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Shunning Kurt Westergaard

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

Kurt Westergaard, the man behind the most famous Mohammed cartoon, offered a piece of his artwork to a charity auction for victims of the Haitian earthquake. The charity rebuffed his offer due to fears of violence.

“We value the safety of our employees quite highly”-

read it and weep!

Our Danish correspondent TB has collected and translated the material for this post, but I’ll post his appeal for the charity first, since the auction is on Saturday, and this is therefore time-sensitive:

I urge everyone to spread this web address. This is where you can bid on Kurt Westergaard’s painting or just leave money for the kids of Haiti.

Use this form to place a bid.

Here are the two men behind it. The headline above the picture reads: “Everybody loves Kurt, except Lauritz!”

Next is a brief news story about what happened, and below that is a press release from Galleri Draupner.

What is notable about the news story below is Lauritz’ explanation that “[w]e value the safety of our employees”. This is the customary reason given for self-censorship under the dhimmi regimes of the Islamized West. Yale University Press, Borders bookstores, various newspapers and television stations, the publishers who refused the novel about Aisha — all of them moderated their actions based on a perceived need to keep their employees safe.

Their rationale may be restated thus: “We fear that violent religious thugs will injure or kill us. Therefore we will accede to their demands in advance, in order to make sure that no one gets hurt.”

Jihad is not even necessary. The lickspittle craven cringing cowards of our cultural elite are ready to cry uncle before the first sword leaves its scabbard.

From The Copenhagen Post:

TV2’s morning lifestyle programme Go’morgen Danmark was the latest in a long line of those trying to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. The show organised an auction through auctioneers,, and asked well known politicians and personalities to donate personal items for the charity fundraiser.

A signed copy of Bill Clinton’s book dedicated to the head of the Social Democrats, concert and sports events tickets and a porcelain doll owned by Pia Kjærsgaard, head of the Danish People’s Party, are already listed in the auction.

Read it all, here>>

Mark Steyn: Civilization Walks The Plank

*  Top US General in Afghanistan Calls Qur’an a ‘Very Good Book’…big-spending-negro1

The Reuters headline put it this way: “Pirates Pose Annoying Distraction For Obama.”

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn

So many distractions, aren’t there? Only a week ago, the North Korean missile test was an “annoying distraction” from Barack Obama’s call for a world without nuclear weapons and his pledge that America would lead the way in disarming. And only a couple of days earlier the president insisted Iraq was a “distraction” – from what, I forget: The cooing press coverage of Michelle’s wardrobe? No doubt when the Iranians nuke Israel, that, too, will be an unwelcome distraction from the administration’s plans for federally subsidized day care, just as Pearl Harbor was an annoying distraction from the New Deal, and the First World War was an annoying distraction from the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s dinner plans

If the incompetent management driving The New York Times from junk status to oblivion wished to decelerate their terminal decline, they might usefully amend their motto to “All The News That’s Fit To Distract.” Tom Blumer of Newsbusters notes that in the past 30 days there have been some 2,500 stories featuring Obama and “distractions,” as opposed to about 800 “distractions” for Bush in his entire second term. The sub-headline of the Reuters story suggests the unprecedented pace at which the mountain of distractions is piling up: “First North Korea, Iran – now Somali pirates.”

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Obama submits, surrenders in Turkey

* Frank Gaffney gets it (almost) right, but Islam is not only at war with “the West”- Islam is at war with the world, since its inception.

From the Brussels Journal:

Muslims do not come to integrate in Europe, but to force Europe to integrate in Islam. And the traitor class that rules Europe is happy to oblige

Of all the law-enabled crimes that the ruling elites of the West have perpetrated on their subject populations in the last 40 years, none has been as grave as the demented stuffing of 55 million imported Muslims into Western Europe, another 5 million into the white Anglosphere countries, plus unknown millions of illegals in both. This has shattered the common cultural, moral and religious social capital of the Euro peoples, dissolves bonds of community and civil society, and led to strife, violence, terrorism and anti-West genocidal plots by Muslims – all of which, we shall argue, could have been avoided had the West remained the West and the East remained where it properly belongs, in the Crescent Moon East. 

Fighting Stealth Jihad & Shari’a: Geert Wilders speaks in LA

Here is Geert Wilders’s speech Saturday night at the David Horowitz Freedom Center event in Beverly Hills, California:

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Taliban calls on Obama to reverse Bush's 'satanic policies'

* Could it be that Bush did something right…?


Click on image to enlarge…

America’s war on terror takes a… strange turn, as the new 
administration insists that killing or maiming terrorists in 
residential air strikes is entirely 
acceptable, while water-
boarding them for two minutes is
 completely “inhumane.

* Yes, they don’t like it when we fight back

* The Guardian advises: “surrender is best, WoT was failure”

Appeasement makes things so much easier, doesn’t it, Mr. West? “Gaza has ‘set back’ anti-terror fight: minister,” from AFP, 

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The Taliban called on President Barack Obama to close all “evil” US detention centers for militants, “completely withdraw” from Iraq andAfghanistan and “stop defending Israel,” in a message released Tuesday.

* The Taliban are not alone: Iran’s Ahmadine-nutjob also called on Obama to surrender:  Thug-In-Chief: Obama “must apologise to the Iranian people and try to repair their past bad acts and the crimes they committed against Iran”

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