MuBro head-honcho Dr Kamal El-Helbawy likes to sleep with “real Jews”

Fortunately, there’s only a handful of these Neturei Karta freaks around.  Rumour has it that even their own mothers hate them, but is that reason enough for them to prostitute themselves and to become useful idiots  for Islamic headbangers?

Muslim Brotherhood’s Dr Kamal El-Helbawy defines who is a Jew, and who isn’t.

“I have Jewish friends who are really Jewish. They stay with me, they eat with me, they sleep with us at home. Who are real friends. Like Neturei Karta people. Like Dovid Weiss and hundreds of others, who are real Jews. And we respect them and we love them. We are brothers in humanity if not in religion. But unfortunately the ones we have in Israel, the Zionists, are not Jews. - Dr Kamal Helbawy

“they sleep with us at home”

And the lion will lay down with the lamb, but the lamb won’t get much sleep….  (BCF)

Weiss is not a Rabbi, we checked his ordination and it is a farce. He pathologically hates all Jews that do not agree with him, as evidenced by my many, many, encounters with him. He literally hates Jewish students on campuses, and chooses to embrace the most hateful humans who proclaim death to Jews and Israel. In fat he fits the definition well of someone with schizophrenia characterized by “impairments in the perception or expression of reality and by significant social or occupational dysfunction.”


Here’s an interview with Kamal el-Helbawy, a former Brotherhood spokesman:

Honeymoon over? Ahmadinejad snubs Neturai Karta nutters

Courtesy of Harry’s Place:

Neturei Karta are a strange group of religiously extreme Jews, who believe that in order to persuade the Messiah to replace the Al Aqsa Mosque with the Third Temple, Israel must be destroyed. To that end, they have spent the last few years chumming up to the chap they think is most likely to assist them in their dreams: the similarly messianic nut, Ahmadinejad.

Neturei Karta have had a good run with Ahmadinejad, who has cultivated the tiny group in order to provide him with cover, when people suggest that he might just have a little problem with Jews. They were invited to his Holocaust Denial conference, and enjoyed frequent meetings – including public hugs and kisses – with the puppet premier of Iran.

Surprise! Western powers give Iran its next deadline to come clean on nuke program

  • “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein

New York – VIN News has learned from high-ranking Iranian officials that a New York meeting between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and members of the radical anti-Zionist Neturei Karta group was canceled at-the behest of Ahmadinejad himself.

nketFile photo: 2007 Ahmadinejad at meeting with Neturei Karta in New York (Reuters)

Neturei Karta members reportedly were scrambling to secure a meeting with Ahmadinejad himself during his recent visit to New York for the U.N. meeting. Hope seemed “lost” until the group actually succeeded in arranging for a face-to-face with the firebrand head of state-only to have that meeting suddenly canceled, by no less than Ahmadinejad himself.

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Neturai Karta gets all cuddly with Iran's genocidal midget (again)


Accused of anti-Semitism, Ahmadinejad meets Jews

*  Neturei Karta is a fringe group of loons who believe Israel should not exist. They exist only to be used for propaganda by Islamaniacs,  Antisemites, the Associated Press and Reuters who make sure to photograph and write about them every single time they surface at an anti-Israel event. And they’re at every high profile anti-Israel event. While Islamo-hate-preachers rave about the annihilation of Israel these kooks stand by and nod approvingly.

By Claudia Parsons

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A day after being accused of making anti-Semitic comments at the United Nations, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met a fringe group of ultra-religious Jews who seek the dismantling of the state of Israel.

“Zionism has greatly weakened and, God willing, it will be destroyed soon and then all Jews, Muslims and Christians can live peacefully with one another,” Ahmadinejad told nearly a dozen rabbis from Neturei Karta International on Wednesday.

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