The Principle of Abrogation in the Quran

The trick behind the apparent inconsistency of the Quran and why the radical Muslims are always correct: Like no other holy book among the world religions, the Quran contains an abundance of contradictory expressions. What is forbidden in one place is expressly demanded in another, and vice versa. However, the contradictory quality of the Quran is only an apparent one. It falls apart abruptly when one recognizes the very carefully protected secret hidden within the architecture of the Quran. For the Quranic Suras (chapters) are not arranged chronologically, but rather according to their length – and the newer Suras (from Muhammad’s violent later phase when he was in Medina) override the older ones from his era in Mecca that were comparatively more peaceful. However, this secret is guarded by Islamic scholars very closely as if it were a holy grail – and is aired only on particular occasions.
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The Islamic doctrine of abrogation

Ibn Kathir, perhaps the Muslim world’s most popular Quran commentator, says Allah’s pardon of the unbelievers was repealed by Quran Chapter 9 and its verses of the sword

Kathir explains here (if you go there, scroll down to the bottom third of the page) that Quran 2:106, which advises Muslims to be tolerant toward unbelievers, has been canceled by verses in Quran Chapter 9 (which Muslim scholars generally agree was one of the last Quran chapters revealed). Kathir quotes part of Quran 9:5, but here’s the whole verse:

Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

And Kathir quotes part of Quran 9:29. Again, here’s the whole verse:

Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger [Muhammad] have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth [Islam], out of those who have been given the Book [Christian and Jews], until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection [this subjection is a source of Islamic law’s institution of dhimmitude, i.e., third-class legal status for non-Muslims].

Notice that 9:29 does not say “fight in self-defense.” It says “fight those who do not believe” in Islam.

On Islam and the state of subjection referred to in 9:29, read Mark Durie’s brilliant, concise, and very readable book, The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude, and Freedom.

Anyway, then Kathir says,

Allah’s pardon for the disbelievers was repealed. Abu Al-`Aliyah, Ar-Rabi` bin Anas, Qatadah and As-Suddi said similarly: “It [the pardon, or forgiveness] was abrogated by the Ayah [verse] of the sword.” [Quran 9:5]

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    1. Hi
      I would just to add that verse 9:5 is very specific and relates to the fight between Muslims and polytheist of Mecca… This Verse starts with “and” so it should be read together with verse that precedes it…. If you read first 5 verse of chapter 9 together the context will be clear…. As regards to chapter 9:29, it is saying that Muslims should take jizya from my non-muslim and if they don’t pay you should fight with them… This is applicable to Muslims as well if Muslims don’t pay zakat, Muslim government has to fight with them… So probably there is not much difference in treatment of two…. No doubt verse ” there is no compulsion in religion ” is still valid

    2. Hi…
      Just want to add that verse 9:5 is very specific and only relates to fight between Muslims and polytheist of Mecca… You can read it alone as it starts with “and”. If you read first 5 verse of chapter 9 together whole context will be clear…
      Also 9:29 says fight with non Muslims until they pay jizya… This also applicable to Muslims… If they don’t pay zakat muslim government has to fight with them… There is no compulsion in religion is general verse and applies on all scenerio

        1. Also one more thing… Verse “there is no compulsion in religion ” was revealed in Madina where Muslims have already established there power.

  1. There is absolutely no ‘Naskh’ or ‘Abrogation’ in the holy Qur’an … none whatsoevr. You have totally misunderstood, and consequently misrepresented the cpncept of ‘Abrogation’. Early scholars did not consider ‘Abrogation’ as cancellation of one injunction by another … they merely regarded ‘Few Specific’ injunctions to be phased in ‘Gradually’ and by by degrees … like prohibition of alcohol.

    BUT EVEN IN THIS RESPECT THEY WERE WRONG and remain so. These scholars expressing their ‘opinion’ is not a proof of validity. There have been past Muslim scholars who subscribed to the ‘Flat Earth’ theory … they were free to do so but it is no part of the Qur’an

    However, no one has ever disputed the universal, abiding and immutable application/interpretation of verses dealing with basic human rights, e.g. ‘There is no compulsion in religion’ … never ever. This catagory of verses are called ‘Muhkamat’ [the Foundation] … and as such their meaning and interpretation is immutable.

    You are totally disingenuous in abstracting verses like, ‘kill the infidels wherever you find them’ … from there true historical context. With such a biased and jaundiced approach, it is pointless to conduct a meaningful dialogue with likes of you. The points you raise and allegations that you make have been effectively rebutted contless times. I am saying this with not much hope of expecting you to remove your tinted glasses … but merely to point out to those who may come accross your uninformed views … that there is another side to the coin.

    1. Your co-religionists would disagree, especially those who are better educated than you….

      “The points you raise and allegations that you make have been effectively rebutted contless times”

      When and where?

      You are very welcome to provide evidence for that statement. I rely on statements and writings by eminent Muslim scholars, I invite you to do the same.

      Besides, thanks for the joke about “no compulsion”, its not that Mohammedans ever converted anyone by the sword….. real Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that, hahahahah!

      1. I think to be fair to this debate we have to look closely at what the Quran is actually saying.
        2:256 is stating that there is no compulsion in religion. Fair enough.
        2:257 is stating that if you disbelieve in Allad and Muhammad the sentence is eternity in hell.
        So, in other words there is compulsion in a religion that you might not adhear to, which is Islam.

        1. Further evidenced and confirmed by 57:19 with essentialy the same message. I would think twice about there being no compulsion in religion. If your not on board with the religion of submission, you have a one way ticket to hell.

          “And those who disbelieve and reject Our messages, they are the inmates of hell.”

      2. And to be fair some didn’t get the sword they were threatened with sex slavery instead of joining Islam through marriage. Sex slavery of course being legal and lawful as Islam permitted unlimited amounts of sex slaves to Muslim men. Which of course is freedom and liberating to women as Islam is the most feminist religion on earth, apparently.

    2. how can you use the term ‘basic human rights’ in the same context as Islam? Your apologist garbage is beyond understanding. Effectively rebutted by whom? You are a fantasist and your deluded opinions only serve to shed light on your very obvious Islamic duplicity…..again, apparently an obligation of Muslims toward the unbeliever. You certainly have all bases covered but your disdain for real life is only certain evidence of your pathetic ineptitude as a human being, along with all your fellow non-thinkers. Keep pulling at that wool fuck-face. We will slaughter you all before long.

  2. Conversion by sword. First how do you know what a person is thinking? That would take mind reading. In addition, when religion is forced upon a population then that religion degenerates and self destructs. (check history out)

    Popular acceptance of anything does not make right. It just makes that which is popular. (Remember there have been civilization when the popular theory was the world is flat.)

    1. “then that religion degenerates and self destructs. (check history out)”

      Think again…not when satan’s in charge. He’s going to need these “people”, during the 7 year trib. There’s a purpose and a reason, for this huge immigration to all these many NON muslim countries! Wait for it….

  3. Exgesis is a topic of much debate in the Muslim world, with some (such as Qardawi) believing that there Koran isn’t abrogated in any way. It’s salient to note that medieval Muslim scholars (who interpreted via naskh) have never agreed on which verses were “abrogated”.

  4. Ealr versions of the hate book had everything in chron order with context from the sira. A later caliph changed this so w.e we have nukes waiting for you.

  5. I have ben writing articles on the “War on Terrorism” for the past 6 yrs. I am published monthly.

    Please advise if you are open publishing my articles?

    I would be pleased to semd several.

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  6. You would not embark on a trip with somebody who likely will not harm you while you are asleep. Islam is Sharia and this is enough to say that no theocracy is compatible with the Western Civilisation – unless and at least until God himself will face-up with His Kingdom.
    The safe total quote of Muslims in the West seems settled around 3%. This quote could be reciprocated with the equivalent of Christians in Muslim countries. The excess should be delivered where it correctly belongs.
    At this conditions the unsuitable presence of Sharia could be safely handled.
    Interfaith & International Reciprocity + Calibrated Immigration are the real issues and not the theoretical probability of the Quran supporting a safe coexistence – which should be simply assessed in real life… in their countries. The divisive influence of poisoned secular ideologies is the reason why the West has been weakened in its correct interpretation and relation of Islam.


    Highly recommended 8.17 min video

    if you cannot watch all of it start at 7.17

    “Jihadists fighting for ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) claim that they are following the commands of Allah and Muhammad. Yet Westernized Muslims, politicians, and the media insist that ISIS is violating the principles of Islam. Who’s right? In the following video, I present the top ten Qur’an verses you need to know to understand ISIS.”

    Surah 2:106—“Whatever communications We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?”

  8. When and where are the best replies to make to:
    “The points you raise and allegations that you make have been effectively rebutted contless times”

    Since the claim is that it has been rebutted many time, you should get a few responses but you will not.

    and the 56 and a half countries -Islamic majority do not support the UN Declaration of Human Rights so I so not know of any basic human rights in Islam.

    1. Devil religion rejects secular law and impose his sharia law where it make the innocent people behead, slain, hand cut, leg cut encourage terrorism and see every day fresh human blood present to devil.

  9. you liar.there is no verse in Quran is abrogated. the humans are misinterpreting the verses according to their own mental capacity. Quran is not a text book but a guidance.
    you can’t compare two different verses revealed at two different occasion with two different meanings and claim they are abrogating each.
    Quran is a book of Revelation which revealed in more than 23 years at different occasions and events.
    you can’t compare a verse revealed during war to verse which revealed during peace.
    you hate mongers refers to couple of scholars who invented this lie to support your claim but don’t mentioned about all main stream Muslim scholars who fully rejected any such claim of abrogation.
    better read your bible which has more than 1500 contradictions and countless abrogations.

      1. Thank you sheikyermami, for you link, that first one is very good, but it is a 168 page pdf, which is great, and probably has everything in it, that a muslim, or a regular person could want or need, to learn about the koran.
        I have been archiving everything (docs, audio, video, pics, etc), about islam since 9/11, and I’ve never seen that pdf before, and I downloaded for my collection. Will definitely look, and read it later. But for now, could you tell me what verse number your first link is, so I can go right to it? I’d surely appreciate it! Thank you so much, again!

    1. Well which is it, is the Quran the perfect book for all people at all times or just a one hit wonder to a certain people at a certain time as you say?

    2. Essentially in Christianity the New Testament abrogates the Old (not strict teaching but rule of thumb)
      whereas in Islam the Medinan (violent)verses abrogate the Meccan (peaceful) ones.

      Christianity matured into peacefulness whereas islam matured into war making..

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