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Shrillary lectures Euro-dhimmies on burqa-ban, minarets… and demands Turkey should be in the EU

This is the most disgusting, arrogant, corrupt and deluded moonbat administration in history. If we continue down that road we will be history:

Shrillary demands religious freedom (for Muslims)

She declared  she wants to see Turkey in the EU, slammed France Over Ban on Burqas, Switzerland for Banning Construction of New Minarets… and “Israel Violates Muslims Religious Rights

There are people in the US who believe this ridiculous female is presidential material…. (spit)

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized Wednesday the state of religious freedom in Europe, as Washington highlighted policies and attitudes toward Muslim veils and Islam as a whole.

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The Myths of Islam – Jihad Means ‘Inner Struggle’

Taqiyyah” (also spelled ‘taquiyya’ or ‘taqiyya’ and also known as ‘Holy Hypocrisy’) is the art of deception and disinformation. It is a tactic to deceive the enemy; to lull an enemy into a false sense of security that ultimately weakens its resolve.

When a Muslim tells you something positive about Islam, never accept his or her word. They may be sincere, yet ignorant. Or they may be employing “taqiyyah”. Either way, non-Muslims should always be on guard against this Islamic tactic to confuse and deceive.

The Myth:

Islam’s Western apologists sometimes claim that since the Arabic word, Jihad, literally means “fight” or “struggle,” it refers to an “inner struggle” rather than holy war.

The Truth:

In Arabic, “jihad” means struggle. In Islam, it means holy war.  The Greater-Lesser Jihad Myth (from a Muslim Source)

The Myths of Islam – reproduced in full with permission from TheReligionOfPeace.com. (Jawa Report)

Qurei warns of possible ‘armed resistance’ if talks fail

“We will kill da Jooozzz with the weapons America gave us…”

All options are open to us, says former PA prime minister; Israeli official calls threat “regrettable”; Abbas rules out West Bank land swaps.

Ahmed Qurei, a senior PLO official and former Palestinian Authority prime minister, has said he does not rule out the possibility that the Palestinians will launch an “armed resistance” against Israel if the peace talks fail.

Qurei, who was one of the architects of the Oslo Accords, was speaking at a seminar that was held in Cairo earlier this week. (More)


An Israeli official said Qurei’s threat was “regrettable.”
Police see over 1,000 militant Islamists in Germany

(Reuters) - Germany is probably home to more than 1,000 potentially violent Islamists and the number of identified militants has risen constantly in the past few years, the Federal Crime Office (BKA) said on Wednesday. (Al Reuters)

Funny that.  10 years ago the police chief of Berlin told me that there were more than 30.000  “potentially violent extremists” in Berlin alone.

Hamas “work accident”  kills 5 children & 3 females in Rafah, 13 injured

A powerful explosion ripped through a Hamas Kassam rocket training site in the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, the Ma’an news agency reported.   In a statement Hamas did not give a cause for the blast in the town of Rafah. The Israeli military said it wasn’t involved, which suggests that the explosion was an accident.

Update: Man, Those Zionists Are Pretty Good (Jawa Report)


Netanyahu: “Today we are experiencing difficulty flying near the Gaza Strip since they have in their possession anti-aircraft missiles”

But deep down, they really, really want peace. And they’re starving in the world’s largest concentration camp, but somehow they have been able to scrape together enough pennies to buy some food for their families anti-aircraft missiles.


Qaradawi refuses to participate in interfaith conference with Jews

Youssef Qaradawi is often referred to here as the most important leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood

Elder of Ziyon

The 8th Annual Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue is to start tomorrow, but prominent Islamic Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi is boycotting the conference, according to Palestine Today.

The reason? Because there will be Jews there!

He participated in the first, second and third conferences because they were centered on Muslim/Christian dialogue. But he refuses to participate when Jews attend, quoting the Koran 29:46 [“The Spider”], “Do not argue with People of the Book….” [the verse goes on to make an exception of certain types of arguments, and then an exception to the exception, against those Jews who “oppress,” if I am parsing the verse correctly.]

Qaradawi said, “So why should we dialogue with the Jews, who… shed blood, and violated the sanctities, and burned farms, and destroyed homes… .. to sit with them on a single platform?”

The article does not say “Zionist Jews” but merely “Jews.”  He has met with the Neturei Karta in the past, though.

The rest of the Koranic verse makes clear that Islamic “dialogue” with other “divine” religions is limited to telling them about Islam. Which makes it more like a monologue.

Even so, credulous non-Muslims keep thinking that there is value in these fake one-way “dialogues.”

Silencing the Israeli Voice

One of the more striking lunacies of our day is the way that the Left has adopted the totalistic discourse of the Palestinians and decided that even allowing Israelis to defend themselves is a violation of their principles. As a … Continue reading → (Augean Stables)

Lame Stream Media to Israel: We’re a force of nature, deal with it.

The latest developments from Silwan, and a brilliant spoof on the MSNM by Latma (below) prompt me to report a conversation I had last summer with a journalist who is the Middle East Correspondent for a major Western news outlet. … Continue reading →(Augean Stables)

Elder of Ziyon links:

Rupert Murdoch: 'The Aim Is to Make Israel a Pariah'


Turks accuse Israel of war crimes in flotilla raid

Turkish lawyers representing pro-Pali activists have complained to the International Criminal Court that Israeli troops committed war crimes when they raided a boat trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza in May.   (J’Post)

Commentary Mag (thanks to Tom)

The Dirty War Against the Jews

Last night, Rupert Murdoch gave an extraordinary speech at an Anti-Defamation League dinner in which he revealed, yet again, that he is a true and selfless friend of the Jewish people and of Israel. Here is the text:

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Peanut Khadr tells Jews to get out of "Palestine", Slick Willie delusional about "Mideast peace"

Demented, senile, vile and pernicious, Jimmah goes in for the kill:

“Well, I think if there’s an assurance that Israel will get out of Palestine and let the Palestinians have their own viable and contiguous nation….”

Slick Willie wants to Dedicate Ground Zero Mosque to Muslim Terrorists Who Died on 9/11

If you thought Willie Clitman couldn’t  dive any deeper, you are wrong:

Former President Bill Clinton strongly supports Park51, the mosque and community center planned near Ground Zero, he said in an interview posted on YouTube Sunday.

“Much or even most of the controversy … could have been avoided, and perhaps still can be, if the people who want to build the center were to simply say, ‘We are dedicating this center to all the Muslims who were killed on 9/11,'” Clinton said.

Sure thing. Mohammed Atta comes to mind…..

For Slick Willy, who has received massive amounts of money from Muslims, just building a victory mosque on the ashes of Americans killed by Islam isn’t enough. (Moonbattery)

Bill Clinton: Mideast peace would undercut terror

Phyllis Chesler begs to differ:

CAIRO /AP— Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would take away much of the motivation for terrorism around the world.

(He also believes that “spreading the wealth around” would cure the worlds problems and that its a bad idea to print Mohammed cartoons, so much for him protecting America’s free speech laws)

He described the long-running conflict as the key problem in the region and said resolving it would have a knock on effect that could result in Syria ending its support for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and Iran turning back its controversial nuclear program.

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Ahma-Monkey Show

Ahmadinejad Again Denies Holocaust, Threatens U.S.

New York, Sept 21 – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has again questioned the Holocaust which he says “has been exaggerated as a pretext for war.” He also warned the United States that an attack on his country’s illegal nuclear weapons facilities would unleash a “war without end.”

Ahmadinejad dismissed the idea of a U.S. military strike. The United States has never entered a serious war, and has never been victorious …The United States doesn’t understand what war looks like. When a war starts, it knows no limits,” he said.

Earlier, the Iranian leader gave what was described by Agence France-Presse as a “chaotic speech” at the UN summit on the Millennium Development Goals in which he blamed capitalism for the world’s ills. He broke off at one point to complain that his words were not being accurately translated. (The Israel Project)

Murderer-In-Chief: Minority of ugly Zionists leading fight against Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero —

Andrea Mitchell is really pathetic.  one more apology from her and we can expect her to throw herself to the ground and prostrate herself in front of this supreme savage.

Note that the left, the mainstream media and Bloomberg politicians are on the same page as the annihilationist-in-chief.

Conspiracy Paranoia Alert. Note how respectful, even deferential NBC’s Andrea Mitchell is toward the Thug-In-Chief, and how anxious she is to show him that Jewish leaders, and clearly she herself, think that a triumphal mega-mosque at Ground Zero would be a fine thing. Contrast that to the confrontational, hostile tone mainstream media interviewers take on when interviewing someone against the Ground Zero mosque or some other foe of Islamic supremacism. (Atlas Shrugs)

Ahmedinejad Threatens U.S. With War ‘Without Boundaries’

Meanwhile, Obama plans to tell Iran that the “door is open” to even better relations with the international community, if it can demonstrate the peaceful intent of its nuclear program.

(ABC) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad warned the Obama administration today that if Iran’s nuclear facilities are attacked, the U.S. will face a war that “would know no boundaries.” More from eye on the world…

(JPost) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a Monday night interview with Palestinian news source Ma’an that “Israel was free to call itself the Israeli Zionist Jewish Empire.” More…

Moderate Fayyad can’t stomach “two states for two peoples”

The terminology “two states for two peoples” was controversial when Netanyahu first announced support for that principle last year. It has been emraced for years by the far left, including Gush Shalom. It goes without saying that Western leaders like Tony Blair support that formulation as a given.  (From YNet via Elder of Ziyon)

Ahmadinejad: 'Koran burning will accelerate Israel's fall, annihilation'

Of course! Why did it take him so long to realize that the Jews were behind it all? “Ahmadinejad: Koran burning will bring about Israel’s annihilation,” from Haaretz via JW

Ahmadinejad says plan is a “Zionist plot,” Israel, its “supporters are on the path to collapse and decline and such desperate actions will not save them.” (J’Post)

Other offerings from the Religion of Peace:

"Peace Process" Anyone?


Mortar shell hits near school 30 minutes before class (Tundra Tabloids)

A mortar shell fired from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning landed near several childrens’ school buildings in a Sha’ar Hanegev regional council kibbutz, some 30 minutes prior to the students’ scheduled arrival.

One of the buildings sustained light damage, and no injuries were reported. The school building impacted by the mortar was reinforced only at the roof and not at the side walls, like other protected buildings in the area. More here.

Amnesia Intentional:

Its OK to kill settlers if they defend themselves (IMRA)

Ahmadinejad: Any Israeli Attack Would Result in Annihilation of Zionist Regime

Fars News reported:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined that Israel lacks the required capability to wage a military attack on Iran, but meantime, warned that any Israeli attack against Iran would lead to the annihilation of the Zionist regime.

Egyptian News: El Baradei Received $7 Million From Iranian Regime

Former IAEA Director General Mohamed El-Baradei called Israel the “number one threat to the Middle East” because of its nuclear capabilities, during a meeting with Iran President Ahmadinejad in October 2009. (Right Perspective)

Egyptian news reported this week that the Iranian regime donated $7 million to Mohamed El-Baradei’s presidential campaign.

Planet Iran
reported… (Gateway has more)

Explosive Response

Israel, ‘Peace talks’ and  ‘work accidents’

‘Peace Partner’ Abbas: “Palestinians reject the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state….”

Explosions rock southern Lebanon village

Several explosions caused a large fire at a building in the southern town of Shehabiyeh on Friday amid reports that the blasts went off at a Hizbullah weapons depot.  (J’Post)

Shin Bet Arrests Seven Terrorist Scum Accused of Murders, Plan to Kidnap and Behead Israeli on Tape

7 Israeli Arabs nabbed for 2009 cab-driver murder; Shin Bet, police say Al-Qaida-inspired terror suspects planned to kidnap IDF soldiers, murder Christians “heretics” for “insulting Muhammad.”

Three others planned to kidnap a Nazareth resident and behead him on video, but did not do so. Elgrisi said that they had even dug a grave for the Christian man who “insulted the prophet Muhammad.” (Israpundit)

New terror coalition to kill Israelis

13 terrorist groups are establishing a “joint operations room” to coordinate attacks on Jewish civilians in Israel.

Since no Muslim can be a terrorist,  here’s how they looked:

They promise to come up with new and novel ways of killing Jews, with “iron and fire,” and they stressed their intention to stop the PA from any compromise in negotiations.

The real refugees

Hundreds of thousands of Jews and their descendants were expelled from Arab countries after the establishment of the State of Israel. If the ‘Pal-Arabs’ are entitled to compensation, shouldn’t Ayalon and his father be entitled to compensation?   Read the whole thing.

Ground Zero victory mosque imam refuses to condemn Hamas terror attack

Michael Goldfarb describes his efforts to obtain a condemnation of Tuesday night’s terror attack – in which four Israelis were murdered – from Ground Zero victory mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf>>>     (Read it here from Carl in J’lem)

Fairies, unicorns and a peaceful bi-national state George Bisharat, writing in the Washington Post, paints a lovely picture of how well a bi-national state in Palestine would work. (The Elder of Ziyon plucks this goose)

Abdul Rauf & the Treaty of Hudaybiyah:

“In a true peace it is impossible that a purely Jewish state of Palestine can endure…. In a true peace, Israel will, in our lifetimes, become one more Arab country, with a Jewish minority.”

Sounds just like Yasser Arafat or Abu Mazen, doesn’t he?

Same old, same old:

Nasrallah on al-Quds Day: No Giving up on a Single Grain of Palestinian Soil

“Israel is an illegitimate entity that was based in the first place on usurpation, killing and genocides, and its existence on the Palestinian land doesn’t grant it legitimacy,” Nasrallah added.   (IMRA)

US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said on Friday that the US wants the ‘peace talks’ to include Syria and Lebanon.

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