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"I found the motivation of these men impossible to understand. They were middle-class; they had loving parents; they had money and mobile phones…"

Clueless about the Jihadists in our midst


A couple of things about the BBC’s excellent Generation Jihad investigation: one, baby jihadis born and raised in the West are driven entirely by ideology (says one British extremist, previously jailed for terrorism offences: “I’ve never been a victim of poverty or any kind of family break-up or anything like that”).

And two, these jihadis are a serious menace, despite – paradoxically – being complete losers.

UPDATE. The program – broadcast locally on SBS – reviewed by The Observer‘s Rachel Cooke:

Cute, but clueless… and that’s the Observers “Interviewer of the year…” Stick around, Rachel. You might learn a few things….

I found the motivation of these men impossible to understand. They were middle-class; they had loving parents; they had money and mobile phones …

I thought back to the first part of the series, to the two cocky young men in their nylon tracksuits and flashy trainers, newly released from prison. [BBC journalist Peter] Taylor asked them how their communities had welcomed them back.. Cue wide smiles all round. The food, the presents! The money, the visitors! No one thought that they were terrorists, or anything like terrorists. It was more a case of: “Hail the conquering heroes!” I think we have a problem on our hands.

Yes, we do. The second episode begins here.

UPDATE II. An example, via Mark Steyn, of the type of society favoured by these junior jihadists.

Spencer: The Somali Pirates Are Jihadists

Of course they are. So why does our media call them ‘teenagers?’ Because “Poverty Breeds Terrorism?”

15888381                                       Teenager coastguard from Somalia

Piracy. . . Or just the Same Old Jihad?  (Pajamas Media)
According to the Qur’an, piracy in financial support of Jihad is Jihad. (Even if you already know the story of Susan Boyle, you’ll want to see the full video).

In Human Events this morning I discuss an almost completely ignored element of the Somali pirates’ identity: they’re jihadists.

This week, we celebrate the Navy SEALs’ rescue of American ship captain Richard Phillips. Their action, from the night airdrop that delivered them to the waiting warships to the split-second action in which three of the pirates were killed, was what we expect from our best special operations troops.But while we praise their skill, let’s not lose sight of who Phillips’ captors were. His Somali pirate captors are Islamic jihadists, dedicated to the same goals as Osama bin Laden and other jihadists around the world.

In August 2008, when the pirates became especially active off the Horn of Africa, Andrew Mwangura, head of the East African Seafarers’ Assistance Programme, declared that Al-Shabaab, a group of jihadists in Somalia, use piracy to fund their jihad: “According to our information, the money they make from piracy and ransoms goes to support al-Shabaab activities onshore.”

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Al-Qaeda to Somalis: “Increase your strikes against the crusaders at sea”

Perhaps al-Qaeda is trying to exploit Somali anger at the recent US-pirate standoff, and redirect it to the jihad? Not really: “interaction between pirate groups and Somalia’s Al Qaeda-linked groups was first noticed about nine months ago.”

“Qaeda asks Somalis to attack ‘crusader’ ships,” from the Daily Times/JW


Glenn Beck gives Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs) his comeuppance (or, how Queeg suddenly became inconsequential)

Backstory: Charles Johnson is not a conservative blogger. After 9/11, he joined ranks with Republicans as a convenience, because that was the right thing to do; he did some good things, most notably dissolving Dan Rather in a vat of acid (Charles got his 15-minute fame boost from that worthy episode) and he helped define the meaning of Islamofascism for many on the right.

Jihadists celebrating Victoria fires; taking joy in the scenes

JIHADISTS are celebrating the worst tragedy in Victoria’s history. 


Sunday Herald Sun

Terror watchdogs said fundamentalists had blogged on websites across the globe, applauding the lives lost and destruction in the Victoria fires.

Senior analyst at SITE Intelligence Group Adam Raisman said they were posting pictures of burnt homes and devastated victims and “taking joy in the scenes”, the Sunday Herald Sun reports.

One jihadist wrote: “It would be an act of revenge for Australian’s participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.” 

Bushfires victims said they were stunned. 

“We’re minding our own business and trying to cope with all this and they are celebrating our suffering,” said Denise McCann who lost her home in the Kinglake blaze. 

Regional Islamic Council vice-president Dr Ameer Ali said the comments did not represent the wider Muslim community. 

“They have no idea what they are talking about,” he said.

Dr. Ameer Ali: Calling for Hezbollah’s legalisation

* But terrorist supporter Ameer Ali has a much better idea. He knows very well what they are talking about. That’s why he goes straight into damage control. He believes Australia is a “Muslim nation” already and is doing everything to make it a little more so every day, and that includes lying,  taqiyya, because “War is Deceit”- according to Muhammad. 

* Calls for Forest Fire Jihad have been heard for a long time. There is no reason to believe Muslims wouldn’t act on it…

* Al-Qaeda fanatics are using paedophile websites to plot terror attacks

* Aussie Fire Suspect “Cannot Be Named”, Also Charged With Child Porn

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Reformed Jihadists Go Back to Jihad. Are You Shocked?

11 Gitmo recidivists on Saudi’s Most Wanted List

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 4, 2009 

I know. You’re shocked, shocked:

A Saudi government spokesman says 11 of the Saudis on its recently issued most wanted list are former Guantanamo detainees.


Gen. Mansour al-Turki of the Saudi Interior Ministry told The Associated Press on Wednesday that among the 85 people listed by the government, 11 had been released from the U.S. detention facility in Cuba and passed through government-sponsored rehabilitation programs.


More at the Long War Journal.

Finger-waggi-people: “Rehab:” Gitmo recidivists thumb their noses in new video


By Michelle Malkin 

al Qaeda has released a video love letter (er, hate letter) from two Gitmo recidivists to the rest of the world as President Obama prepares to import a boat load of detainees into American civilian courts.

Sealed with a kiss-off:

           * More Innocent Torture Victims Suddenly Become Jihad Warriors

Australia’s bleeding hearts from the ‘Yuman Rites’ industry want some too:

* Desperately looking for a Gitmo ape to take home:

                                 Susan Harris Rimmer and Eve Lester

Susan Harris Rimmer and Eve Lester:  “Australia’s Guantanamo dilemma”

US President Barack Obama has pledged to close Guantanamo Bay. Susan Harris Rimmer and Eve Lester ask whether Australia has responsibilities to the detainees upon their release.

“Although Australia may not be legally obliged to render assistance to the US, there are valid humanitarian reasons why the Rudd government should play a role and accept some detainees should the Obama administration extend such a request.” More…

* Sheik yer’mami sez: try a male strip club or buy a dildo, girls. Much safer and more fun!


11 ex-Gitmo prisoners flee the Saudi “rehabilitation program” and join up with terrorist groups

Not enough to sate jihadi impulses

Apparently PlayStations and finger-paints are not enough to change the minds of terrorists concerning the jihad. Thus, even if it were true that “jihad” really means “being a better student, a better colleague, a better business partner. Above all, to control one’s anger” — this story indicates that we can at least rule out trying to redirect the jihad from targeting infidels to, say, “Jihad-of-the -Nintendo” or the “Crayon Jihad.”

“11 ex-Gitmo prisoners on Saudi wanted list,” from UPI, February 4: via JW

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