . . . In the Tal-al Hawa neighborhood nearby, however, Talal Safadi, an official in the leftist Palestinian People’s Party, said that resistance fighters were firing from positions all around the hospital. He shrugged that off, having a bigger beef with Hamas. “They failed to win the battle.” more from Newsweep

* Brave Hamas ‘Leaders” Still Hiding


( Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud A-Zahar are still in hiding, a senior Egyptian official told Al-Hayyat on Friday. The two fear Israel still sees them as a target despite the conclusion of the Cast Lead operation in Gaza, he explained.

Haniyeh, A-Zahar and others went into hiding during the operation as the IDF targeted Hamas leaders and bombed hundreds of the terror group’s buildings, weapons caches and tunnels. Among those killed were senior Hamas heads Nizar Rayyan and Said Siam. More

They encourage their young men to be martyrs and meet their 72 virgins while they hide out with their four wives.

Steaming fresh  Hamas News:

Fatah supporters are reporting that Hamas has set up detention and torture centers in mosques and kindergartens. One mosque was mentioned specifically, Imam El-Shafei, and the kindergarten was called al-Tahir in Beit Hanoun. Hamas also continues to attack Fatah members, blowing a wall in the house of one and shooting the legs of two brothers. More…

Marching for Hamas

In a bizarre reversal of all their commitment to human rights and the struggle of men and women for independence and self-determination, the European Left has chosen again and again to side with the bullies and to condemn a small nation struggling to survive in a hostile neighborhood. It is all self-contradictory: The Left supports gay rights, yet attacks the only country in the Middle East where gay rights are enshrined in law. Hamas makes death the punishment for being gay, but “we are all Hamas now.” Iran hangs gays, but it is praised as an agent of anti-imperialism, and allowed to get on with its job of stoning women and executing dissidents and members of religious minorities. If UK Premier Gordon Brown swore to wipe France from the face of the earth, he would become a pariah among nations. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens to do that to Israel and is invited to speak to the UN General Assembly.

Read the whole thing  or go to JPost

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Who is protecting our doctors and hospitals?

* The ongoing terror by Muhammedans against doctors, nurses and staff at hospitals is totally out of control. Not a week goes by without serious attacks and disturbances involving  pregnant Muslim females accompanied by militant soldiers of Allah who are ticked off by whatever ticks off militant Muslims:

Husband in racist rant at hospital

AN Asian man shouted racist abuse at white hospital staff when he attended an appointment with his pregnant girlfriend.

Oldham Evening Chronicle
Forid Miah (29) threatened a receptionist and care worker saying he would bring his boys back, and called them a white bitch and a white bastard.

He also told a security guard he would remember his face and come back to shoot him.

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