The Mohammedan Tsunami

Fox guarding chicken coop:

Screen-Shot-2014-04-02-at-4.15.45-PMTariq Ramadan, grandson of Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, invited to sit on an “Advisory Group” on the Orwellian-named “Freedom of Religion,” –– Pamela Geller

Andrew Gilligan: many journalists and officials are afraid of being branded racist for criticising Lutfur Rahman.

 Lutfur Rahman’s ruling cabinet is 100 per cent Bangladeshi and Muslim, while 45.2 per cent of the population is (still) white. Finally,  following the BBC’s Panorama on Rahman this week, it looks as if the dam is breaking. A Government investigation is now looking extremely likely.  (source)

Hook-o-phobia in New York

New York cops fear hate preacher Abu Hamza’s trial could spark more terror
abu-hamza… One-eyed Hamza, who was extradited to the US from Britain in 2012, will appear in court next week in New York, and the city’s authorities fear another al-Qaida attack to coincide with the trial. ..Daily Star, thanks to Mullah pbuh

Douglas Murray smells the coffee: OUR NEW SHARIA LAW

The strangest thing of all about this is not the slow erosion of the principle of one law for all. It is not even the offering up of an increasing number of parts of British life to an extremist ideology. It is the ease with which it is all done. “This is not chopping off hands,” Sharia’s defenders say, scoffingly. “It is not chopping off heads or lashing people,” they continue. Some people already complain that critics of Sharia are giving Sharia as a whole a bad name, lumping in the “bad” Sharia with the “good” Sharia. In reality, of course, Sharia law, officially adopted just this week by Brunei, apparently complete with amputations and stoning, is not compatible with law as we have been practicing it for over 2000 years in the West. The short-term political gains for the political leaders who support it hardly seem worth the long-term losses that will befall our society if we continue incorporating this system of law into our national life. If we are indeed seeing the beginning of this process, we are far from seeing what lies at the end of it. (Mullah)


Not jihad, not crime, not rape; monitoring Islamic head choppers is the problem

Complaints about alleged illegal monitoring by Norwegian intelligence services doubled from 21 in 2001 to more than 40 in 2013. The focus has increasingly shifted to immigrant communities with ties to Islam, leading to concerns such surveillance could hinder their integration and have broader impacts on democratic rights. (Seems to be the problem everywhere these days. Fighting crime causes more crime; resistance to jihad causes more… jihad. Got it.)


Even the leftarded Harry’s Place can’t help but wonder why Camoron tasks MuBro crackpot Tariq Ramadan with advising his Hizb-ut Tahrir connected Muslim advisor “Baroness” Warsi, his trusty expert on all things muselmanic:

Brother Tariq and Baroness Warsi

Lucy Lips, April 2nd 2014, 3:48 pm

Let’s say someone offered this stupid, callous and offensive observation on Mohamed Merah’s terrorist murder spree in Toulouse in 2012:

Politically, he was a young man adrift, imbued neither with the values of Islam, nor driven by racism and anti-Semitism. Young, disoriented, he shot at targets whose prominence and meaning seem to have been chosen based on little more than their visibility.

Yes, it’s Tariq Ramadan. And you will remember that Merah deliberately targeted Jews for murder, including children.

Brother Tariq added this:

Where we might have hoped for a true debate on political issues, we must now be content with trapeze artists and jugglers, with illusionists, and with clever and cynical attempts to exploit a tragedy.

Imagine someone saying in the immediate aftermath of Anders Breivik’s atrocities that “one might have hoped Norway would now hold a proper debate about immigration and integration”. It would be an utterly foul reaction.

Now consider a woman who looks at the world of so many Toulouses and is concerned. She says:

Across the world, people are being singled out and hounded out simply for the faith they follow or the beliefs they hold. The persecution of people because of their faith or belief has, I believe, become a global crisis. I want to make sure we have the best advice available.

That woman is Baroness Warsi, speaking about her new “Foreign Office group on Freedom of Religion or Belief”.

Among others, she has appointed Brother Tariq to advise her.

What an idiot.

Norway: Muslims not fasting during Ramadan should be beheaded

Beautiful. Couldn’t happen to nicer people:

Ramadan in Europe

At Hudson-NY, Soeren Kern gives a rundown of how Europeans are accommodating their Muslim residents on Ramadan, and how their Muslims are demanding more. Excerpts:
In Norway, the Oslo-based Imam Syed Farasat Ali Bukhari told the Norwegian state television channel NRK that any Muslim not fasting during Ramadan should be beheaded. He made the comments shortly after asking the government for permission to open a private Islamic school for 200 pupils in the Ammerud neighbourhood of Oslo. The government subsequently denied his request.

Useful Idiots: the ABC's Gushing Ramadan Promo Downunder

I’ll spare you the drivel from Brigid Andersen. This twit doesn’t even question segregation. You won’t find a critical question in this mindless propaganda piece.

(Thanks to Mullah for sending this in)

But you are welcome to take a closer look, here. Infuriating that this crap is produced on the taxpayers dime.

No Islam promo without the “misconceptions:”

Abdul Jalal, the president of the Islamic Society of Darra, admits there are many misconceptions about Islam.

If we talk about it, we  will understand:

“But with Islam, everything was put in a nutshell. I think the more we talk about it, the more people will understand.  I’m talking about our Australian brothers and sisters – if we don’t talk about it and keep Islam to ourselves then we’re not getting the message through.”

Mr Jalal says Muslims have a responsibility to educate others about their religion.

“If I keep Islam to myself, it is not your fault it is my fault because I have not taken Islam to you to make you understand what Islam really is,” he said.

“The negative attitude that we see here is partly our responsibility.”

Here’s how Muslims educate others about their religion:

Wanna talk about it, Abdul? I’m right here, on Call in any time!

Obama, you lie!

Saint Obama’s Iftar Dinner

“Ramadan,” said President Obama at a White House iftar dinner in 2010, “is a reminder that Islam has always been a part of America. The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan — making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.”

The State Department retails the PC myth in this article, “Thomas Jefferson’s Iftar,” July 29. Nor is this the first time this falsehood has gone around: the State announcement quotes Barack Obama saying last year: “Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been a part of America. The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan — making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.”

Longtime Jihad Watch writer Hugh Fitzgerald busted this myth in his piece “Barack Obama, The New York Times, that Iftar Dinner, and the rewriting of history,” which was first published here at Jihad Watch on August 26, 2010. Here it is again:

Barack Obama, The New York Times, that Iftar Dinner, and the rewriting of history
by Hugh Fitzgerald

“The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan — making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.” — Barack Obama, speaking on August 14, 2010, at the “Annual Iftar Dinner” at the White House

Really? Is that what happened? Was there a “first known iftar at the White House” given by none other than President Thomas Jefferson for the “first Muslim ambassador to the United States”? That’s what Barack Obama and his dutiful speechwriters told the Muslims in attendance at the 2010 “Annual Iftar Dinner,” knowing full well that the remarks would be published for all to see. Apparently Obama, and those who wrote this speech for him, and others who vetted it, find nothing wrong with attempting to convince Americans, as part of their policy of trying to win Muslim hearts and Muslim minds, that American history itself can be rewritten. A little insidious nunc pro tuncbackdating, to rewrite American history. And that rewrite of American history has the goal of convincing Americans, in order to please Muslims, that the United States and Islam, that Americans and Muslims, go way back.

As Obama so unforgettably put it in his Cairo Speech (possibly the most inaccurate, the most cavalier about historical truth, of any speech by any President in American history):

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Furore over Dandenong City Council's Dhimmitude

Cover up for pool event during next year’s Ramadan rejected

Sheik reported yesterday: Preemptive Dhimmitude Backfires

UPDATE 12.35pm: A PLAN to force families to cover up to avoid offending Muslims at a public event has triggered furious debate.

Muslim women have been banned from wearing the body-concealing swimming costume known as a burqini in the northern Italian town of Varallo Sesia (Telegraph UK)

The anti-immigration mayor (?) of the northern Piedmont town said: “The sight of a ‘masked woman’ could disturb small children, not to mention problems of hygiene.  “We don’t have to be tolerant all the time,” Gianluca Buonanno said.

An overwhelming 94 per cent of readers disagree with the legal ruling approving the contentious ban during next year’s Ramadan.

So far the Premier John Brumby has refused to weigh into the debate about the event, saying he will wait to see the VCAT ruling before making any comment.

VCAT has approved a ban on uncovered shoulders and thighs for a community event to be held at the Dandenong Oasis, a municipal pool.

“Participants aged 10 and over must ensure their bodies are covered from waist to knee and the entire torso extending to the upper arms,” a request by Dandenong City Council and the YMCA states in an exemption application to the Equal Opportunities Act.

“Participants must not wear transparent clothing.”

This issue has also sparked a huge community debate, with well over 700 people commenting on this morning.

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Muslim Ramadan Prayer:

Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi: The Desire to Shed Blood, Smash Skulls, and Sever Limbs for the Sake of Allah Is an Honor for the Believer (MEMRI)

Al Arifi has long been one of my favorite assholes……

From the Religion of Peace

Clock Envy

Let the Saudis pretend that Mecca is the center of the universe if they want. Just don’t encourage them. (Washington Times)

Does anybody know what time it is?

Gigantic  Mecca  clock tower built by the bin Laden group

The skyscraper is part of a seven-tower complex being built by the Saudi Bin Laden Group and which overlooks Mecca’s famed Grand Mosque. It is part of Saudi efforts to develop the city visited by millions of pilgrims every year. (Al Age)

Bulgarian Muslims Mark Ramadan with Mosque Fistfight

The fist-fight, which involved some 200 people, broke out at evening prayer between the supporters of newly-elected head mufti Mustafa Hadzhi and those of his predecessor Nedim Gendzhev.

Despite reports that some of the brawlers had been armed with knives, only slight injuries were reported after police broke up the crowd.  (M & C)

al-Qaeda Urges Saudis to Seek Allah and Kill Christians…

Al-Qaeda urged soldiers to help topple the Saudi monarchy and kill Christians and government officials in the kingdom… (Bloomberg) Nothing to do with Islam, Islam is a religion of peace, can’t blame all muslims, say Islam is peace or we kill you……

Ground Zero Mosque Organizers Complain Gay Bar Insensitive…

Greg Gutfeld needs a bit of sensitivity training, long overdue…..

German Muslims whine over closure of terror mosque

German police blocking the entrance to the Taiba mosque in Hamburg which was closed by authorities on Monday.

The deputy chairman of the alliance of  Islamic municipalities in Northern Germany, Ahmed Yazici, sharply criticized the  closure of the former Al-Quds-mosque in Hamburg. This is “a fatal signal to the Muslims in Germany and in the Islamic world”, he said it on Monday in an interview of the press agency DDP.  “Shutting down prayer houses, all the same whether mosques, churches or synagogues (say that is not true!), is an absolute taboo break which throws a bad light  on our democracy”….. (in German: Behörden schließen Hamburger Terror-Moschee from PI)

Ramadan Fasting ?   Not:   ‘We are Already Dying of Hunger’…

Around 1,500 people have been killed, and the U.N. estimates up to 7 million people need emergency assistance. (The rich Arabs give nothing, why should we?)

Taliban Responsible for Surge in Civilian Deaths…

Where’s the Outrage from Muslim Leaders?

A naive writer wonders why ‘moderate Muslim’ leaders aren’t terribly bothered by the murder of ten medical workers in the name of Islam. (Cape Cod)

Indian Christians Protest Planned Quran Burning…

Muslim brothers must ignore such fanatic statement in the larger interest as this does not represent popular Christian feeling….. (Christian Post)

UAE Jails 14-Year-Old Girl for ‘Sex’ with Bus Driver…

A 14-year-old Brazilian girl was sentenced to jail in Abu Dhabi then deportation for having had “consensual sex” with a Pakistani school bus driver, local newspapers said on Wednesday. (9News)

Failed Asylum Seeker Assaults and Robs 76-Year-Old UK Woman

A FAILED asylum seeker stalked a 76-year-old grandmother, beat her to the ground, broke her hip and stole her bag – because he did not have enough money for cigarettes. (Bristol)

Man Wearing Burqa Robs Maryland Bank…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Montgomery County police said a man wearing a burqa robbed a bank in Silver Spring. Police said the man who robbed a TD Bank branch on Briggs Chaney Road about 4:20 p.m. Tuesday was wearing a “long black burqa over his face.” He also wore jeans and tan boots.   (I guess he was a cowboy)

Study: 3 Out of 4 First Wives Not Satisfied with Polygamy…

Shut up, bitches! Islam is not a democracy…..

Morocco is no Picnic

Where a picnic is against the law

Muslim Moroccans pray near Hassan II Tower in Rabat during the holy month of Ramadan, Oct. 5, 2007. Moroccans who planned a public picnic this year in protest of laws against eating during Ramadan were arrested by police.

Moroccan protests against the Ramadan fast provoke arrests and angry threats.

By Erik GermanGlobalPost

RABAT, Morocco — Death threats, police interrogations and a media firestorm aren’t typical upshots of a decision to enjoy an afternoon picnic.

But that’s just what happened after a circle of Moroccan activists tried meeting for an outdoor lunch during Ramadan last month.

The activists planned the meal to protest a national law that punishes those who break the Islamic holy month’s mandatory daytime fast. Their stated aim was to spur debate on religious freedom.

The resulting brouhaha has observers debating the sway fundamentalists hold in a country that  has a 98 percent Muslim majority and which, despite travel advertisements that make its society appear modern and secular, is actually quite traditional.

“Moroccan society is particularly hard on people who don’t observe Ramadan,” said Zineb El Rhazoui, 27, a Casablanca journalist who helped organize the protest. “If people see you eating in the street, they attack you. This needs to be stopped.”

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Morocco: Dissident receives 100 death threats in a week for defying daytime eating ban for Ramadan

Hmmm, why would that be?  Doesn’t our resident troll Solkar keep telling us that we got it all wrong and that we are ‘radicals & extremists’ while his country is full of tolerance and moderation?


“There is no compulsion in religion,” (Qur’an 2:256) except when there is. And that time comes when the implementation of Sharia is strong enough to impose criminal punishments for the neglect of religious observances: i.e., when the time for the soft sell is over.

“Threats for breaking Morocco fast,” from BBC News, September 18, H/T JW

A Moroccan man campaigning to change the law banning eating in public during the Muslim Ramadan fast says he has received 100 death threats this week.

Radi Omar denied that his group was anti-Islam. “We are in favour of individual freedom,” he told the BBC.

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Breakfast in Morocco

Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

trad breakfast 1

In recent years many Western nations have done their best to help enforce the legal requirements of shari’a when pressured by their Muslim minorities. The pandering has even reached the point where, during Ramadan, non-Muslims in public employment are sometimes forbidden to eat their lunch where Muslims can see them.

Now, in one of the bitter ironies of our time, a group of courageous Moroccans is risking arrest and punishment for asserting the right to eat in public.

While we are rushing pell-mell to surrender our civil liberties, people in Morocco are struggling to claim theirs for the first time.

Related links:

According to ANSAmed:

Ramadan: Moroccans Attempting to Break Fast Reported

(ANSAmed) — RABAT, SEPTEMBER 15 — Six people have been reported to the legal authorities for attempting to publicly break their Ramadan fast in Mohammedia (80km south of Rabat).

The group said that they are part of the “Alternative movement for the defence of individual liberties”, unheard of until now, but which includes Zineb Elghzaoui, a journalist for the Journal Hebdomadaire, as one of their members.

The demonstrators, who were blocked by police, were supposed to break their Ramadan fast “to protest against a law punishing non-observance during the month of Ramadan”. It is the first time in Morocco that a group of people publicly demanded the right not to fast.

In a statement issued by press agency MAP, the Ulema Council of Mohammedia denounced “this loathsome act that challenges God and the prophet’s teachings: a public attack of this nature on religion cannot be tolerated”. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are called to abstain from food, drink, smoking, and sexual relations from dusk until dawn.

Islam cannot be compared to other religions

News first:

Update: video of Australian Muslim “youths” standoff with police in Auburn, organized via facebook: “Kefeirs raiding brother’s house, everyone get down hier (sic)!!”

r423309282Go the full hog: stuff yourself or get stuffed….

Harry’s wants you to go back to sleep:

“don’t eat biscuits in front of Muslims during Ramadan?”

No, The Muslims are not coming for your biscuits and they’re certainly not coming for you.

*  Gee, all these misconceptions and misunderstanders of Islam…!

*  Don’t dare to compare: Islam is different!

Islam and Christianity: Challenging the Comparison

Religious relativism does not help one to understand Islam

(translation) “When violence was perpetrated in the name of Christianity, it was against the Christian message. But the aggressive war to spread Islam is directly supported in Islam and exemplified by Muhammad himself.”

(Europe News) or Tundra Tabloids

Other News: