Muselmania Downunder

What’s going on?
Manufactured camel stories and muselmanic fairytales to replace history
As the member for Calwell, Maria Vamvakinou has many interconnections here which should be understood.
Note her electorate of Calwell which has the largest Muslim population in Victoria, and takes in Broadmeadows.  Maria was a teacher at Thornbury High school and Thornbury is where the Islamic Museum will be built.
Note Ahmed Fahour as patron (ex NAB & Sharia Finance and now Australia Post)
Note Sherene Hassan as board member.
Note, the famous Darebin Council gets a mention here.
Note who approves of the Museum, none other than Preston mosque spokesman Baha Yehia.  And it was Baha Yehia who gave the sermon at Preston mosque on 27th April calling for Jihad against Australia which promptly resulted in whining and wingeing about “ASIO tactics creating fear in Muslim community“- before it was swept under the carpet.
We have been studying the Museum for our Education portfolio.
Even the Dandenong Mayor Pinar Yesil gets a mention (but not for segregating swimming pools)
What a list of stars!
  • Hass Dellal, Nazeem Hussein, Ahmed Fahour. Even Randa Abdel-Fattah gets a guernsey.
  • And Chris Bowen would wax lyrical about how well his Multiculturalism is working!
Anyway, I wrote to Maria Vamvakinou recently and sent her info on why Islam is incompatible with Multiculturalism.

Egypt wants Obamessiah to speak from historic mosque


FILE - In this Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 file photo, a scattering of worshippers
AP – FILE – In this Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 file photo, a scattering of worshippers leave the Al-Azhar mosque …

CAIRO – When President Barack Obama addresses the Muslim worldfrom Cairo next month, Egyptian officials hope he will choose 1,000-year-old Al-Azhar mosque, the heart of a revered institution for Islamic study, as his backdrop “to convey U.S. respect for Islam.”

  •  Respect what? Islam?


*  A key difference between the Left and conservatives is a sense of responsibility, as George Orwell famously put it in his essay on Rudyard Kipling. It’s why the Left is the natural home of the young, the irresponsible, the dissolute, the reckless and the sheer silly.

Cartoon of the day: from Atlas Shrugs


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Spain, Al Andaluz

  • 2 articles on Spanish double standards:
  •  More of  “Stop hurting us, see how nice we are?” policies at play here:

Spanish court convicts 4, frees 10 in terror trial

Thanks to ZIP/Taiwan News

Their faces kept saying “we’re innocent, pay no attention to 200 people dead” – and it worked.


Israel and the US should now put to trial prosecutors and judges from Spain for abusing 4 poor innocent Muslims who did nothing wrong but murder 200 people at train stations.

Spanish court convicts 4, frees 10 in terror trial

  • Oh yea, Islam had nothing to do with 14 people plotting mass murder. Pure coincidence.

During wiretapped conversations, the men discussed an attack on Charles De Gaulle airport outside Paris and spoke of the need to “strike at the British”, Italian police said.

Bassam Ayachi, 62, a Syrian imam with French citizenship, and Raphael Frederic Gendron, 33, a Frenchman who converted to Islam, were allegedly part of an al-Qaeda cell operating in Europe.

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UK: Next Commissioner – why not Captain Hook?

By Richard Littlejohn

* Bunglawussi compo watch:  Daily Express has apologised today in the high court and paid £45,000 damages to Inayat Bunglawala

Sir Ian Blair      

Former Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair

For some unfathomable reason, the Government has the notion that if it embraces Muslim extremists they’ll help us win the war on terror. 

Assorted headbangers are given lavish grants and seats on ‘anti-terrorism’ committees. Ministers have got it into their heads that if we put our arms around them and cross their palms with silver, they won’t blow us up. 

The rest of the world thinks we’re stark, staring bonkers. And not without reason. So it didn’t come as any surprise to learn that a man wanted by Interpol in connection with terrorist offences has been hired as an adviser to Scotland Yard. 

Mohammed Ali Harrath was convicted in Tunisia of numerous criminal and terrorism offences and sentenced in his absence to 56 years in prison. 

Interpol has him subject to a ‘red notice’ (the highest level of alert) and is urging all countries, including Britain, to arrest and deport him. 

Yet in addition to advising the Yard on ‘best practice’ in combating terrorism, he also runs his own TV station, which pumps out Islamist propaganda to 1.6 million viewers in this country. 

With the race to succeed Ian Blair at the Met in disarray, why not just spring Captain Hook from Belmarsh and make him commissioner.

The Real Bunglawussi


The Guardian’s Comment is Free site is running a none-too-serious awards post, in which commenters are asked to nominate their winners.

I rarely link to the site because most of the pieces, let alone the comments, are oh-so-predictable – that is when they are not downright offensive. (I have made an exception when I have highlighted the regular anti-Semitic posts which the moderators appear not to take exception to.) 

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