Wafa Sultan: The Western Sellout to Sharia Law

The Islamists’ Enablers: The Western Sellout to Sharia Law (HNY)

There is no doubt that free speech, the bedrock of democracy and civilization, is under dangerous assault in many Western countries, by a variety of leading organizations and individuals who align themselves with Muslim institutions.

They all promote the fantasy of Muslim victimhood, and force the West to overprotect Muslims, to ignore their atrocities, and to surrender to their escalating demands.

Around the world, Muslims enforce non Muslims compliance and deliberate air-brushing of the extent and magnitude of the Islamic threat — from holy war, or Jihad, to the treatment of women under Islam. As approved by Sharia dictates, Muslims also try to forbid non-Muslims from speaking critically about Islam.

How do they accomplish this? They name anyone who engages in an honest examination of Islamic texts as a bigot, or full of hate, or call him an “Islamophobe.” Dissent brings trials for non-specific “hate-speech” crimes, as well as threats of riots, violence and boycotts. In many worst-case scenarios, Muslims kill non Muslims, as well as those brave Muslims who dare to defy mind-control and suppression.

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EUrabia, here we come!

Islam in Europe:

Sweden offers aid for Libya refugee effort: Sweden plans to contribute a C-130 Hercules aircraft as well as 33 million kronor ($5.2 million) to assist with the evacuation of refugees from Libya…

Sweden: New immigration policy to give illegals new rights

Kent Ekeroth will be pleased, no doubt….

The motivating factor  for this madness is the rise of the only ‘right wing’ party, the Sweden Democrats:

“We’re going to continue on the road toward humanity and order, this is a choice which closes the door on xenophobic forces,” said PM Reinfeldt.  (If that is not suicidal stupidity I don’t know what is….)

Poster Robin Hood comments:

Shouldn’t imigration policy be founded on what is good for Sweden, rather than what is bad for the Sweden Democrats?

There’s an awful lot of rhetoric about how much the SD’s aren’t going to like this. But very little explanation why allowing criminals to start their own companies and get free healthcare will benefit Swedish society. I would like to hear less of the former, and more of the later.

Italy: Tunisians come to Europe looking for family, challenges

Challenging unbelievers is a piece of cake…

Sweden: Two Swedes acquitted of plotting terror crimes

They’re not Swedes. They are of “Somali descent”

France: “All of these problems that led to revolutions in the Arab world are also daily life in France”

Questions are also emerging about whether the spirit of revolt might also take root among Europe-based Arabs, who often accuse their host countries of racism and blame the colonial past for many of their woes.

(I call that the ‘gimme gimme syndrome’)

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Quote of the day: “my father served in the RAF during the Second World War – yours spent it in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler…”

We reported earlier today:

BNP’s Griffin on Question Time: “We are the aborigines here”

Nick Griffin of the British National Party to Jack “the burqa” Straw, the spineless Nullabor blowboy  who fathered  ” the alternative would be too horrible to contemplate” quote. (in regards to the Mohammedan invasion, meaning hope beats reality, just in case the Islamic invaders don’t  settle in and become civilized…) Indeed, Jack, the man of Straw, always his fathers son, turned ash gray when Griffin called him out on the coward he is: “my father served in the RAF during the Second World War – yours spent it in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler…”


Of course, the papers are full of it today, but a truthful account is hard to come by: