Islamization of Australia


No Multiculti for Jews 

 “The organiser would not be held responsible for consequences if the words “Israel” or “Israeli” were used to describe the group…”

Approving of every culture bar one:

A Melbourne Israeli Dancing group was dropped from participating in a Victorian dance festival after refusing organisers’ moves to drop all references to Israel.   (Andrew Bolt)

Floodgates Open Wide

 Labor gives up on boat people. Touch base and you’re home

 “They will live in the community on bridging visas while their asylum claims are completed and their status is resolved,” Mr Bowen said.

 The Long Night of the Iron Burqa

 Monash University Produces Handbook for Muslim Students Listing Country’s Most Radical Prayer Halls  (via Pamela Geller)

It’s not enough that Muslims are all over the Western world demanding special accommodation for Muslim practices, at the expense of our freedoms and our principles of equality. What is even worse is that so many stupid kuffar are so eager to help them.

Thesis OptionsMuslim handbook is divisive Herald Sun November 24, 201

Monash University has produced a handbook specifically for its Muslim students. Picture: Zoe Phillips Herald Sun

MONASH University prides itself on its “multicultural learning environment” and yet it produces a handbook for one certain class of students, and not for others.

Salaam Monash is the title of the glossy 50-page “handbook for Muslim students”.

“At Monash we understand that Muslim students have specific social, religious and cultural needs,” writes Professor Stephanie Fahey, deputy vice-chancellor, in a foreword to the handbook.

The booklet lists Islamic banking and financial institutions, Muslim publications, women’s groups and schools. It also lists Muslim medical and dental practitioners, which splits up doctors into male and female groups.

There is also a halal food guide and a list of halal grocers and butchers.

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Muslim Demands, Muslim Politics, Muslim Grievance Theater

Bergen/Norway: Students want prayer room

(Yawn… when will Muslims offer prayer rooms to minorities in Islamic countries…?)

“We want a quiet room, where people can come and concentrate on praying,” Issam Bouiri, coordinator of the Muslim Student Society (MSS) in Bergen, told university paper Studvest.

London: Students turn to embassies to lobby for prayer room

We have ways to make you submit: “we need to take further steps if the university do not feel it is necessary to provide for the needs of the Muslims.”

Germany: International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

Islamization Watch

There are no churches in Arabia ~ but it is ‘Islamophic’ and ‘xenophobic’ not to build one of their Wahabi funded mosques here in the west.. Read more…

Construction of Two Churches Stopped in Indonesia

The building permit was posted in plain view, but the Islamic protestors said they felt that not all citizens had agreed to allow the building. (building permit? That’s unusual… according to the pact of Umar unbelievers are not allowed to erect new churches or repair existing ones/ed) Read more…IW

Germany: Economic Safety Net Keeps Muslims Safe & Comfy

Previous post: Germany: Conservative Mayor Rejects Minaret

Researchers have not seen a correlation between economic woes and Islamophobia.“The economic crisis hit the immigrant population, many of them Muslims, harder than it did the majority population,” the report said.

Werner Schiffauer, professor of social and cultural anthropology specializing in Muslim populations in Europe at the Viadrina University in Frankfurt an der Oder. “As they are dependent on welfare benefits, there was the accusation of blaming them, in a way, that Islam is responsible for a lax working morale.”

Its not the “lax working morale” that irks Germans. Its that Muslims take the benefits of the welfare state for granted and refuse to contribute in any way to it, which is far more irksome. Islam in Europe

Australia: Muslim Students Demand Exclusive Prayer Room

*  Same old song and dance: Once Islam is established, there’s no more room for filthy kuffars. These Muslim protests are going on for quite a while now at RMIT. We have been reporting this as far back as 25th of May this year.  Why not tell these 1000 Islamic troublemakers that Australia is not an Islamic country, cancel their visas  and  encourage them to leave?


Muslim students protest about prayer room at RMIT

By Mark Dunn/Herald Sun

* The excellent Australian Islamist Monitor has more

* Latest News: Will RMIT Cave In?

UP TO 1000 Muslim students at RMIT are protesting against sharing a multi-faith prayer room with Christians, Jews and worshippers of other faiths.

RMIT Islamic Society vice-president Mohamed Elrafihi said the university had promised Muslim students their own prayer room at the Swanston St campus.

Five refurbished multi-faith prayer rooms — including a foot-wash room for Muslims and a prayer room with Arabic signs and oriented towards Mecca — were opened to students earlier this year.

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