Multiculturalism is a corrosive policy that has undermined our society and values

So is moral relativism and Political Correctness, which is hard on the brain:

In terms of the problems facing the nation today, Dr. Carson pointed to moral relativism, telling Beck that “political correctness dictates that there is no right and wrong.”

Moral relativism, as it did with the ancient Romans according to the doctor, causes people to lose their sense of self and value.

“One of the founding pillars of this nation was freedom of speech and freedom of expression and when we give up that freedom by succumbing to political correctness,” Carson said that Americans are allowing that underpinning to be compromised “without debate.”

Political Correctness  is Nothing Less Than Marxist Ideology:

Part I

Part II & III  here

MARK Twain knew a thing or two about political correctness when he said: “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

But of course, we know the PC crowd is not having us on. These are smart people who really mean it. Smart because the PC virus has infected so much of what we do, what we read, how we live and how we think.

We now live in an age when “feelings” are treated as a measurement of moral values. We live in what author Monica Ali calls “the marketplace of outrage” where groups vie for victimhood status, each claiming their feelings have been hurt more than others. (Janet Albrechtsen)

This resulted in the Critical Race Theory of Bell and Obama

To understand where CRT comes from, you must know a little about Critical Theory. This was a plan devised by the Frankfurt School in the 1920s. The Frankfurt School was founded in Frankfurt Germany by Marxist academics. Some of the famous members include notable Marxist leaders like Theodore Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Magnus Hirschfeld, and Max Horkheimer.

 The Great List Of Hate Facts from Blazing Cat Fur (slightly edited for Australia)

If diversity is such a strength why does no one else practice it outside of a few gullible western nations?

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While Britain Grows a Spine, Australia Bends Over, Even More….

British PM says multiculturalism has failed, Muslims must integrate into British society

You know that won’t happen, mr Cameron. What are you prepared to do if they refuse to integrate?

British police officers stand guard as protesters demonstrate for the rule by Islamic law in Egypt, outside the Egyptian Embassy in London

Londonistan: Muselmaniacs oppose democracy….

In pronouncing multiculturalism a failure, Cameron joins Angela Merkel, who said the same for multiculturalism in Germany. Hopefully, his words also signal a substantive U-turn from the Labour Party’s quiet but deliberate campaign to make Britain “truly multicultural,” as if that must necessarily be a good thing, and something Britain needed in order to be better than it was. After all, if it ain’t broke, keep on fixing it ’til it is.

“Muslims must embrace our British values, David Cameron says,” by James Kirkup for the Telegraph, February 5:

Society has bent over backwards to accommodate them. There can be no more waiting around for people to “want to belong.” If they don’t, why are they there? (JW)

Unfortunately, Victoria’s ‘Honorable’ Nicholas Kotsiras  (MP) leads Australia in Dhimmitude:

Eight Regional Advisory Councils will be established to work in partnership with the VMC and local communities, operating as important conduits for information on regional settlement and service delivery.

Kotsiras is a clown. Attacking Police for being racist and demanding more cultural sensitivity in law enforcement is even to the left of (lefty Attorney-General Rob) Hulls, how does this muck ever see the light of day? He’s not so much off-message as on another (expletive deleted) planet. Many party members and donors have had a gutful of this sort of thing,” a Liberal insider explained (More here)

The Government will also establish a Ministerial Inter-departmental Multicultural Services Advisory Committee to co-ordinate a whole-of-government approach to multiculturalism and citizenship. Chaired by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, this committee will provide an important additional link between the OMAC, VMC and government departments.

“Victoria will continue to lead the rest of the nation in multicultural affairs and the Baillieu Government will implement initiatives that will ensure Victorians learn from each other and together help forge a more inclusive and harmonious society,” Mr Kotsiras said.  (Premier of Victoria press release, thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi)

Winnipeg: Wrong Assumptions, Negative Attitudes & Stereotyping of Islam to be Cured by Diversity Training

National conference in Winnipeg aims to change negative attitudes, assumptions about Muslims

Canucks need to be open minded and need to understand that the freedom sack is truly liberating and protects women, sez Marwa Fadol. Ignorant infidels with negative attitudes about Islam must be properly educated….

By: Carol Sanders/WinnipegFreePress/thanks to Mullah

A recent poll shows that more than half of all Canadians have a bad feeling about Islam, and a national conference in Winnipeg this week is hoping to change that.

Shahina Siddiqui of the Islamic Social Services Association says conference aims to inform service providers of the needs of their Muslim clients

“Canada is a great place to be,” said Marwa Fadol, a Calgary school psychologist and speaker at the two-day forum for service providers that starts Wednesday.

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Killer Religion, Bacon Jihad

From the Religion of Peace:

Islamist Kills His Own Father for Interpreting for U.S. Troops…

Nothing to do with Islam, right?  Convincing Iraqi Muslims not to work for the Great Satan….

Ahmadinejad: The Jews Only Seem Human; We Are Advancing Step By Step Towards Implementing Our Plan to Change the World; From This Point Forward, We Will Act to Deliver the American People From Its Dictatorial Government This from Memri / via Atlas Shrugs

We are giving the mass murderer, Ahmadinejad, a nuke. Obama is kissing this would-be mahdi’s quran and throwing the Jews to the wolves. That’s a fact. And it will not end well. America will suffer incalculably for decades from this president in ways you cannot imagine.

Sectarian Jihadis Notch Their 85th Doctor…

Jihad against medicine?

UK’ Total Recall:  English Flag ‘Racist’-

Who are the wankers who come up with this s*#t?

Staff at Bolton At Home have been warned that decking out their cars with St George’s flags could ‘discriminate’ against those who don’t support England during the World Cup./ dailymail.

Islamic scholar in UK offended by turkey bacon

“It could well lead towards eating the real thing.”

Nothing like the real thing, I guess….

The question is, why is this a story on the BBC at all? If Rod Adlington wants to produce turkey bacon, why should it be a controversy for anyone? The unspoken subtext of this article seems to be that Adlington should stop producing this product if Naveed Ashrafi’s opinion wins out in the Islamic community. So what if the non-Muslim “pork-free market” and “the slimming market” wants turkey bacon? Apparently if Muslims don’t want it, no one else can or should have it either. That Islamic supremacist conclusion is the only justification for this story; otherwise neither the BBC nor anyone else would care what Rod Adlington raises on his farm.

“Coventry farmer defends bacon substitute for Muslims,” by Philip Churm for the BBC, via JW

Yes, This IS America’s Future: Muslims Are Your Food Police

Unlike Islam, we Jews do not impose our religious requirements on anyone else.  We don’t insist that the rest of the world comply.  We keep our religion, and celebrate that you keep yours and live your life.  But not Islam.  Muslims want everyone to submit.  That’s why Islam means submission, forced submission.    Debbie Schlussel/Read the rest of this entry »

Islamo-fascists welcome in White House & Pentagon; Evangelist Franklin Graham's invitation to speak at a Pentagon prayer service cancelled….

Subversion & Infiltration in the age of the Obama bastard:

Political Correctness is Killing Us:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Evangelist Franklin Graham’s invitation to speak at a Pentagon prayer service has been rescinded because his comments about Islam were inappropriate, the Army said Thursday.

Graham, the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, in 2001 described Islam as evil. More recently, he has said he finds Islam offensive and wants Muslims to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins.

Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins said Graham’s remarks were “not appropriate.”

“We’re an all-inclusive military,” Collins said. “We honor all faiths. … Our message to our service and civilian work force is about the need for diversity and appreciation of all faiths.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation had raised the objection to Graham’s appearance, citing his past remarks about Islam. AP/Fox News has more>>

BREAKING: PENTAGON CAVES, DISINVITES GRAHAMUnindicted Co-Conspirator, Hamas Linked CAIR Warns Pentagon, Demands Franklin Graham Ban

Atlas Shrugs:

WASHINGTON – Christian evangelist Franklin Graham says the Army has withdrawn an invitation for him to appear at a special Pentagon prayer service.

In a statement Thursday, Graham said he regrets the Army’s decision and will continue to pray for the troops.

Graham, the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, in 2001 described Islam as evil. More recently, he has said he finds Islam offensive and wants Muslims to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins.

A victory for CAIR and Major Hasan. Christians, Jews unite and fight!

Soldiers of Allah want evangelist’s Pentagon event canceled, while Muslims groups invite unindicted co-conspirators without problem

Islamization Watch:

Inviting radical Islamo-headbanger Siraj Wahaj into the White House & into the Pentagon is cool.

Here’s Imam Wahhaj:

“In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing, and the only thing that will remain will be Islam,” Wahhaj said in one of his sermons.

Wahhaj, imam of Al-Taqwa mosque, is a former member of the Nation of Islam and was the first Muslim to give an invocation at the House of Representatives.

Brooklyn imam who has been linked to various terror plots to destroy landmarks is targeting New York City passengers in 1,000 subway cars with a new campaign to draw people into Islam.

The campaign has been approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and is set to run four weeks in September during Ramadhan.[+]

Read more…

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Hate-speech laws, political correctness and treason by Eurabia's ruling elites…

Collective amnesia, cupidity & stupidity play a large part in this, not only ignorance.

Freedom of speech in Europe is under attack and Europeans are loosing their freedom to criticize Islam. It doesn’t even matter if the criticism is factual and fair.

Please take the eight minutes to watch this. It is more than good, it is important.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes:

Pamela Geller, Washington Times: Europe’s Looming Demise

The Euro-Med Disaster: Floodgates to Ruin

Atlas Shrugs:

Robert Spencer elaborates on my piece in the Washington Times on the Euro-Med partnership to, in effect, destroy Europe. Read it all.

The EuroMed Partnership: opening the floodgates for jihad in Europe

In “Europe’s looming demise” in the Washington Times today, Pamela Geller discusses a little-noticed initiative that could open the floodgates for jihad in Europe:


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Today's Obamarama (and other madness…)

Islam ‘Sweden’s biggest threat’: far-right leader

UK High Court: Hey, Let’s Share U.S. Intelligence w/ Terrorists, Islamists

A British court ruled that the British government must disclose U.S. intelligence related to the alleged torture of a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, a move the U.K. argued could jeopardize future intelligence sharing.   Read the rest on Debbie Schlussel >>

Why wait to disarm Iran?

By Christopher Hitchens  There’s no possible advantage in waiting until Tehran has nukes.

Our present age of politically correct hypersensitivity is not just morally unserious but profoundly decadent. – Mark Steyn

Political correctness is killing us and our soldiers, sheik yer’mami

A British special forces soldier is facing war crimes charges over claims he threatened to shoot a Taliban prisoner during interrogation. Daily Mail

big spending negro

Just say no to blasphemy laws/ too late. The Obamabastard signed your rights away already…

Hussein Obama’s war against Fox News: Risky business?

Michelle Malkin:


Obama pursues secret agenda to bankrupt U.S., sneak in socialism, Republicans say/what else is new? We been warning about the the Obamabastard long before he was elected…

Various articles from the Russian media provide some interesting opinions on the slow-motion Marxist train wreck that the United States is in the middle of. The Russians have been there and done that, and they have their own perspective on what’s happening. Gates of Vienna

Video: Glenn Beck Interviews Lord Christopher Monckton

Obama’s Media Czar  Anita Dunn: “We Control the Media”

DUNNMao admirer Anita Dunn: We snap our fingers and the media dogs come running

White House boasts: We ‘control’ news media/Tundra Tabloids

UK: Son Murdered by Muslims, Grieving British Mum Worries About Safety of Local Muslims

The Opinionator:

In what can only be described as the ultimate in charity and Christian valuesa Bradford mother is asking for there to be no retailiation on muslims for the brutal beating and murder of her son.

*  Perhaps she is more worried being called a “racist”-  like this traumatized girl here who thinks racism is worse than being pack-raped by a bunch of Muselmaniacs…

“But his mother Christina Baxter said she fears people in Shadsworth, where her son lived, are intent on taking the law into their own hands. “……..“That is the last thing I want to happen. I do not want any other family to have to go through what me and my family had suffered this week. ”

Police state that the murder was not racially motivated – yet the facts seem to point to the opposite – Street Jihad. Likely the police are covering up the truth as this is not Blackburns first “taste” -of often baseball bat wiedling- Street Jihad –see here 

The latest victim, Christopher Folkes, 35, was described as a slight, timid man who would not seek any type of confrontation. He was walking in Queen’s Park, Blackburn on his way to see his mother who was suffering from intense arthritis pain and could not pick him up for his weekly visit. Sadly, the grieving Mum feels guilty about this – thinking that had she done so her son would still be alive. LINK

Other News:

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Suck this, Lizards!


Why We Need Germany

I’m tired of people who are busy losing this world war because they are still obsessed with the previous one, which ended generations ago. Anti-Nazism has mutated into a permanent witch-hunt on an imaginary enemy. The notion that “neo-Nazis” constitute a prominent group today is nonsense. The most dangerous people by far are those running the European Union, who are busy dismantling European civilization and enlarging the borders of the EU to include the Middle East and North Africa, those flooding their own countries with tens of millions of Muslims and other hostile aliens without consulting the native population. This makes the EU the largest criminal entity on the planet, preoccupied with destroying an entire continent, dismantling the greatest civilization that has ever existed and replacing the native population with others. I have described this in my book Defeating Eurabia, which is available online.

* Sharia Infiltrates German Courts, Schools, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

* German brothel closes after threats from Muslims.

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LGF: Useful Idiots For CAIR

* F*kcfrance: Apparently LGF has been bought by the Democrats, CAIR, the Saudis or other proponents of world-wide islamization !

Update:  CAIR, un -indicted co-conspirator in a Texas terror trial and front for the Muslim Brotherhood in America,  is calling for the resignation of  a great American, Representative Adam Hasner, for appearing at a dinner with the honorable MP Geert Wilders.



6a00d8341c60bf53ef01156f5b97dc970c-500wiDrama Queens: Charles Johnson & James Wolcott:  as conservative as Arianna Huffinton and Teresa Heinz…


The whole thing pains me. Just when the anti-jihad was picking up momentum it is one  (we considered one of our own) who goes turncoat. Pathetic… our CAIR-ing  enemies are laughing their sorry asses off….

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