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Obama Is Asking Congress For $2.8 Billion In Emergency Funding For Haiti…

My people, my people…

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $2.8 billion in emergency funding for the reconstruction effort in Haiti following January’s devastating earthquake.

Cabaret (Just to crack you up)

The noble tradition of progressive parasites eager for other people to be robbed to pay their bills for them continues:

“Obama gonna pay my mortgage and put gas in my car….”

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Great idea: lets stop the Afghan jihad by distributing the Taliban all over the dar-al Harb!

Taliban leaders ‘offered asylum’ under London peace plan

Great! And while we’re at it, why not  offer them a generous pension plan and welfare for their extended tribes…

Taliban leaders could be offered exile abroad and have their names deleted from a UN sanctions blacklist as part of a peace plan for Afghanistan to be unveiled in London next week.

By Ben Farmer in Kabul/Telegraph UK

Update: Afghans Granted Asylum in UK, Quickly Set Up Taxpayer Scam…

Damn! If that doesn’t make them love us I don’t know what will…..?

A briefing paper on the Afghan government’s proposals seen by The Daily Telegraph says any peace deal may include “potential exile in a third country” for insurgent leaders.

The document does not name any country, but Saudi Arabia, which recognised the former Taliban regime, is believed to be a possible candidate to give leaders a new life.

The plan was endorsed by Afghan ministers and the international community in Kabul on Tuesday. It envisages a twin-track strategy aiming separately at foot soldiers and the leadership.

After eight years of intensifying fighting Nato commanders have acknowledged political negotiation is the only solution to the worsening fighting.

They are now backing a “carrot and stick” strategy of more troops to reverse the Taliban’s military momentum coupled with incentives for fighters to rejoin society.

International donors are preparing to pay hundreds of millions of pounds towards the scheme, with Japan and the US already allocating substantial budgets.

In the first phase, junior fighters, who commanders believe are mainly motivated by money, will be offered jobs, training and education if they lay down their weapons and renounce violence.

* Sure. Jobs, training and education is all they want. Trust me: they’re just like us, if we just throw enough money at it, the problem will go away…!

In other news:

Six roasted in Talibanistan

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Pakistan to US: give us your money, but don't ask us to stop supporting terrorism…


ISLAMABAD: Steps by the United States to vastly expand its aid to Pakistan, as well as the footprint of its embassy and private security contractors here, are aggravating an already volatile anti-American mood as Washington pushes for greater action by the government against the Taliban.


Critics complain the bill could authorize the U.S. to broaden airstrikes in the country and interfere in Pakistan’s nuclear program.

“The tone and tenor of the bill in terms of conditionalities is not just intrusive, it’s also overbearing and bordering on the humiliation of Pakistan,” said Mushahid Hussain, a leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q. “We are not being treated kindly.”

Billions in US aid sparks debate in Pakistan

Pakistan Sends Surrendered Taliban to Wage Terror in India…

An aid package of $1.5 billion a year for the next five years passed by Congress last week asks Pakistan to cease supporting terrorist groups on its soil and to ensure that the military does not interfere with civilian politics. President Asif Ali Zardari, whose association with the United States has added to his unpopularity, agreed to the stipulations in the aid package, says a report published in the New York Times.

But many here, especially in the powerful army, object to the conditions as interference in Pakistan‘s internal affairs, and they are interpreting the larger American footprint in more sinister ways.

In a public statement, the American ambassador, Anne W. Patterson, suggested last week that Pakistan should eliminate the Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, a onetime ally of the Pakistanis who Washington says is now based in Baluchistan, a province on the Afghanistan border. If Pakistan did not get rid of Mullah Omar, the United States would, she suggested.

Reinforcing the ambassador, the national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, said Sunday that the United States regarded tackling Qaeda sanctuaries in Pakistan as “the next step” in the conflict in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, in an unusually stern reaction last week, said that missile attacks by American drones in Baluchistan, as implied by the Americans, “would not be allowed.” Read the whole thing, here>>

Fitzgerald: Pakistan: A Brief And True Relation

The misplaced faith in Pakistan exhibited by many in Washington is not new; it has been going on for fifty years, ever since the first early infatuation, by various Dulles brothers and American generals, with fly-whisking ramrod-straight terry-thomas-moustachioed generals who kept assuring the Americans that “Islam is a barrier to Communism” and allowed themselves to be compared — favorably — with bandung-conferencing, new-left-book-club-subscribing, Krishna Menon (India’s foreign minister) and supercilious Jawaharlal Nehru.

It started with Pakistan as part of that farcical military alliance, CENTO, with Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan as the stout defenders of the West against atheistic Communism. That West, represented by Great Britain and the United States, supplied all the arms and all the money. The thing collapsed in 1958, having hardly existed, with Qassem’s coup in Iraq, and “strongman” Nuri es-Said’s body being dragged through the streets of Baghdad for further mutilation.

But the love affair, entirely unrequited, with Pakistan continued. The Americans sold weapons and even advanced planes. But Pakistan took those weapons and used them to threaten, or even to make war on India in repeated campaigns, and Pakistan military’s support for terrorism in Kashmir did not begin yesterday, or the day before.

The misuse of American aid, and the dawning understanding, among some in the Senate, led to the Pressler Amendment. But unfortunately, those who had over slow time begun to really understand Pakistan’s treachery, such as Senator Glenn, did not have a way to pass on that understanding to their successors. The Senate had no institutional memory, and lessons learned by some in Congress were forgotten when they left the scene.

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Fitzgerald: Islam, Jihad and "Spontaneous Combustion"

Is Present-Day Jihad Caused By Spontaneous Combustion?

* Jihad links first:

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a569c174970b-800wiLove for Israel brings out hundreds of Fakestinian Arabs in Londonistan during the holy month of Ramadan…


The temporary lull in Islamic ambitions after the fall of the Ottoman caliphate has now spontaneously recombusted into nuvoIslamic [sic] ambitions for a world caliphate ala Al Qeda, Iran’s Ayatollahs, Saud supremacy, etc” — From a reader’s comment on my article here.

It was not “spontaneous combustion” that brought back, in a big and most dangerous way, the pursuit of Jihad, which by now has gone beyond such original local victims of the post-war period as Israel and India. It now targets non-Muslim peoples all over, both in the Muslim-ruled lands, where they have steadily been persecuted, humiliated, and their numbers have declined, and in the lands of Dar al-Harb, where the Muslims who have innocently and far too negligently been allowed to settle in large numbers have taken advantage of every benefit the generous Infidel nations provide. These include the kind of education and medical care unobtainable in the Muslim lands. Muslims have also taken advantage of the edifice of human rights guarantees in order not to promote but rather to subvert the very legal and political institutions that gave birth to those rights, and have helped to maintain and even expand them.

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Ex-Taliban minister wants inmates` assets unfrozen

* From the “poverty breeds terrorism” department:

(Quqnoos)-THE TALIBAN’S former foreign minister, Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil, has said the US should release Taliban suspects from Guantanemo prison and unfreeze their assets if the Afghan governemnt is serious about holding peace-talks with the rebel group.

* US seeks peace with ‘reconcilable’ Taliban: Gates

* Taliban have not split from al Qaeda: sources

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