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US, UK run from Yemen/Al Qaeda

US, UK Close Yemen Embassies Over Al-Qaida Threats

No Timeline On How Long US Embassy Will Remain Closed

Obama’s chase for hearts & minds is really working out well:

ANNE GEARAN, Associated Press Writers

SAN’A, Yemen — The U.S. and Britain locked up their embassies in Yemen on Sunday after fresh threats from al-Qaida, and the White House expressed alarm at the terror group’s expanded reach in the poor Arab nation where an offshoot apparently ordered the Christmas Day plot against a U.S. airliner.

President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, cited “indications al-Qaida is planning to carry out an attack against a target” in the capital, possibly the embassy, and estimated the group had several hundred members in Yemen. Security reasons led Britain to act, too; it was not known when the embassies would reopen.

The U.S. is worried about the spread of terrorism in Yemen, a U.S. ally and aid recipient, Brennan said, but doesn’t consider the country a second front with Afghanistan and Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.

As to whether U.S. troops might be sent to Yemen, Brennan replied: “We’re not talking about that at this point at all.” He pledged to provide the Yemeni government with “the wherewithal” to take down al-Qaida.

“The Yemeni government is friendly to the West but the population is often mistrustful of Western motives and influence.”(What? A few billion dollars in aid jiziya can’t buy their trust? What’s the world coming to?)
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New York: Muslim Mafia Declares Jihad Against the Spotted Pig

Muslims Threaten Breslin Owner After He Laughs Off  Demand to Stop Selling Alcohol

Bar owner: “This is the United States of America and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want.”

Muslims: “we can’t control the behavior of “a few bad eggs, you could get  a brick through the window…”

Muslims threaten New York restaurant for serving alcohol

Yet another stealth jihad attempt to compel non-Muslims to change their behavior to accommodate Muslim sensibilities. “Spotted Piglet Hiccups: Boozy Breslin Clashes With Mosque”

From the Gothamist/via ZIP/Katie Sokoler

The lovely-looking restaurant and bar The Breslin begins lunch service tomorrow, and co-owner Ken Friedman (The Spotted Pig) is planning on serving alcohol despite objections from the Masjid Ar-Rahman mosque across the street. Earlier this month the mosque’s leaders called a meeting with Friedman at The Ace Hotel, where The Breslin is located, and asked, “Can you move the bar?” Friedman’s response makes us want to hurry over to The Breslin right now for a dram of Laphroaig to show our support (and drown out the voices):

I laughed. And the guy said, “Oh, you think that’s funny?” And I said, “Yeah, that is funny, that is really funny, because we’re not going to move the bar just because you discovered we’re serving booze.” Can you name one restaurant in New York that doesn’t serve booze? I said, “This is the United States of America and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want.” He said the mosque had suggested it couldn’t control the behavior of “a few bad eggs”; i.e., we could get a brick through our window.

Friedman notified police of the threat, but just to show he’s not a hard-hearted man, that it’s not all dollars and cents, he agreed to put a curtain over the windows so devout Muslims wouldn’t be corrupted by the sight of infidel inebriation. But the curtain hasn’t arrived yet, so over the weekend he actually taped paper over the windows to hide a gay wedding. A volunteer at the mosque says city law forbids serving liquor within 200 feet of a place of worship and that “not more than 200 feet is between the mosque and the bar.”

But Ace Hotel developer Andrew Zobler tells The Observer, “The law is clear that in order for that to apply it has to be an exclusively dedicated house of worship, and at their space they have both residences and a restaurant, so basically, because of those uses the law allowed there to be a bar within 200 feet. Everyone was aware of that when the liquor license was granted.” And Friedman adds, “They can threaten, but they can’t really stop us.” Yeah, heh, what are these devout, pissed-off Muslims gonna do?

*  We’ll keep an eye on this.  Will the Obamessiah come to the rescue of these Mosqueteers?

2 wounded in legs as gunman attacks LA synagogue

Associated Press – October 29, 2009

From our “nothing to do with Islam” department:

Update from Pamela, here…

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Los Angeles police say two men have been shot in the legs in a North Hollywood synagogue.

Officer Rosario Herrera says a black man with a handgun entered the Adat Yeshurun Valley Sephardic synagogue at about 6:20 a.m. Thursday and shot two Jewish people. Police are investigating the shooting as a hate crime.

The victims were taken to a hospital and police are searching for the gunman.

It was not clear how many people were in the building at the time.

No one answered a call to the synagogue.

Other News:

US: Jihad in Boston?

Attention all shoppers: Boston Muslims planned to open fire at mall

BOSTON — A pharmacy college graduate made a defiant appearance in federal court Wednesday, hours after being charged with conspiring with two other men in a terror plot to kill two prominent U.S. politicians and carry out a holy war by attacking shoppers in U.S. malls and American troops in Iraq.  Tarek Mehanna — a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, where his father is a professor — conspired with Ahmad Abousamra, who authorities say is now in Syria, and an unnamed man, who is cooperating in the investigation, according to authorities. His daddy said “he would never do a thing like that…”   More from AFP


“Tarek Mehanna, of 6 Fairhaven Circle, is accused of conspiring with Ahmad Abousamra and others to obtain the automatic weapons needed to carry out a mall ambush in which they planned to open fire at random.” And apparently no one among the Muslims of Boston took him aside and explained to him that he was getting Islam all wrong, wrong, wrong.

“Feds: Sudbury man planned terrorist attacks at shopping malls,” by Laura Crimaldi for the Boston Herald, October 21 (thanks to Islam In Action):

A 27-year-old man from Sudbury has been arrested on charges he planned terrorism attacks inside and outside the United States, including a plot to use automatic weapons to open fire at shoppers and emergency responders in shopping mall attacks, federal prosecutors said today.


Tarek Mehanna, of 6 Fairhaven Circle, is accused of conspiring with Ahmad Abousamra and others to obtain the automatic weapons needed to carry out a mall ambush in which they planned to open fire at random, said Acting U.S. Attorney Michael K. Loucks.

The plot included plans to fire at emergency responders, but was abandoned because the men could not obtain the weapons, authorities said.

Prosecutors also allege the men discussed participating in violent Jihad against American interests and their desire to die on the “battlefield.”…

Debbie Schlussel: Tarek Mehanna, Yet Another Privileged, Homegrown Islamic Terrorist

Tarek Mehanna is yet another example of how Islam and its inclination to destroy us knows no borders or nationalities or socio-economic strata.  And how it’s not “them” hijacking the religion, but rather, the religion hijacking them.

Read the federal criminal complaint against Mehanna.

Mehanna is a U.S. citizen, college grad, and from a wealthy Boston-area Muslim-American family. Oh, and he was such a loyal American that this Muslim took joy in repeatedly watching video of an American soldier being mutilated to death in Iraq.

Nothing but victims who follow their religion…

Apologies to readers: the system is still slow like snails on valium. We’re working on it, stay tuned…

Recent terror raids in Queens have led to a spike in fear and racial profiling, Muslim advocates charge.

“Stop the raids”

It’s no secret that Muslim outrage is never directed at terrorism in the name of Islam the way that it is toward the object of their own hurt feelings…

DRUM Rally #1

About 40 people rallied outside theFlushing Public Library yesterday to draw attention to what they called an uptick in targeted policing.

The rally was in response to raids last month linked to a suspected bomb plot.Najibullah Zazi, who authorities say was trained at an al Qaeda terror camp, was charged in the plot. Zazi, 24, pleaded not guilty to conspiring to detonate explosives.

“People are scared,” said Sultan Faiz, a leader at Abu Bakar Mosque in Queens. “People are fearful in our community.”

Faiz said attendance at the mosque has plunged since the raids.

“Stop the raids,” one sign read. “No racial or religious profiling,” read another.

The Daily News has more:

(US) Muslim Threatens to Blow Up DC Metro Station…

Muslim advocates charge NYPD is racial profiling in Queens raids tied to alleged Zazi terror plot

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“My Allah is better than yours” kills jihadists in Gaza

Iran, ignoring its many genocidal statements, whines to UN about Israel

Mohammad Khazaee just can’t figure out why Israel would issue “threats” against Iran. “Iran: Israel’s threats inexplicable,” by Dudi Cohen for Ynet News, October 9:

Iran’s ambassador to the UN, Mohammad Khazaee, sent a letter of protest to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in which he wrote that “there is no explanation for Israel’s continuing threats against Tehran”.

Of course, it couldn’t have anything to do with the Thug-In-Chief Ahmadinejad saying things like this: “This regime (Israel) will not last long. Do not tie your fate to it … This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end.” More from Jihad Watch

Now the Saudis want a handout

saudi arabs

Yes, you read that right:  Saudis to Request Financial Aid if World Cuts Oil Dependence…

We need America. We don't need a "post-American world!"

Who voted for the ‘parasite in chief?’

Compliments of the DailyMail/H-T Weasel

The (planned) return of the little green bastards/ diehard commie – asshole & America hater Van Jones to run for presidency?

UK derailment watch from ZIP:


If you carry a British flag, the UK press brands you “far right” and a “fascist”….

Far-right supporters confront pro-Palestinian protestersGuardian (9/13)

Street fights erupt as Muslims try to defend North London mosque– Times Online (9/12)

Sixty men in 9/11 city centre street brawls– This is South Wales (9/11)

If you want to see what’s considered an “anti-fascist” in the UK these days, click here…

Dhimmitude on stilts with a cherry on top: UK makes another secret concession to Libya

*Jan 15 - 00:03*

Glenn Beck is the enemy:

Left-Wing Freaked About Huge 9.12 Crowd – Goes After Glenn Beck…He’s Racist, A Communist, Gunning To Start Violence, Wanting To Harm President . . .

“Racist” is standard fare for the morally bankrupt wankers who have hijacked America. When the commies call Glenn Beck a “communist” -what do you make of that?

The deluded left in cahoots with Uighur Muslims…?

Anything to shut you up:

Fox News’ Glenn Beck’s right-wing rants go way too far, critics charge

The Epic Battle Good vs Evil on the Streets on London Today

Wilders Attacks Obama 🙂

Mohound Ahmadinejad Bitch Slaps Obama: Nuke Program WON’T Be Up For Discussion In Negotiations . . .

What next? Fareed Zakaria as propaganda minister?

Obama Unmasked: Obama fails to Name Anti-Semitism envoy (whom he removed 6 months ago)



Newsweek’s Embedded Obama Campaign Reporter Joins Obama Administration

Just making it official:  his comrades are all the Public Relations branch of the Obama Administration.

 State Run Media indeed.

Photo of Tim Graham.

The revolving door between the media and Team Obama continues to rotate. Some journalists on the campaign trail were infatuated with Obama, and that’s certainly true of the Newsweek reporter who covered Obama in-depth (with the promise that nothing he learned would be revealed until after the election). Philip Klein on The American Spectator’s blog reported:

Daren Briscoe, a Newsweek correspondent who was embedded with Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, has taken a job with the Obama administration, according to an email sent to a listserv of his classmates at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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No, Muslims Did Not Discover America

No, Muslims did not Discover America Before Columbus” and America is not “the largest Muslim country in the world” just because the fraudulent impostor Hussein Obama says so. But the Arabs, who have put him through university and bought him the presidency, have bigger plans: preparing the ground to make America Islamic.

US Textbooks: “Muslims Discovered America”

Infiltration Watch: the Saudis are perverting the teaching of fundamental facts in US schools. This is not only a sly attempt at rewriting  history, this is preparing the ground for an Islamic takeover.

This is Stealth Jihad

Saudi-Influenced Textbooks in American Schools

To Die For

(CNSNews.com/ Penny Starr)

Newsflash: Bin Laden’s son killed in Pakistan?

  • Stoopid is as stoopid does, (Forrest Gump)

51369Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) (left) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) were on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to show their support for the re-introduction of the Equal Rights Amendment. 

Black American  Congresswoman Backs New Equal Rights Amendment; Points to Afghanistan, China as Models: 

“It does make a difference if an Equal Rights Amendment is in place or not,” Lee told the people who gathered outside of the Capitol on Tuesday. “Twenty-seven other countries, including Rwanda, Afghanistan, Algeria and China have equality provisions,” Lee said. More from  CNSNews.com/ Penny Starr

She forgot to mention Bangladesh:

Bangladesh: Teenage Girl Sentenced to 101 Lashings and Forced to Marry Imam Who Raped and Impregnated Her…..

Jihad in Europe and the Climate of Denial

* Newsflash: Jordan Revokes Citizenship of Pali-Arabs; World Yawns

Highlight of this video is Melanie Phillips, who is spot on:

UK: Muslim sheikh says that Sharia penal codes would benefit Britain

“We don’t want to be in conflict with the British legal system at all; we are not interfering with it. We are only concerned here with the religious aspect, no more than that.” The problem with this, as Dr. Hasan well knows, is that Sharia makes no such distinction. If it is to be made at all, it will have to be imposed artificially, and that in itself will create conflict.

“Sharia penal codes would benefit Britain says Muslim Sheikh Suhaib Hasan,” from The Times, July 21 (thanks to JW):

Hardline Islamic penal codes, such as the amputation of limbs as punishment for theft, would make Britain a safer and better place, the founder of the country’s oldest sharia court has told The Times.Sheikh Suhaib Hasan, the secretary of the Islamic Sharia Council, said that the enforcement of such laws was “something to bring you more peace and security”.

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