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Why did Calma join a conference for racists?

Andrew Bolt –

David Knoll should have gone in even harder, given Tom Calma’s committment to institutionalising racial divides and to witchhunts:

THE decision of Tom Calma to attend last week’s UN Durban II Conference in his capacity as race discrimination commissioner was controversial in more ways than one. The principal proponents of the conference, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and various rogue states, including some of the worst abusers of human rights on this planet, had two clear agendas.

Their first agenda was to achieve the UN’s imprimatur for a position that Islam in particular (but not exclusively) be shielded from criticism in the media and other areas of public life… The second agenda was to achieve that same imprimatur for demonisation of the Jewish nation, the state of Israel, with no other nation singled out for criticism…

The proponents of the conference will have noticed inevitably that Australia (along with the US, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany) publicly chose not to participate in a conference whose clear design, prepared during many months, was to promote a particular form of racism rather than to fight all forms of racism. Having an official as senior as the race discrimination commissioner attend as an observer could be perceived as a signal that Australia might in the future adopt some or all of the Durban II agenda.

Did Australia really oppose the conference or was Australia having a bet both ways? It is a pity that Calma did not follow Australian government policy and have no truck with racism of any hue.

Australians: Freedom of Religion and Speech – Submissions needed!



Looks like Tom Calma, Australia’s “Race Discrimination Commissioner”, has not found enough grievance groups to participate in his Orwellian scam designed to vilify and criminalize people like us for telling the truth about Islam. That’s why the deadline for submissions has been extended. If you haven’t voiced your objections yet, do it NOW!

 Australian Coalition For Truth

At the end of January we sent an email detailing the Inquiry being conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission (formerly called the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission – HREOC) – it is titled ‘Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st century’.

The closing date for the Inquiry has been EXTENDED to 28 February 2009 – so if you didn’t put it a submission there is STILL TIME to do so!

It is important that everyone tells the Inquiry what they think about freedom of religion and belief in Australia. Although it might sound ‘nice’ to have laws affirming religion and belief, the reality is that such laws RESTRICT free speech. It is vital that such laws not be enacted at a federal level – the previous report, Article 18, from 1998, recommended a ‘Religious Freedom Act’ (see list of Recommendations at bottom of page for ‘Discussion Paper’). The religious vilification law in Victoria has caused more disharmony than ‘harmony’ in the community.

The protection of our Judeo-Christian heritage is a priority.

Similar laws are being used around the world to restrict free speech. Geert Wilders is currently on trial in The Netherlands. Mark Steyn has been brought before a Tribunal in Canada for sections printed from his book America Alone …

The Organisation of Islamic Countries is working at the United Nations level to have laws and treaties enacted to stop criticism of Islam.

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Australia: Tom Calma & the Politically Correct Race Hucksters

Multiculturalism creates objects of pity which help clueless white and black people gain political status, briefly, while creating vast torrents of corruption.

 Tom Calma – a gutless wonder, a man who approaches everything from a racist perspective,  can turn a bigoted eye to what’s actually happening in Aboriginal communities  can condemn genuine, practical efforts to turn things around – is in charge of a department in the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Calma, in tandem with a Dr Michael Kennedy, a lecturer in social justice at the University of Western Sydney, (a hotbed of progressive multiculti-mush) have a big heart for poor criminals, who are just trying to make an honest living by stealing stuff. Totally unfair. Very cruel to identify them and wake up the sleeping kuffars. Needless to say that the good Dr Kennedy is also a proponent for the restriction of information and freedom of speech, for “the greater good”- of course…


Fasten your seat belts, here it comes:

Crime gang TV series will ‘trigger race rows’

Truth can hurt, but I’d rather hear it

Andrew Bolt – Sunday, February 08, 09 

Telling viewers about the kinds of gangs shooting up Sydney is bad:

SENIOR racial vilification authorities fear a new television series on Australian crime gangs will fuel ethnic hatred, encourage discrimination and deepen anti-police sentiment on the streets.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner labelled Channel Seven’s Gangs of Oz “damaging” — a claim echoed by legal experts, a former detective and a leading community diversity group, which called on the network to re-edit the documentary before allowing it to be broadcast.

* Yasser Solimon, a prominent member of Victoria’s Muslim community, tells us not to watch it:

“It is dealing with a sensitive issue in a way which will heighten tension and inflame relations which are already under stress.”

Read it all

    Now the show is not even on the air and the usual suspects already get hissy fits:

Seven accused of ganging up on race relations

* The Sydney Moonbat Herald goes one better than The Age.  It’s headline: Outspoken top cop in race row.

Australians are being gagged and insulted, intimidated, offended and psychologically brutalised by those determined to wreck our culture and replace it with something from their own delusions. Psycho-warfare on a daily basis by  the PC-brigades, by screams of “racist, rednecks, intellectually impaired” and so on from the “intelligensia”, the KRuddites, activitists and militant Muslims its taking its toll.

Peas in a pod: race Hucksters Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Australia’s Tom Calma

* More on Calma’s activities here:

“Prove that you’re not racist-, you racist!” – Calma & the race hustlers say you are racist unless you can prove you aren’t…

* KRudd’s Brain Police Wants Internet Filter to Block 10,000-plus “Unwanted” Sites

* The Totalitarian Nightmares of KRuddistan

You can write <frb@humanrights.gov.au> Tom Calma and tell him what you think of his activities. Please be polite and don’t call him an asshole!


How we went from a nation that was well able to call a spade a spade, to a nation gagged and blinded by political correctness is beyond comprehension – but it has been a hugely retrograde step,

The PC-police will obscure, deny, spin and attempt to cover all the cracks in our society that are being caused by ethnic and cultural clashes – and ethnic gangs are a symptom of those clashes.

The Australian public deserves to be told the truth. We don’t need more lies and politically correct whitewashing of problems, we just need the truth – as inconvenient as it may be to those in power, and to those with a multicultural-supportive barrow to push.

Tom Calma’s Political Correct Race Police intend use the race card as a race badge allowing them to destroy the lives of offenders at whim. What is truly sad about this is that it doesn’t advance reasonable racial dialog and reconciliation, but destroys it. This country deserves far better than that.

Not much progress will ever be made when so many resources and so much time and effort are wasted on near frivolous, philosophical, personal and/or party agendas.


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"Prove that you're not racist-, you racist!"

 Now guilty until proven innocent

*  from Andrew Bolt:

*  The race industry says you are racist unless you can prove you aren’t:


A gift to witchhunters everywhere. Claims Chief Witchhunter Calma:

“You don’t get vexatious complaints for the sake of complaints.”

You know Calma’s real problem? He can’t actually prove there’s much of that racial discrimination around to justify keeping him his astonishingly well-paid job:

The friendly uncle Tom Calma said “Australia’s laws made it difficult to prove there had been discrimination.”

Spoken like someone who indeed isn’t much fussed with evidence – like the evidence of the operation of the Victorian Government’s obscene religious and racial vilification laws: 

Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma wants the burden of proof in cases of racial discrimination to fall on the alleged offender, instead of the person making the complaint.

*  In other words, once an accusation of racial discrimination has been made, it won’t be the responsibility of the accuser to bring evidence to support their allegation, but the accused must then prove that he or she is not really a racist.

* That’s really what Australia needs: a racist Gestapo, witch-hunts  and Kafkaesque trials that go after perceived ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘racists’. Keep in mind that this kind of racism only applies to whites, because blacks can do no wrong.

Good night, Australia!

*  Source: Andrew Bolt

*  The Age

*  Thanx to Mullah

And then this: 

Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tom Calma, said yesterday that the 19 new projects under its Community Policing Partnerships Programme (CPPP) is a national initiative by HREOC, and aims at building relationships and improving trust between Muslim communities and the police.

“The race and religious hatred that continues to be directed towards Muslim communities in Australia, said Calma, is a breach of human rights and is absolutely unacceptable.”

* Source

* Calma whining: Australia’s human rights record slammed

Calma has been trying to screw upright Australians for a long time now. Its enough! Be gone….

The Apparatchiks who govern us: Jawohl Herr Kommissar!

* Here is how far off the rails this whole human rights circus is:


Sucking up to those above and kicking those below:

 The absolute classic case of this approach was the China Central TV interview with John von Doussa, a warmonista president of Australia’s Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, in Beijing a fortnight ago… (H)e implied that those demonstrating against the manner in which China rules Tibet were somehow infringing international human rights law, that the ruling Communist Party is a net contributor to human rights, that poor people in China and elsewhere should not expect access to the rule of law, that Westerners have yet again got China wrong.

I’ve been just as astonished by von Doussa’s extraordinary answers. Adds Callick:

In these emotional days here in China, it is especially important for visitors to consider carefully how to engage on such issues in a polite manner while remaining true to themselves and their values.

* With thanks to Andrew Bolt


Special treat:  ‘Islam is incompatible with democracy’- watch the debate with Dr Daniel Pipes

A message from Pat Condell to all the Calma’s in this world:


A Calma update:

Truth can hurt, but I’d rather hear it

Andrew Bolt – Sunday, February 08, 09

Telling viewers about the kinds of gangs shooting up Sydney is bad:

SENIOR racial vilification authorities fear a new television series on Australian crime gangs will fuel ethnic hatred, encourage discrimination and deepen anti-police sentiment on the streets.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner labelled Channel Seven’s Gangs of Oz “damaging” — a claim echoed by legal experts, a former detective and a leading community diversity group, which called on the network to re-edit the documentary before allowing it to be broadcast.

In the first episode, entitled Middle Eastern Gangs, which is due to premiere on Wednesday, Detective Superintendent Ken McKay, head of the NSW Organised Crime Directorate, states that “Middle Eastern groups are involved in everything. If they didn’t invent it, they perfected it in terms of crime.”

He then adds: “The criminal, in the Middle Eastern sense, is more cowardice (sic) than your general criminal. They’d rather use a gun than stand in a fist fight.”

Naturally, the damnation centred not on the truth or falsehood of that statement, but on the “helpfulness’’ of saying it in public: 

After watching the preview episode, provided by The Sunday Age, federal Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma, whose role as head of ethnic discrimination at the Australian Human Rights Commission makes him the country’s most senior voice on race issues, said that Mr McKay’s casual use of terms such as “Middle Eastern” caused communities to feel stigmatised.

I guess it would, but surely we need to know if McKay’s claim is true, because we’d then be better informed about what to do about these gangs, right? But this article does not once offer an answer to that central question. All we get is more sliming of McKay:


But Dr Kennedy said: “Ken McKay has a record for shooting his mouth off and he has a limited intellect.”

I know neither man, but I already know from this article which one I’m less likely to trust to tell me an unvarnished truth.