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Remember: its only a "tiny minority of extremists…!"

Pakistan arrests co-owner of catering firm that served U.S. embassy in connection with Times Square jihad plot

The embassy may have dodged a bullet on this one, but certainly ought to re-examine its relationships with other local firms — even at the risk of appearing “Islamophobic.” “Pakistan arrests over Times Square bomb plot,” from BBC News, May 21/JW

Pakistanis detained for role in Times Square jihad bomb plot accuse interrogators of “siding with the infidels”

“Infidels”? You’d almost think the Times Square car bomb plot had something to do with Islam. (Cue chorus of “Naaah’s” coming from the State Department, U.S. intelligence agencies, and the White House.)

More on this story. “Pakistan detainees proud of role in NYC bomb case,” by Asif Shahzad and Kathy Gannon for Associated Press, May 22 (thanks to JW):

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Epic Fail:

Hopeless, clueless, worthless:

$200m ‘behaviour detection’ officers fail to spot a single terrorist at airports

A team of more than 3,000 “behaviour detection” officers hired to spot terrorists at US airports have failed to catch a single person despite costing the taxpayer $200 million (£140 million) last year.

Telegraph, UK

"Tiny Minority of Extremists"

The Myth of “The small fringe” and the “tiny minority of excremists”

In reality,  49.9% of Muslims support Bin-Laden and share both his goals – and his tactics to achieve these goals. In the elections of 1932, Hitler received the support of only 33% of Germans.

Right Side News

Ever since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the media has consistently reassured us that only a tiny minority of Muslims actually support the use of violence against Israel and the West. It’s just a small fringe, 1% or 3% percent at best, they tell us, so don´t worry about it all too much. Needless to say that the Muslims are doing all they can to make sure we go on believing in this “small fringe.”

But a look at the numbers tells a very different story. The extent of support for global jihad against non-Muslims is frightening, and the numbers are anything but “a small fringe.”

“What part of ‘kill the unbelievers’ is it you don’t understand?”

Just look at the efforts of the supporters of the so-called “Palestinians” explaining to us that “the majority of Arabs/Muslims (including those of Gaza) do not support extremists and radicals.” But in December, 2007, Hamas celebrated its 20th anniversary. The main slogan of this celebration was “Jews, we have already dug up the graves for you.” And “peaceful” Muslims, who “in their majority do not support extremists and radicals,” greeted this slogan with such enthusiasm that it seems the only thing that stopped them from immediately running out and digging more graves for the Jews was the lack of spades (well, maybe Israeli Army had some role, too). According to the AP, almost 500,000 adult inhabitants of Gaza took part in this rally.

Do you know the total number of adult (males and females) inhabitants of Gaza?

It´s 500,000.

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"Tiny Minority of Extremists" not tiny at all: New Survey

New Survey Challenges ‘Tiny Minority of Extremists’ Assertion

Muslim mob attack protesters and police in Britain

    Hundreds demonstrate outside mosque

    6a0111685b4b71970c0120a564a5f4970b-800wi“Soldiers of Islam”

Police were caught in a stand-off between anti-Islam and Muslim protesters as hundreds joined demonstrations outside a London mosque.

At least eight arrests were made during the day as rival groups descended on the Harrow Central Mosque. The mood soured when a gang of at least 100 pro-Islamic demonstrators broke away from the main body to chase away a small number of the anti-Mosque marchers.

Councillor David Ashton, leader of Harrow Council:

“I would like to pay tribute to Harrow Mosque and its officials for their earlier calls for restraint and moderation. It is a pity those words were not heard by those who came to Harrow from outside our area.”  More from the Telegraph

The Harrow Times makes no beef as to which side they’re on:

“The Harrow Times is standing shoulder to shoulder with the mosque and community leaders, condemning any attacks on the Harrow community and appealing for calm in Wealdstone this afternoon.”


Red Ken Watch:

Ken Livingstone,  former commie-mayor of London:

“People should wake up to the fact the protests outside mosques are taking us back to the fascism of the 1930s when fascist thugs marched against Jews and their places of worship. This demonstration should be condemned and banned on the grounds of blatant religious discrimination and a threat to public order.”


Red Kenny, you rabid anti-Semite  Arab cocksucker: Muslims are not Jews and no amount of money the Arabs pay you for promoting Islam will change that….

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911 Remembrance/Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) Rally Attacked by Muslims in the UK

…we don’t tolerate any kind of racism, but Islam itself is another matter.

“We are against any form of totalitarianism and basically we regard Islam as the nastiest form of totalitarianism ever devised.

“We fundamentally oppose any introduction of Sharia Law into England, the UK and the European Union.”

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