Sail here, and you face this hell

Andrew Bolt

This will really show them KRudd means business:

PEOPLE believed to be asylum seekers staying at a three-star Darwin motel have been banned from speaking to the media… Up to 61 asylum seekers were transferred from Christmas Island to “an alternative place of detention” in Darwin late on Saturday.

But why is Rudd so reluctant to show how tough he’s being with these boat people?


Those boat people policies are working beautifully:

Immigration officials have been phoning churches and asking them about convents, monasteries and boarding houses where at least 100 people – mainly families and unaccompanied children now on Christmas Island – could be put up.

New arrivals wear the Pali terror scarf, the keffieh:  KRudd enables the killers of your children….

They just keep coming:

How many millions more will this boat cost us?

May is turning out to be a very big month for boats, which sure don’t seem deterred by Kevin Rudd’s “tough” new rules last month:

A boat carrying 92 asylum seekers has been intercepted near Scott Reef off the north west coast of Western Australia.

Other News:

Bribing children to believe

The KRudd Government has launched a new propaganda campaign aimed at convincing children the planet will fry from our gases (and Labor will save them): The Shout Out for Climate Change competition gives Australian students of all ages a creative platform to inform, engage and inspire others to discover more about climate change and take action.

We'll be a nation of new migrants

Q: Do we wanna be a nation of “new migrants?” Who asked us?


Another boatload, undeterred

Andrew Bolt

They’ve heard Mr KRudd announce “tough” new laws and voted with their boat:

The Navy has intercepted a boat carrying asylum seekers off the Western Australian coast. The Federal Government says there are about 46 passengers and two crew on board.

Nearly $4 million in processing costs alone, right there.

Update 2: More “Dreams Vanquished”

Weren’t the Indonesians holding them?

15 family groups from the original 254 asylum-seekers on board the Jaya Lestari, the 30m cargo boat that set out from Malaysia last October and was then seized and taken to Merak by the Indonesian navy as a favour to Kevin Rudd, recently made it to Christmas Island.

Don’t they know that  welfare seekers from Afghanistan & Iraq & Africa “do not arrive in Indonesia with the intention of moving on to Australia?”

Back to the article:

THE Australian-born family will become a minority group within 15 years – outnumbered by a surging wave of migrants from Europe and Asia.

Figures from demographic consultants Macroplan Australia show record overseas migration and an ageing population mean migrant families will overtake the number of locally born residents by 2025 – far sooner than previously imagined.

The news will infuriate some Australian citizens, who claim the population is already too big and infrastucture is buckling under the strain. The Sunday Telegraph

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat? The enlightened progressives in the UK almost succeeded. Will  KRudd’s Australia go down that road?

Not to Worry:  The All New Australians are already among us, and more keep coming every day

Labor MP: “the real illegals were Australia’s founders”

Andrew Bolt

Plumbing brain farts:  Nathan Murphy is a serious contender for the Asshole of the month award….

Young Nathan Murphy has become a Labor MP without ditching his tiresome brand of far-Left student politics – a brand that treats our founders as the truly illegitimate:

Civil wars and wars which Australia is actively engaged in around the world lead to the displacement of people, which is a consequence of war… Australia is not being flooded by asylum seekers. We take a minute number compared to other countries, and the numbers of boat arrivals are a tiny fraction of the 50 000 people who overstay their visas every year. It is worth noting that no boat arrival has been found to be a security risk to Australia. Further, the only illegal boats to have arrived in Australian waters were those that arrived in Botany Bay in 1788.

I wonder which law Murphy thinks the settlers of Sydney breached. Or which civil war in Sri Lanka is now driving boats here. Or why he knows better than ASIO in claiming none of the arrivals are security risks. Or why… but there I go, thinking Murphy thinks.

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The Swiss Islamic Central Council is making headlines recently. See alsoSwitzerland: Young converts could pose national security threat

My KRuddness! More Laws!

Daily Telegraph

NEW migrants from all ethnic backgrounds will have to “demonstrate a unified commitment to Australia” under new state laws.

The Islamo-Marxist convergence & the list of subversives

For the first time multiculturalism legislation will also talk about “shared values” after changes were approved at a State Cabinet meeting yesterday.

Until now the Community Relations and Principles of Multiculturalism Act stated all institutions and people had to “respect and make provision for the culture, language and religion of others”.

Community Relations Commission chairman Stepan Kerkyasharian said the law change would create a new definition of multiculturalism.

“We’re not telling people to change their religion – we’re not telling people to all look the same,” he said.

“There are some things where we have to be all the same. Those things are the way we obey the law and the way we demonstrate our commitment to Australia.   Read full story

I feel so much better now:

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