Islamic Rages Aimed at Enslaving the West

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Six U.S. military men have been murdered by Afghan security forces seized by what may be labeled Quran-Burning Rage.

Quran-Burning Rage follows Pastor Jones Rage, which, after a Florida pastor burned a Quran in 2011, seized Afghan Muslims and inspired rioting. Some rioters overran a United Nations outpost and murdered seven U.N. personnel.

Pastor Jones Rage followed “Fitna” Rage, which seized Muslims worldwide even before the release of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders’ short 2008 film “Fitna.” That film sparked rioting, arson, boycotts, death threats and, as a bonus, charges that led to the protracted trial in the Netherlands of Wilders for “insulting Muslims.” (He was acquitted in 2011.)

“Fitna” Rage followed Teddy Bear Rage, which, in 2007, seized Muslims in Sudan after a British teacher, whose class named a teddy bear “Muhammad,” was sentenced to 15 days for “insulting religion.” Ten thousand Sudanese turned out to call for the teacher’s head instead.

Teddy Bear Rage followed Pope Rage, which seized Muslims after a 2006 address in which Pope Benedict XVI noted a historic reference to Islam’s propensity to spread by violence. Muslim rioting, arson (including church burnings) and the murder of a 65-year-old Italian nun in Somalia ensued.

All of these rages followed or coincided with the most sustained rage of all, Danish Muhammad Cartoon Rage, which, since the 2005 publication of a dozen Muhammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper, has seized countless Muslims in recurring waves of rioting, boycotts and arson. More than 100 deaths have resulted.

I could continue, but I think the pattern is clear. Critical discussion or representation of Islam — including stated facts; satirical, political or religious commentary; or acts deemed by Islam to be “blasphemy” or “desecration” — spur Muslims to violence. This violence spurs Westerners to apology. But apology is always an act of dhimmitude: submitting to Islamic definitions of crime or grievance that only under Islamic law require contrition.

Today, the pattern intensifies. Muslim violence is more brazen with the murders of American troops, and Western apologies are more exaggerated. The United States hasn’t even quashed Afghan demands for a trial of those who last month disposed of several Qurans.

Preemptive Dhimmitude on Steroids

Koran Burning Punishment & Apologies Frenzy

Paki tribesmen Illiterate headbangers shout slogans while burning the U.S. flag during an anti-U.S. rally….

UN in Afghanistan says Koran burners should be punished

The UN is the enemy:

 “We deeply, deeply, profoundly respect Islam.” Jan Kubis, special representative for the U.N. secretary-general in Afghanistan, told a news conference.

Like NATO, the UN must know full well that it is validating a process which, for many of its backers, can only rightly end through retribution in blood, and even that will not be the end. Punish Qur’an burners

Dhimmi of the Week

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker Doesn’t Rule Out ‘Proceedings’ Against U.S. Troops Who Burned Qurans……

The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan has not ruled out military proceedings against U.S. troops involved in the disposal of Qurans by burning them.

Soldiers prepare for Afghanistan tour with visit to mosque 

Paul Britton / March 01, 2012

Major Luke said: “We are going to an Islamic country and so it is critical that our soldiers understand the faith. The more we do so, through activities like this, the more likely we are to avoid making cultural blunders.  (Manchester Evening News– thanks to Mullah)


Gunman in Afghan National Army uniform kills 2 NATO soldiers (no apologies necessary)

Maybe the next apology will quell the bloodlust.


Will Obama Behead the Qur’an-Burners?

Madness has overtaken Washington, and the world.

Every day this past week has brought fresh reports of more people murdered in Afghanistan over the burning of some copies of the Qur’an at Bagram Airfield. In response, every day new apologies come from American officials. Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, the commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan, General John Allen, and others have all issued abject apologies to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the “noble people of Afghanistan,” and everyone else in sight.

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Fanatical Frenzy Watch: Thousands of Rageboyz Go Apeshit Over Burned Bibles

Ah well, I admit that’s a cheap prank, but if it gets your attention for a moment its good enough. Its of course the old Koran-burning routine that plays out here. As usual, the Americans can’t bow and scrape enough to apologize to those morons. What they should really do is waste the motherfuckers. Then at least they might get some respect.

Afghanistan: Enraged crowd of 2,000 rallies, shouting “Die, die, foreigners!” over alleged Qur’an desecration at U.S. air base, U.S. General abjectly apologizes, orders investigation

Nato General apologizes profusely to the “noble people of Afghanistan” for alleged Koran desecrations

General Allen clearly has now idea how weak and pusillanimous his repeated apologies in this video will make him appear to many, if not most, of “the noble people of Afghanistan.” He should know enough about Islamic culture to know that it respects strength and sees apologizing and attempts at conciliation as weakness, only to be despised.

Vlad Tepes Vid:

Got another one from TT:

Latest updates below the fold>>

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Again: Koran Rage in Greece

(Reuters) – Hundreds of Muslims marched through central Athens on Thursday, damaging shops and cars, to protest what they said was the destruction of a Koran by a Greek policeman.

“Koran desecration” is the oldest trick in the book.  False claims of “torn Korans” regularly cause  Mohammedans to burn churches and kill Christians wherever the soldiers of Allah  rule.  It is time to confiscate all these dirty books and burn them in a public square. And if the worshippers of Muhammad object,  they should be treated just like they treat  non-Muslims in the lands they occupy.

The president of the Muslim Union of Greece, Naim Elghandour, said that during police checks at a Syrian-owned coffee shop on Wednesday, an officer took a customer’s Koran, tore it up, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.

In response, about 1,000 immigrants, many from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, marched to central Omonia Square, smashing several shop windows and five cars, a police official said.

Police sources said an internal investigation was launched into the Koran incident.

“We were told by police we will be given the name of the policeman who did this so we can press charges,” Elghandour said.

Thousands of immigrants, many from Muslim countries, cross into Greece illegally every year seeking a better life in the West. Trapped in legal limbo, most have no jobs, live in squalid conditions and are often arrested for minor crimes.

On May 9, members of a rightist group attacked immigrants in Athens, sending at least three to hospital. Rights groups accuse predominantly Orthodox Christian Greece of not doing enough to protect immigrants.

Koran Rage Fabricated

Works like a charm: claims of a torn Koran, Moe-toons or fake Koran “down the toilet” incidents bring out what Churchill called the “fanatical frenzy which is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog”: claims of ‘torn Koran’ brings out Rage Boy mobs in droves:

Archive photo

Another fake hate crime has just been debunked: No Discrimination Found in UK Bus Incident – Veiled Passengers Were Abusive toward Driver… (Unfortunately the UK  dhimmi government  didn’t book the Muselmaniacs for causing the offense…)

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People in southern Afghanistan have protested against US-led NATO forces over desecration of the Mohammedan holy book of Koran.  Afghans angry over Quran desecration

RoP links:

Mullah Omar: killing women & children okay when Muslims do it, bad when infidels cause collateral damage: Mullah Omar Changes Mind About Killing Afghan Women…

Jailed for harbouring bombers

[Straits Times] AN INDONESIAN woman was sentenced to three years in jail on Thursday for sheltering and assisting terrorists involved in suicide bomb attacks on two Jakarta hotels last year.

Koran Rage in Afghanistan (Because it always works…)

Fanatical frenzy  outbreak:

“…. fanatical frenzy , more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog….” Winston Churchill quote

Six Die in Clashes as Afghans Protest Alleged Koran Destruction by Troops

KABUL —  Six people were killed Tuesday in southern Afghanistan, where protesters claiming that international troops destroyed copies of the Koran clashed with Afghan and foreign security forces, Afghan officials said.

Also in the south, 13 insurgents were killed by a missile that international forces fired from an unmanned drone, NATO said. Associated Press

Thanks to Weasel Zippers


Just another day in your average 7th century Islamic shithole…

KABUL (AP) - Protesters claiming that international troops destroyed copies of the Quran clashed with Afghan and foreign security forces on Tuesday, leaving six people dead, Afghan officials said.

Also in the south, 13 insurgents were killed by a missile that international forces fired from an unmanned drone, NATO said.

A protest of about 2,000 people in Helmand province’s Garmsir district turned violent as demonstrators fought with security forces, leaving six civilians dead, according to the top official in the province, Abdullah Barak. Provincial spokesman Daoud Ahmadi confirmed six dead but did not say if they were civilians.

NATO said only one person was killed during the protest — an insurgent sniper who allegedly shot at an Afghan official and was killed by NATO troops.

Afghanistan is a Muslim nation where blasphemy of Muhammad and the Quran is considered a serious crime that is punishable by death.

Greece: Muslim protests renewed over alleged Koran desecration

* Hope you’re sitting down:

Ongoing Muslim Protests Supported by (no surprise) “leftists.” More on this story. “Muslims in fresh Athens demo over alleged Koran insult,” from AFP, May 30 via JW

aleqm5gkxtca3hnxfjtelzexbr4q77zhog                        So you wanna live under the Law of Rage Boy? I will not submit…

Illegal Muslim invader:

“The real agenda is migrants’ rights in Greece which include issues of religion,” We want this officer put on trial, and we ask the government to protect our prayer sites in Athens,” said Zuri, a Moroccan protester.  “But we intend to set a good example and refrain from violence, Islam is a religion of peace,” he said.

  • Hugh Fitzgerald puts it in perspective:

Migrants’ rights? What rights do illegal immigrants have in Greece? Why should they have any? They are not supposed to be there. They have broken the law. They should be promptly expelled or imprisoned. And those immigrants who, while they perhaps are not illegal, but support those who are, through their violence and attempts at intimidation, clearly making war on Greek people and on the Greek nation-state, its political and legal institutions, its customs and manners, should be stripped of citizenship as well, for clearly they are a permanent threat to that state and its people. No more nonsense need be tolerated. Things will only get worse. Stop them now, and let Greece, in its firmness, and Italy, it its firmness, by their actions, be a model fror the rest of benighted Europe. A classical model for dealing with such enemies, one handed down from time of antiquity. .

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Greek "Koran Mutilation", Ongoing Riots and Demands for "Respect"


*  Koran Rage in Greece continues:  it should be clear by now that it is the usual Muselmanic strongarm tactics that are at play here. The unholy convergence between Islamo-fascists and Greeks rabid Commies are designed  to frighten the Greeks sufficiently to make concessions,  to further the permanent establishment of Islam in orthodox Christian Greece.

2009522153455430797_5Police fired tear gas at protesters, who had pelted officers with rocks and sticks [Reuters]

Not one article published from Al Jizz to Al BeBeeCeera forgets to mention that these “immigrants live in grim conditions in central Athens, are not allowed to work and face arrest for minor crimes”, (as if they somehow had entitlements to live in luxury and to work in jobs reserved for them,  while the police should look away when they commit crimes!)

Another bone of contention seems to be the fact that Muslims living in Athens have voiced their displeasure over a delay in the construction of a mosque for tens of thousands of Muslims”- just imagine for one moment thousands of rioting  Christians in a Muslim country, because the Muslims delay the building of a church. Here’s what happens in Muslim countries virtually every day…

Athens – More than 2,000 people, mostly Muslim immigrants, marched peacefully through Athens Friday to protest alleged mutilation of a copy of the Koran by police. The march, also attended by left-wing and anti-racist groups, came a week after violent clashes between hundreds of Muslim protesters and police in central Athens prompted by the alleged mutilation of a copy of the Koran by police.

At the same time, some 100 neo-Nazi members coordinated their own march through Athens a few kilometres away, yelling anti-immigrant slogans. Policereported no clashes between the two groups.

  • Once again, the main-stream media offers no evidence whether these demonstrators are “Neo-Nazis”, they are simply being smeared for being anti-Islam. Not quite the same, is it?

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Islamic Rage Boy(z) Attacks Greece for Second Day

“We want the officer or officers involved to be prosecuted, and the government to issue an apology,” protester Manala Mohammed, a Syrian national, told The Associated Press. “We want people to show us respect.”

“Greek rights activist”  Thanassis Kourkoulas, one of the protest organizers, said the marches were intended to show immigrants “have a voice.” He said, “What happened is a great insult to every Muslim, every immigrant and every Greek who respects democracy.”

* Unfortunately for the useful idiot Kourkoulas, “democracy” is not on the Islamic agenda…



(ANSAmed) – ATHENS, MAY 22 – Today in Athens for the second consecutive day a few hundred Muslim immigrants invaders were involved in clashes with the police, one of whom was accused of stealing a copy of the Koran and beating a Muslim. Over 1,000 people were involved in protests after spontaneous  (?)  demonstrations yesterday, during which violence took place with bottles and rocks being thrown, causing the police to intervene with tear-gas. Numerous people were taken into custody. The protest, which was announced yesterday, began this afternoon in the centrally-located Omonia Square, with people chanting ‘Allah is Great’ and ‘Stop racism’, (what race is Islam again?) while holding copies of the Koran, despite the fact that authorities said yesterday that they would investigate into the accusations against the police officer. During a march towards Parliament, protected  (?)  by large numbers of police, the protestors damaged automobiles and set garbage bins ablaze while police responded with tear-gas. Forced to pull back, the protestors dispersed and other clashes took place in various parts of the city. Dozens were taken into custody according to the press. Some were bruised or slightly wounded. Yesterday a few hundred Muslims, mainly Pakistani and Afghan citizens, had already protested similarly against the police, resulting in one officer to be slightly injured and several reported bruises. 


* Looks like the Greeks have to resort to some good old fashioned ”Chk-Chk Boom” –

muslim-immigrant-shouts-slogans-during-a-rally-in-athens-may-22-2009Bibles are destroyed in Saudi Arabia – just try taking a bible into that country. Someone get these Muslim rioters a tissue! 

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek riot police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of Muslims who pelted them with sticks and stones outside parliament on Friday during protests over what they said was the destruction of a Koran by a Greek policeman. More>>

* Hitchens on violent reactions to cartoons and on UN resolution to ban criticism of religion. 

The Muslim religion makes unusually large claims for itself…they claim to know and to be able to interpret the wishes of a supreme being. But Islam affirms itself as the last and final revelation of God’s word….by way of the unimprovable, immaculate text of “the recitation,” or Quran.

…it is the so-called mainstream Muslims, grouped in the Organization of the Islamic Conference, who are now demanding through the agency of the United Nations that Islam not only be allowed to make absolutist claims but that it also be officially shielded from any criticism of itself.

We found some pic’s, here:

destructionkoransparksclashesathensnylnfejrdocldestructionkoransparksclashesathensc9qbfope1ujlA Muslim cheerleader tells protestors to stop throwing stones during clashes with riot police on May 22, 2009 in Athens, Greece. According to reports the clashes were sparked after police, running checks at a Syrian-owned coffee shop, took a man’s Koran and tore it up.

GREEK RIOTS CONTINUEHere’s an important update from refugee resettlement watch:

Hacuna Matata said

Note that the iraqi was a drug dealer that he had made a package out of koran’s pages to hide heroine inside.
The policeman cutted the paper to show him the heroine.
And the drug dealer started shouting “allah,allah!!”.
And we had some hundreds of people acting like animals,because police busted a drug dealer.
Way to go!