Shock Horror! Muslim parents 'unaware of hardline teaching' at some Islamic schools!


Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor

SOME Islamic schools in Britain were today accused of teaching “fundamentalist” views in a new report which warns they could undermine the country’s social cohesion.

The report, by Right-wing think tank Civitas, claims pupils are being told to shun chess, music, cricket and even Harry Potter in material posted or linked to school websites.

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It says the teaching risks encouraging some Muslim children to “despise British culture” and prepare them to live “separate lives” in “Muslim enclaves” distant from the rest of society.

The report also claims some Muslim parents deliberately send their children to “sectarian schools”, but suggests many are unaware of the hardline content of teaching, and are simply choosing Islamic schools in preference to less successful state alternatives.

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Australia: More Islamic Schools Proposed, More Resistance From Residents

* Muslim spokesman threatens ‘serious consequences’ for all concerned

Another LARGE Islamic school proposed for a rural area in south-west Sydney is facing fierce opposition from residents just months after Camden residents waged a racially charged battle against a similar development in their area. (That’s why its called the Sydney Moonbat Herald. They still haven’t learned that Islam is not a race/ed)


Muslim woman desecrating the Australian flag

Jano Gibson Urban Affairs /Sydney Moonbat Herald

A company called ASFA Limited has applied to Liverpool City Council to build an educational facility called Qaadiri College for 600 primary and high school students at Gurner Avenue in Austral.

But neighbours of the site are adamant a development of that scale will destroy their peaceful lifestyle. They insist their concerns have nothing to do with Islam and would oppose similar-sized projects if they were proposed by other faith groups.

* Newslink: THE discovery of “potentially dangerous” chemicals after a fire at a unit block in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has raised fears of a home-made bomb and forced the evacuation of residents. 


But there are signs that known anti-immigration activists are keen to join in a campaign against it.

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Islamic Schools: An Ongoing Dilemma

Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA) takes “confrontational road” with Education Department

*  As usual, when it comes to Islam, its all about conquest: Tarek ibn Ziyad was the warlord who is credited with conquering and imposing Islam on Spain. But that is not the only problem, as Robert Spencer points out, here:

Here again we see the same story playing out: Muslims asserting a right to do things that are at variance with American law, or culture, or custom, and not being willing to compromise in the slightest degree, while American officials scramble to find ways to accommodate them.

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This is the third story in this line that I have posted just today. We will see more and more of these stories, as Muslims demand accommodation of their practices in the U.S., and Americans bend as much as they can to allow for that accommodation — but what will be the outcome of all this? If no American entity is ever willing to draw the line and end the accommodations, when will the demands for accommodation end? At what point? When we have accommodated Islamic law in its entirety and have become an Islamic state? Is there any reason to believe that Muslims will stop pushing for accommodation at any point short of that?

An update on this story. “Storm brewing between state officials and Muslim school,” by Katherine Kersten for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, September 10 

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