The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism

Never to late.

The Conservative Papers

The Netherlands , where six per cent of the population is now Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism:

“It is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.”


The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants create a parallel society within the Netherlands ..

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Amsterdam: "Conservative Muslims" Threaten Homosexuals & Jews

“Conservative” Muslims, you see. Just like conservative Christians. What’s the difference anyhow?

NIS News via TROP: AMSTERDAM, 22/06/10 – Conservative Muslims have press-ganged aggressive young Moroccans into seizing power via intimidation in Amsterdam’s Nieuw West district, according to De Volkskrant newspaper. Continued below the fold>>

Amsterdam, no place for a Jew

In the land of Anne Frank:

Anti-Semitism has gotten so ugly in The Netherlands that Jews walking along Amsterdam’s street are being harassed by young Muslims who yell insults or give Nazi salutes. Andrew Bolt has an update and videos on the “Decoy Jews”

Shelby Steele on the renewed Jew-hatred:

Rock bands now find moral imprimatur in canceling their summer tour stops in Israel …. A demonstrator at an anti-Israel rally in New York carries a sign depicting the skull and crossbones drawn over the word ‘Israel.’ White House correspondent Helen Thomas, in one of the ugliest incarnations of this voice, calls on Jews to move back to Poland. And of course the United Nations and other international organizations smugly pass one condemnatory resolution after another against Israel while the Obama administration either joins in or demurs with a wink. This is something new in the world, this almost complete segregation of Israel in the community of nations….There is a chilling familiarity in all this. One of the world’s oldest stories is playing out before our eyes: The Jews are being scapegoated again.”

Jews Deserting Antwerp


‘Jews are deserting Antwerp’, headlines De Standaard. The Belgian newspaper predicts that in fifty years there will be no more Jews living in the city. Due to an increase of Anti-Semitism, many young Jews are leaving the city to study in London, New York or Israel, where “working with a skullcap (kippah) isn’t a problem”, and they never return. Furthermore, it has become more difficult for them to start a career in Antwerp since the Jewish community has lost its dominant position in the diamond trade and hasn’t found a new economic alternative yet. De Standaard comments: ‘Only the poor Hasidic Jews stay and they refuse to adapt.’

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Wilders hails Israel 'fighting jihad'

Dutch “values” party head set to gain seats in current election.

Al BeBeeCeera is hot & bothered over “Wilders strident attacks on Islam which could allow him to make or break a new right-wing coalition government…” The  Guardian (of Muslims) sings along in unison…..


Geert Wilders, who is demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim countries as the centerpiece of his campaign for the Dutch prime ministership, has hailed Israel for “fighting the jihad” and warned that “the West is next” if Israel is unsuccessful.

The VDD’s Mark Rutte, left, the CDA leader, Jan-Peter Balkenende, centre, and the Freedom party’s Geert Wilders, before a tTV debate

“Israel is the canary in the coal mine,” Wilders said in a recent telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post, ahead of Wednesday’s elections in the Netherlands. “The jihadagainst Israel isn’t against Israel only. It’s against the whole West.”

A year ago, Wilders’s PVV (Party for Freedom) was scoring 28 percent in opinion polls and appeared to have a realistic prospect of winning the elections. It has declined since then, however, he said, as economic issues have become increasingly dominant.

“There’s not a big chance that I’ll become prime minister,” he said.

Nonetheless, the PVV is expected to double its current nine seats in the 150-member parliament, and front-runner Mark Rutte, of the People’s Party for Freedom of Democracy (VVD), said this week that he was not ruling out Wilders’s party as a coalition partner.

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Netherlands Elections: Anti-Islam parties expected to gain in Dutch vote


Google Dutch election monitor [Gadget] (Link to Islamization Watch)

Dutch anti-Islam party set to double in election

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands—”The sluice gates are wide open,” Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders says in a campaign video that shows planes landing in Holland as women in headscarves outnumber natives in shopping street scenes.

“Every day we are confronted with mass immigration: headscarves, burqas, minarets, social security dependence, crime … it never ends,” Wilders laments as dramatic music plays in the background of the clip released ahead of June 9 parliamentary elections.

“Whole neighborhoods are being Islamized.”

Pollsters expect Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV), to double its strength from nine to 18 MPs in the 150 seat parliament on a ticket of halting the “Islamic invasion”—enough to make it a potential ruling coalition candidate.

“Wilders exerts a big influence on these elections,” political analyst Martin Rosema of Twente University told AFP.

Wilders’ bold move onto the shaky ground of multi-cultural tolerance, for long a matter of Dutch pride, “has prompted other parties to adopt a stricter approach to security and the integration of Muslims,” said Rosema.

Many parties’ manifestos now propose an immigration cut, mainly for the low skilled, and harsher treatment of foreign criminals.

Wilders’ PVV came first in Almere and second in The Hague in local elections in March—the only cities it contested in its first-ever municipal campaign.

But the PVV finds itself in opposition in both cities as other parties formed coalitions to exclude it, a situation observers expect to be repeated on the national stage.

Wilders, who calls his political enemies “multi-cultural cuddlers,” claims that 40 percent of social security payments go to non-Western immigrants and that people of Moroccan origin were crime suspects five times as often as indigenous Dutch.

“What the Netherlands needs is a stop to immigration for people from Muslim countries,” says the politicianwho has called for a “head rag tax” on headscarves.

Twenty percent of the Netherlands’ 16.5 million-strong population is of immigrant origin.

“There is a significant group of voters for whom immigration is the most important issue,” said political science professor Philip van Praag of the University of Amsterdam.

“They believe that people of Turkish and Moroccan background and Islamic belief are damaging Dutch society. They regard them as a threat, especially in the form of criminality perceived to be committed by immigrant youths.”

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Netherlands: "Islam debate may get out of hand…"

Radio Netherlands

Dutch elections = greater terrorism threat

Solution: no elections. Or how do you read the above header?

The nutroots blame Geert Wilders. We blame the Mohammedan invaders and the loons who paid for the camels they rode in on…..

There is a greater chance of political violence in the Netherlands or against Dutch nationals abroad in the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections on 9 June. That’s the warning from the country’s National Anti-terrorism Coordinator Erik Akerboom. However, he says there are no concrete indications so far of any preparations for such violence.

Other News:

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Netherlands: Death Threats From Muslim Criminals Scare Witnesses From Testifying in Murder Case

THE HAGUE, 26/01/10/NIS-News – Two doctors who received death threats from Moroccan criminals must decide for themselves whether they report the perpetrators to the police. If they are too frightened to do so, Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst says she cannot help them.

Two Moroccan criminals robbed a hotel last week. While fleeing from the police, they ran over a man with their scooter. When doctors tried to save his life in a hospital, they were visited by the perpetrators who threatened them and made their work impossible, so that the 50 year old man died.

The doctors at the St Radboud Medical Centre (UMC) in Nijmegen have to date not dared report the ‘incident’ to the police because they say they are afraid of the Moroccans. As a result, it is impossible to prosecute them for the threat, because a report is necessary for this.

Death threats, a Mohammedan specialty:

A number of MPs have asked to allow the doctors to make an anonymous report so that they do not need to fear the perpetrators’ reprisals. But this is not possible, according to Ter Horst.

Ter Horst would find it “very bad” if the two doctors do not make a police report. “The perpetrators would then escape their punishment,” she confirmed. Although that would be “unacceptable,” no solution for the problem appears to be around, according to the Labour (PvdA) minister.

The hospital declined to comment. “We need to be left in peace for now,” according to a spokeswoman.

Stop the Mohammedan Invasion!

Netherlands: Police Kills Dutchman in Islamic Rotterdam

Gates of Vienna

Not for the first time either: in March 2007 a Dutchman was killed by a Muslim police woman who intervened when Muslim youths harassed a pregnant native Dutch woman. The incident resulted in Paris style riots.

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan files a brief report on la crise du jour in the Netherlands:

We have a major political crisis in development:

Shooting at Hoek van HollandLast weekend a big free dance festival was organized in Hook of Holland (a beach area that is part of Rotterdam). Suddenly a few men drew guns and opened fire. One person got hit and died. Others were injured.

The stinker? It was the police who opened fire!

Plainclothes officers felt threatened by hooligans who recognized them. That was the kick-off.

The mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb (the nice guy with two passports) immediately forbade this kind of public event in his town. Forever.

As panem et circenses are rather important for a socialist party, that doesn’t fly very well, to say the least.

The police commissioner added some gasoline to the fire by stating they didn’t have enough in the budget for a greater police presence. The police union stated they were not allowed to be present with the riot police due to… no budget.

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Buy your degree from an Arab university in the Netherlands

Just call me doctor Jihad:


Seven Arab universities have recently been established in The Hague. Some of them train pilots, others offer courses in Islamic sciences or nuclear physics. But far from everybody is convinced that the degrees the universities offer hold any value.

By Tariq al-Qaziri/ Radio Netherlands

Is this a a real poncho or is this a Sears poncho?

FZ Camarillo Brillo


Dutch Mosqueteers reject "assimilated" imam's

Of course. Who guessed it! Muslims want their Islam straight up, pure, undiluted. And that means jihad, along with sharia and the subjugation of the unbelieving  dhimmies. Because Islam must dominate and not be dominated:

Assimilated Imams Not Wanted

Only hardcore headbangers need apply!

12625143-redirectedGates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey

Well-meaning officials in the Dutch government thought they had it all figured out: to stop “radicalism” in the country’s mosques, well-educated Dutch-speaking imams were needed. To address the perceived need, a state-funded program was created to do just that, and turned out a cohort of imams ready to go to work eliminating violent fundamentalism from Dutch Muslim society.

Khalid Yasin fits in just fine: “we Muslims are ordered to do brainwashing..”and  “Wilders should be flogged…” Yasin also claims that AIDS was invented at a US government lab and spread by Western governments through UN agencies and Christian missionaries.

But — surprise! — they’re not wanted by Dutch Muslims. Not only are they too expensive, but the congregations in the mosques like Islamic radicalism just fine, thank you very much. They want no truck with these fancy-pants Dutch-speaking “polder imams”.

So not only did the state pay for the training of the new imams, it will now have to provide them with unemployment benefits. Another little joke on the Dutch taxpayer.

According to NIS:

Mosques Refuse Dutch ‘State Imams’

THE HAGUE, 24/07/09 — Not a single mosque in the Netherlands has to date been prepared to take on an Imam trained in the special government courses. “Mosques have no money and no confidence in the ‘polder Imam,” reported Trouw newspaper yesterday.

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Rotten as in Rotterdam

EUrabia’s Capital: Rotterdam

Women of Rotterdam

“Here entire neighborhoods look like the Middle East, women walk around veiled, the mayor is a Muslim, sharia law is applied in the courts and the theaters. An extensive report from the most Islamized city in Europe.”

“Eurabia Has A Capital: Rotterdam,” by Sandro Magister in Chiesa, May 19 (thanks to JW):

ROME, May 19, 2009 – One of the most indisputable results of Benedict XVI’s trip to the Holy Land was the improvement in relations with Islam. The three days he spent in Jordan, and then, in Jerusalem, the visit to the Dome of the Mosque, spread an image among the Muslim general public – to an extent never before seen – of a pope as a friend, surrounded by Islamic leaders happy to welcome him and work together with him for the good of the human family.But just as indisputable is the distance between this image and the harsh reality of the facts. Not only in countries under Muslim regimes, but also where the followers of Mohammed are in the minority, for example in Europe.

In 2002, the scholar Bat Ye’or, a British citizen born in Egypt and a specialist in the history of the Christian and Jewish minorities in Muslim countries – called the “dhimmi” – coined the term “Eurabia” to describe the fate toward which Europe is moving. It is a fate of submission to Islam, of “dhimmitude.”

Oriana Fallaci used the word “Eurabia” in her writings, and gave it worldwide resonance. On August 1, 2005, Benedict XVI received Fallaci in a private audience at Castel Gandolfo. She rejected dialogue with Islam; he was in favor of it, and still is. But they agreed – as Fallaci later said – in identifying the “self-hatred” that Europe demonstrates, its spiritual vacuum, its loss of identity, precisely when the immigrants of Islamic faith are increasing within it.

Holland is an extraordinary test case. It is the country in which individual license is the most extensive – to the point of permitting euthanasia on children – in which the Christian identity is most faded, in which the Moslem presence is growing most boldly.

Here, multiculturalism is the rule. But the exceptions are dramatic: from the killing of the anti-Islamist political leader Pim Fortuyn to the persecution of the Somali dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the murder of the director Theo Van Gogh, condemned to death for his film “Submission,” a denunciation of the crimes of Muslim theocracy. Fortuyn’s successor, Geert Wilders, has lived under 24-hour police protection for six years.

There is one city in Holland where this new reality can be seen with the naked eye, more than anywhere else. Here, entire neighborhoods look as if they have been lifted from the Middle East, here stand the largest mosques in Europe, here parts of sharia law are applied in the courts and theaters, here many of the women go around veiled, here the mayor is a Muslim, the son of an imam.

This city is Rotterdam, Holland’s second largest city by population, and the largest port in Europe by cargo volume.

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