Farraclown: "You are at the mercy of the former slave masters and their children"

Where is Newsweep dimbulb Christopher Dickey when you need him?  Newsweeps Paris bureau chief who wants “somebody” to  Stop Geert Wilders before somebody gets hurt! has his head in the sand and his ass in the air when it comes to the obvious, shrill incitement to violence against whites from Calypso Louis & co.

Farrakhan Tells Blacks — Breeding With Whites Is the ‘End of Your Race’

Brother Ain’t Shooting No Blanks’:

Louis Farrakhan, The Nation of Islam’s infamous leader, is known for issuing some bizarre commentary on a variety of social and political issues. Earlier this week, while speaking at Alabama A&M University, Farrakhan made the curious claim that Jesus was a black Muslim. On Thursday night, while giving an address at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist church in Nashville, Tennessee, his questionable ideals continued to flow.

The “faith leader”, who is known for his fiery sermons, doesn’t need to look far to find a catalyst for his seemingly never-ending personal angst. Even the event’s location was a point of contention for the minister. After his plans to speak at Tennessee State University (TSU) fell through, Farrakhan accused the higher education facility of purposefully keeping him off of the campus.

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Affirmative Action Monkey Prof Does the Kill Whitey Song & Dance

Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree Calls for Anti-White Violence

If it wasn’t for affirmative action they would both be in prison where they belong.

Stay tuned for more shiite like this:

“I want to see the first white victim of the stand your ground by a black defendant and see if it works.”

If Obama were the president of all Americans rather than just black American Muselmaniacs and well-to-do moonbats, he would make some attempt to tamp this rhetoric down rather than contributing to it. (Moonbattery)

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UK: Son Murdered by Muslims, Grieving British Mum Worries About Safety of Local Muslims

The Opinionator:

In what can only be described as the ultimate in charity and Christian valuesa Bradford mother is asking for there to be no retailiation on muslims for the brutal beating and murder of her son.

*  Perhaps she is more worried being called a “racist”-  like this traumatized girl here who thinks racism is worse than being pack-raped by a bunch of Muselmaniacs…

“But his mother Christina Baxter said she fears people in Shadsworth, where her son lived, are intent on taking the law into their own hands. “……..“That is the last thing I want to happen. I do not want any other family to have to go through what me and my family had suffered this week. ”

Police state that the murder was not racially motivated – yet the facts seem to point to the opposite – Street Jihad. Likely the police are covering up the truth as this is not Blackburns first “taste” -of often baseball bat wiedling- Street Jihad –see here 

The latest victim, Christopher Folkes, 35, was described as a slight, timid man who would not seek any type of confrontation. He was walking in Queen’s Park, Blackburn on his way to see his mother who was suffering from intense arthritis pain and could not pick him up for his weekly visit. Sadly, the grieving Mum feels guilty about this – thinking that had she done so her son would still be alive. LINK

Other News:

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White men can't judge: Obambi's affirmative action racism hits America

Obambi’s America: “Racist, racist, racist…!

Who Wants to be Labeled a Racist? White House Press Secretary Issues Not-So-Veiled Threat to Sotomayor Critics…

Smarter than any white colleague on the court

Andrew Bolt –

Sonia Sotomayor, Barack Obama’s affirmative action pick for the Supreme Court, reaches a conclusion that proves her conclusion is false:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

Not only is this racist and foolish, it fundamentally misunderstands the role of a judge, which is to uphold the law, not pass on the lessons of her personal experiences. Be afraid that Obama finds this fine.

Update from Ann Coulter:

I Feel Your Pain. Not Theirs. Yours.

God save us from liberal “empathy.” After President Barack Obama announced his empathetic Supreme Court nominee this week, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, we found out that some people are more deserving of empathy than others.

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Reverse Racism in Full Swing: whitey need not apply…


Obama’s Coming Attack on the Courts

Gingrich: Sotomayor ‘Racist,’ Should Withdraw

Sotomayor: Radical on the SCOTUS

Here is a brief look at President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. You may want to forward this to your friends.

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