Iranian woman raped five times in prison for not covering up

Islam is the most horrible thing I’ve experienced in my life. Islam means failure, Islam means rape, it means women are not human, that they are worth half. That’s what Islam means.


KGS from the Tundra Tabloids has the video’s here

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2 Iranian dissidents say they were raped in captivity

By Ivan Watson and Noushin Seiyed Hoseiny Novin/CNN

ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN)– Two Iranians who were caught up in the waves of arrests that followed the disputed presidential elections in June have accused their captors of raping them.

art.sharifi.cnnBy telling his story, Ibrahim Sharifi says, he “committed social suicide so this incident wouldn’t happen to others.

An Iranian man and a woman made the allegations in separate interviews with CNN. Both said they fled to Turkey from Iran after claiming to have been threatened by Iranian security services. While CNN does not normally use the names of alleged rape victims, their names are included here with their permission.

CNN could not independently confirm their accounts. But the testimony of one of the alleged rape victims, Ibrahim Sharifi, was revealed last month by a prominent Iranian opposition leader who claimed to have gathered at least four accounts of sexual assault this summer in Iranian prisons. Sharifi’s allegations were also included in a report published last week by two Western human rights organizations investigating reports of abuse in Iranian prisons.


karrubi.afp.giOpposition candidate Mehdi Karrubi first publicized allegations that detained dissidents had been raped

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Iran denies basiji raping hundreds of boys and girls

There is no jihad, Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims have contributed enormously to western civilization and if you say Islam is violent we’ll kill you!

A familiar pattern in Iran: If Caught, Lie and Deny!

Muslims rape

An judiciary panel dismissed on Saturday claims made by Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi that several jailed vote protesters had been raped and called for action against the cleric.

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Meet Ayatollah Mezbah Nazdi, High Priest of Iran's Prison Rapists

When Ahmadinejad speaks it is really Mesbah-Yazdi speaking.


Meet the man who is behind the horrific Islamic rulings that justify rape of young boys and girls in the dungeons of Iran: as long as the interrogator performs a ritual washing and says his prayers while raping the prisoner everything is just swell. Yazdi promises “a spiritual reward equivalent to making the mandated Haj pilgrimage…”


Where truth is stranger than fiction.

Start playing the music from the twilight zone. Prophecy is a dangerous game. You never know if the prophecy is coming from God, Satan, (lies designed to hurt us) an angel, a demon, any discarnate spirit, Whoopi Goldberg, a truth teller, a liar, or your own mind.

Wherever the prophecy is coming from it must filter through your brain and often that filter corrupts it. Furthermore prophecy sometimes comes straight out, but other times it is in a code. Also a prophecy can come true more than once. The bottom line is that prophecy is very unreliable and would likely not be admissible evidence in court, Patricia Arquette notwithstanding. It’s hard to believe but Marie, Brigitte and Ariel are all having prophetic dreams even though their dad is a mere mortal engineer mathematician. It sounds like Bewitched and Tabitha. The bottom line is that we are all far better off using our own minds and our own common sense. Nevertheless, Nostradamus has been so unbelievably accurate so far that his anti-Christ prophecies can hardly be ignored. Remember however that Nostradamus himself said that he was writing his prophecies in code in order to escape death from the Inquisition.

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